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 The Difference Between a Duplicate and a Copy: Coexistence and MEST Universe9 comments
picture25 Jan 2008 @ 16:30, by Max Sandor

(from an e-mail Ed Dawson sent me today):

A duplicate is a perfect copy, in all ways exactly "it". A duplicate is the original time, space, form, event, energy and Being.

A copy is flawed. At least one (usually more than one) part of it is not duplicated. The part most often misduplicated is time. A thing only exists in its original time of creation.

Another often misduplicated part is Being. All Beings in this physical universe separated from theta, from the coexistence of theta (the parts of God). They / we fell from perfect duplication. The only way to be inside this physical universe is to imperfectly duplicate absolutes. These absolutes are perceived as infinities from within the physical universe, because they appear infinitely difficult to duplicate. One fails to duplicate something, then something else, and another, and another, until the forming Being is only duplicating one remaining absolute. This fall came at different times, using different failures, and resulting in different final absolutes. This last remaining absolute is what the Being rides down into the physical universe as the core of its being here. Everything here is a copy, usually a very very BAD copy at that. True therapy (processing, auditing) promotes duplication, which in turn returns the Being partially toward the absolute, the purity, the infinity which it once was before it fell....

...Without perfectly duplicating another's Being, it is only copied. Affinity is therefore a vain attempt to duplicate another, an attempt that cannot achieve perfection without exteriorizing the Beings involved temporarily from the physical universe. When this does happen to some degree, love is indeed heavenly. The failed attempts form clustering, commonalities (false declarations of sameness), and group minds, the latter also known as morphic fields. All clusters, group minds and commonalities are characteristic of the bottom of the tone scale below the range of the physical universe, in the -100 through -400 tones.

Material lifeforms such as plant and animal bodies are each an almost staggeringly large number of separate Beings welded together by common purposes, and false copying of one another. Material lifeforms have their source in the bottom of the tone scale, rising up through the tones and into the range of solid matter and electricity in the 0.0 through -100 range. Every single particle of matter in a living body (indeed, in any physical object) is a separate Being, usually quite asleep, existing within its own space (home universe), falsely compiled into the illusion of union in this delusional physical universe. These are joined together into atoms and molecules. Every living cell is a separate organism comprised of these particles grouped into a common purpose. The cells are grouped into organs, and the sum toto of the organs into a single organism. Organisms are grouped into social groups, social groups into species, species into larger groups of related organisms. The organisms belong to (are property of) the planet they live on, the planet belongs to the solar system, and the solar system belongs to its galaxy. Galaxies are in clusters, clusters are in larger groupings, and eventually one reaches the largest group which is the entire physical universe itself.

All the groupings above form group minds which own the pieces contained within them. These group minds are, as I mentioned above, in the sub-physical part of the tone scale from -100 where matter ends, to -400 where Being ends. Therefore the active ruler of the physical universe is an anti-Being formed of all being within the physical universe, falsely compiled together without duplication, and existing very low on the tone scale indeed. The christians call this anti-Being the Devil or Satan. The Yoruba call the local manifestation of this anti-Being Eshu or Eshu Yangi. This anti-Being has direct control over events throughout the universe. In a praqctical, operational sense, Cause is at the bottom of the tone scale. A bright Being must be able to reach the correspondingly high tones of the tone scale, to have any chance of exerting any conscious influence over events. These tones are in the 100 through 400 range. Similar to the -100 to -400 tones, these high tones are not really inside the physical universe. Instead these visible high tones are COPIES of the Being's existence in the Next Universe Out, AKA the universe of Coexistence, AKA the coexistence of theta, AKA the Duplication universe.

Any perception inside this universe, of the reality of the Next Universe Out, will be automatically distorted by the very act of bringing it into this physical universe, as it will only be a COPY, not a duplicate. Beware, beware, beware of describing the Next Universe Out, because the more you say, the less you will be telling the truth. As a Hindu holy man once told a British officer, truth is silence. Gotamo (the "Buddha") tried to get around this problem by describing things in terms of what they were NOT. That is better than saying what they are -- but still, not a perfect duplicate.

