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 The Bug in this Universe: found ... but then it escaped again.. 2 comments
picture26 May 2008 @ 01:37, by Max Sandor

Finally I had a glimpse of the Bug of the Universe: one of our new family additions (2 German shepherds} barked up a wall, and there, besides a crack in the wall, I found it: the Bug in this Universe.

Fortunately I could make a foto before it escaped again. Unfortunately, it appears to be a design flaw rather than a bug that could be isolated.

Still examining its chemical compounds, give me a few days, and I'll finally write the third part to the 'Cosmic Glue' series (see Sandor's Purple Notebook [link], not updated in over 5 years, tzzz)

But if you take my last post and do the math, you'll find it for yourself...

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26 May 2008 @ 02:57 by bushman : lol
That bug proves evolution, it obviously has been hidding out on some early 1950s home, lol. Or an old truck matching that color.  

26 May 2008 @ 16:11 by mx @ : color of the bug
I've never before seen that color, neither in art, it's kind of metallic and it's glowing in the dark... perhaps the strangest creature I've seen so far... a nice way of showing off, vanity of vanities, that is... and he got himself into the Internet.. (or herself, who knows)  

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