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 Desire Polarities, Tractor Beams, and Polarity Desires3 comments
picture27 Feb 2008 @ 23:36, by Max Sandor

Desire Polarities are concurrent desire/undesire emotions focused on the very same target. In other words, a desire is held in place by an 'undesire' regarding the same manifestation.

They are subtle and often hard to detect because they successfully hide underneath insisting/refusal polarities that mask as 'personal decisions'. In turn, the latter hides behind tractor beams on the body, originally created to control the same.

A question arose these days, and it refuses to go away, which is:

- are the generic desires (Pali: tanha) of a Being for polarities (Pali: dukkha) created as a feedback process of the transition from 'desire/undesire' to 'insisting/refusing'?

- if so, what started this process, or is it a natural consequence of the Goal Decay Scale (see [link] by Sandor/Dawson)? (in which case, there should be a note added to the article in its next edition).

Gotamo Siddharto (the 'Buddho'/'awakened') declared the 'arising of tanha as a result of the touching (passo) of something manifested' to be one of the 'unresolvable objects of the mind'.

But that was 2,500+ yrs ago... maybe someone gives it another try??

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28 Feb 2008 @ 23:45 by Ed Dawson @ : Opinion
In my opinion the CDEI scale (scale of goal decay) is an arbitrary construct. It appears to be deliberately designed and that the characteristics of its sequential steps are based on something else. Not that the scale was constructed randomly, not exactly, but that it appears to be based on another sequence that was deliberately constructed.

As near as I can tell, the CDEI sequence follows a "fall" down a series of universes or "higher planes". Each step is darker, more solid, and more compressed than the last. When the bottom of the scale is reached, it flips back to the top again. This circular arrangement of the scale I personally find highly suspect. It looks like a trap. Are you really at the same top you were previously, or, instead at the top of a new cycle which is below the previous? I suspect the latter.  

1 Mar 2008 @ 19:03 by Kathie @ : desire/undesire
This picture of your grandson is a perfect example of this polarity. I'm sure that's why you put it there! It's interesting to watch them with a strong desire for something, and at the same time their parent denying them. After a few minutes of this the parent often gives in, and by that time, the child has gone down tone to undesiring it. Like Ed said, falling down the CDEI scale. Max, what the hell did you refuse your gorgeous grandson, to make him go from happy to unhappy?!!:)  

12 Mar 2008 @ 21:39 by rlwinans @ : Hi mx
can'not communciate that well. I will try. Is living for the momement akin to death ? I will leave it at that.  

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