If you want to go home, go out the top -- then duplicate!

cheers Ed

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25 Jan 2008 @ 19:41 by vaxen : Schwindlig/Psychomanteum
We seek a new world
as one people,
more expanded,
more feeling,
more full of life

We hunger for the spiritual courage to live more deeply
in the mystery and be glad for it

We care to become more intimate friends with all of nature
with all sentient beings and with all peoples

We choose to be healed by love for ourselves
for each other, for life itself

We exalt in the presence of all who have gone before and
feel them in our dreams in our cultures and in our bones

We tremble in the deep knowing that we are pure potential
that our burdens are our teachers and that
heaven could happen here on earth

We persevere to imagine that we can not only treat others
as we would have them treat us but to go further to stage
their genius and the genius we feel in all creation

These things we vision and affirm for our new planetary
civilization to emerge whole and full of life

Let the great planetary cybergames begin!

The "Night Rainbow" as seen
from a CyberGame Outpost in Maui.

The Night Rainbow embodies the spirit of
the CyberGame. In ancient Hawaiian mythology
the Night Rainbow was a literal bridge between
worlds. Between the seen, and the unseen,
between myth, and reality.

The CyberGame is a new kind of bridge
between the present and the possible future...
You are now entering the realm of Generative Myth.

If you do not get schwindlig [dizzy] sometimes when you think about these things then you have not really understood it [quantum theory]. - Neils Bohr

One of the most surprising discoveries of modern physics is that objects aren't as separate as they may seem. When you drill down into the core of even the most solid-looking material, separateness dissolves. All that remains, like the smile of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, are relationships extending curiously throughout space and time. These connections were predicted by quantum theory and were called "spooky action at a distance" by Albert Einstein. One of the founders of quantum theory, Erwin Schrödinger, dubbed this peculiarity entanglement, saying "I would not call that one but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics."

The deeper reality suggested by the existence of entanglement is so unlike the world of everyday experience that until recently, many physicists believed it was interesting only for abstract theoretical reasons. They accepted that the microscopic world of elementary particles could become curiously entangled, but those entangled states were assumed to be fleeting and have no practical consequences for the world as we experience it. That view is rapidly changing.

Scientists are now finding that there are ways in which the effects of microscopic entanglements "scale up" into our macroscopic world. Entangled connections between carefully prepared atomic-sized objects can persist over many miles. There are theoretical descriptions showing how tasks can be accomplished by entangled groups without the members of the group communicating with each other in any conventional way. Some scientists suggest that the remarkable degree of coherence displayed in living systems might depend in some fundamental way on quantum effects like entanglement. Others suggest that conscious awareness is caused or related in some important way to entangled particles in the brain. Some even propose that the entire universe is a single, self-entangled object.

What if these speculations are correct? What would human experience be like in such an interconnected universe? Would we occasionally have numinous feelings of connectedness with loved ones at a distance? Would such experiences evoke a feeling of awe that there's more to reality than common sense implies? Could "entangled minds" result in the experience of your hearing the telephone ring and somehow knowing - instantly - who's calling? If we did have such experiences, could they be due to real information that somehow bypassed the usual sensory channels, or are such reports mere delusions? Can psychic or "psi" experiences be studied by science, or are they beyond the reach of rational understanding?

These are the questions explored in this book. In a nutshell, we'll find that there's substantial experimental evidence indicating that some psi experiences are genuine. We'll also learn that one reason for persistent scientific skepticism about psi is due to outdated assumptions about the nature of reality. For centuries, scientists assumed that everything can be explained by mechanisms analogous to clockworks. But over the course of the 20th century, we've learned that this common sense assumption is wrong. When the fabric of reality is examined very closely, nothing resembling clockworks can be found. Instead, reality is woven from strange, "holistic" threads that aren't located precisely in space or time. Tug on a dangling loose end from this fabric of reality, and the whole cloth twitches, instantly, throughout all space and time.

Science is at the very earliest stages of understanding entanglement, and there is much yet to learn. But what we've seen so far provides a new way of thinking about psi. No longer are psi experiences regarded as rare human talents, divine gifts, or "powers" that magically transcend ordinary physical boundaries. Instead, psi becomes an unavoidable consequence of living in an interconnected, entangled physical reality. Psi is reframed from a bizarre anomaly that doesn't fit into the normal world - and hence labeled paranormal - into a natural phenomenon of physics.

The idea of the universe as an interconnected whole is not new; for millennia it's been one of the core assumptions of Eastern philosophies. What is new is that Western science is slowly beginning to realize that some elements of that ancient lore might be correct. Of course, adopting a new ontology is not to be taken lightly. When it comes to serious topics like the nature of reality, it's sensible to adopt the conservative maxim, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." So we're obliged to carefully examine whether psi is a real phenomenon. If the conclusion is positive, then one or more of our previous assumptions may be broken and we'll need to come up with alternatives.

As we explore the concept of psi as "entangled minds," we'll consider examples of psi experiences in life and lab, we'll review the origins of psi research, we'll explore the results of thousands of controlled laboratory tests, and we'll debunk skeptical myths about psi. Then we'll explore the fabric of reality as revealed by modern physics and see why it's becoming increasingly relevant to understanding why and how psi exists. At the end, we'll find that the 19th century English poet, Francis Thompson, may have said it best:

All things by immortal power,
Near and Far
To each other linked are,
That thou canst not stir a flower
Without troubling of a star.  

26 Jan 2008 @ 06:35 by Merlin Silk @ : the other side of the coin
...and isn't there also the effect when real good duplication occurs in the physical universum - I mean so good that it can't be - then the original and the duplicate disappear from this universe, because - - it can't be.  

26 Jan 2008 @ 09:03 by vaxen : Static...
Correlational Holographic Opponent Processing


From you to superior conscious artificial intelligence with

connections to the correlational holographic opponent

processing model. The beginnings of a superior human-like AI

with advanced cognitive computing abilities.

Matti's site which might be considered 'relative:'

Matti Pitkanen, PhD
Department of Physical Sciences, High Energy Physics Division
University of Helsinki, Finland

merlinsilk imago vanished thus there is now here an empty space to be filled by no thing...

by Iona Miller, 5/25/00
Associate Editor
Dean of Faculty for The Institute for Consciousness Science & Technology
Board Member, Asklepia Foundation

Learn to trust the process to find a way through the wilderness,
From psychosomatic distress to natural healing consciousness.
The nature of creativity reflected in fire, water, earth, and air,
Works together in the Journey with R.E.M., to restructure and repair.
In stress, dis-ease, nightmares, and dreams we are drowned quite;
Entertaining consciousness dynamics find we dream not just at night.

The potentially healed structure is flowing silently in secret veins,
Realizing new perception and holistic healing can ease all pains.
Running the psyche’s rapids there is no need to withstand,
Like the snake eating its tail, flow with it to fully understand.
Synergetic imagination, vision and dreams help us enter the flow,
Visitations by Asklepios and Hygeia help us to heal and grow.

Immersion in the consciousness field is mentored by shaman/therapist,
Who guides and helps us to enter the fear and pain to de-stress.
Once entering that healing dreamstream with co-consciousness,
Let go and trust the navigating guide or mentor with emotional finesse.
In olden times creative consciousness appeared as a healing serpent,
The results today are the same when immersion in the field is fervent.

Escape the cage of perceptions, following leading strange attractors,
Journeying deeply ferrets out hidden variables and other factors.
The way was outlined in ancient Greece in the Asklepian cult,
Employing pilgrimage, purification and dreams to heal and exalt:
Close your eyes, breathe and relax, just fill your mind with a dream,
Walk through, going deeper now, notice and share what is supreme.

What’s happening is visceral and need not be at all logical,
Trust your imagination, feel your primal essence as literal.
Release and let go of old notions like a serpent sheds its skin,
Allowing whatever happens, nothing appears that won’t fit in.
Give in and accept those sensations, staying with it going deeper,
Even though it hurts or scares you, I’ll be with you as a waykeeper.

Stay with that energy just a little while longer and let it develop,
Become it, and in that fundamental image revel, and let it envelop.
Find the healing heart of the dream after the vicious maelstrom,
Through all the zones let those healing energies from within come.
It becomes part of you, cellular and genetic; take it in as new resource,
A renascent primal self-image forms, as a matter of natural course.

Creative consciousness may lead to reliving your conception,
With full awareness of the situation surrounding first penetration.
Some find within their journey a voyage to the reiteration of birth,
Imagery may inspire fear and terror of which there is no dirth.
Its OK to weep and wail and grieve, to let go finally and lament,
In the natural healing process it is creative, and not a detriment.

It may be alleged you exist and are therefore bad and stand accused,
Life may have buffeted you with insults which damaged and abused.
Perhaps you still feel cowed and suppressed, like a little child frail,
Out of control, depressed or rageful as those forces continue to assail.
Without intervention, symptoms and patterns persist and never rest,
All the unhealed traumas keep happening and perpetually molest.

The mentor or guide takes your lead and helps give the pain a face,
Expressing one’s weakness is safe now, and its appearance no disgrace.
Nearing the dis-ease structure, the memories and images are monstrous,
We are assailed by mighty natural forces, violent and truly furious.
But they only herald sensory memories of forthcoming dawning light,
Creative consciousness redesigns our core and brings welcome respite.

Your earliest formative conditions may indeed have been horrible,
Diving into the unknown territory may seem disorienting and terrible.
Deep knowing at the organismic level can alleviate that hollowness,
And salve the woundedness within that defended this wretchedness.
The journey moves through a spectrum of zones that leave you aghast,
And at the most intense part of the catharsis may feel like a harsh blast.

The first steps of the journey, of course, begin with pilgrimage,
A visit to another world, sanctuary of a more primal healing village.
Identifying the problem, where you’ve missed the mark, is a confession,
This is a baby step in releasing what has harmed through its retention.
Bathing in spring waters and sweating for opening and purification,
Can bring a sense of the Holy Grail’s elixer that is a healing libation.

To secure the gifts of the gods, it is helpful to profer an offering,
Something of symbolic value to you which implies a sense of suffering.
Then comes the core of the process--the ritual of dream incubation,
That starts the alchemical process, leading to concentration or titration:
Through a quantum leap of consciousness restructuring and emanation,
Followed through close attention to the serpent’s rhythmic undulation.

Zone 1 includes behavior patterns, games, rackets and symptoms;
Zone 2 is the dance of emotions and thoughts that hold us victims.
Zone 3 is the region of adopted belief systems, largely unconscious,
Zone 4 is personal and transpersonal mythology, the collective in us.
Zone 5, quantum consciousness, edge of Creation, strange attractors,
Which draw us down to 6, blank mind of Chaos’ unknowable factors.

This is the most fundamental perception, healing restructuring energy,
A dwelling place like finding Home, open to life’s infinite possibility.
Find your sanctuary there, completely immersed in deep knowing,
Not needing even to recognize the healing seeds Chaos is sowing.
The river of consciousness dynamics is a stream that’s ever-flowing,
And the natural healing process can be visited by simply freely going.

Re-enter now, come back renewed, emerging from the crucible of chaos,
Self-organizing heals; those forces that assailed no longer betray us.
Flowing with it, we have liquified, dissolved in the universal solvent,
Restructuring echoes a holographic model of evolution’s involvement.
Changes are real and permanent and entail automatic integration,
And this whole-self healing has a by-product of spiritual elation.

Asklepios knew the inherent healing power contained within the dream,
Giving mankind a chaotic winding pathway to healing, serpentine.

"Come. It is time."  

28 Jan 2008 @ 20:14 by eva @ : original Being
Then there are only 256 original Beings. The rest are copies? Created to have a chance to duplicate the original?  

30 Jan 2008 @ 09:38 by Dario @ : copy/duplicate
I think the first (best) archetype specialized in copying is ochossi or actor in general.

but probably the real goal (or strategy to excape the game) of this orisha is to duplicate the game throw the perfection or being perfect or being a perfect actor.

but if it sometimes is(act as) the copy of someone or itself then falls in loops without end.

in my opinion the difference between copy and the duplicate is that once you have copy something you have it in your memory, but once you have duplicate something you do not have it in your memory: you forget it... PUFF!


7 Feb 2008 @ 16:49 by ara @ : copy and noia
the game of copying ,or better, of creating ideal images is
the main game of the Being. Copying, copying, copying and
adjusting the reality in relation of don't have annoy. with the intent
to entertain soul, mind and spirit parts.... filling game. Auditing and processing do the opposite trying to bring NOIA into the Being's game.
then the auditing and other spiritual things are a way to create game or
war too. in this sense this GAME is taking the TIME training the
Being's mind to understand the mechanism to create and discreate what
there is (COPY DONE) and there isnot (COPY AS ISED).
Stay without doing anything is the mechanism (or effect) of real duplication.
kisses to all  

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8 Oct 2010 @ 02:31 by DJ Bushmaster @ : Pairs
Copying or duplication, at some levels is unnecessary with communication. Infinate universes, infinate dimensions woven within universes. It was only a matter of time, indefinate, beautiful, and changeable, before you were found. Aqknowlegement brings companionship, peace, betterment. The ability to experience three dimensional space an amazing gift. Share it with your counterpart. You are chosen for your similarities. Become better through interdimensional relation.  

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