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picture3 Jun 2008 @ 21:09, by Max Sandor

(note from mx: the following is from a message from Ed. Note that there are no changes to the wheels as such but rather a model of how the olodu groups evolved. Instead of a circle, one can visualize a 3D-spiral and it becomes clear how the final wheel evolves).

This is highly technical and probably can only be understood by someone who truly understands the 16 olodu. To others I apologize and you may please ignore this data.

I did an analysis of the #1 wheel and it resulted in greater clarity in understanding how a level of four item becomes a set of four olodu.

The top level of four item can be called Mathematicals (inside), or the Tools of God (outside). I am on the verge of renaming it the Prime Operator (Thank you, Rita Zousel). When the Prime Operator splits in half, one half is a finite and the other an infinite application of the Prime Operator. In the past I expressed this clumsily as "relative" and "absolute", which is not perfectly true. What is perfectly true is finite and infinite...


The infinite Operator splits into positive and negative halves to form the olodus ogbe and oyeku. These are 100% manifestation, and 0% manifestation respectively.

The finite Operator splits into positive and negative to form the olodus oshe and ofun. Oshe is addition, multiplication and exponents. Ofun is subtraction, division, and roots.

To assist, here's a graphic:

This explains why they form a wheel. If one takes for example oshe, and does simple addition, one gets oshe very close to oyeku. If one takes oshe and does multiplication, one gets basic oshe. If one takes oshe and does exponentials, then one is shading oshe toward almost ogbe. If one infinitizes oshe, the result is ogbe.

The same thing happens with ofun using subtraction, division, and roots. And infinitizing ofun results on oyeku. This latter is the mechanism of erasure in scientology auditing: if you take something apart infinitely it ceases to exist.

Therefore the #1 wheel consists entirely of the Prime Operator split apart using infinite/finite and positive/negative. This applies to the other three wheels as well.

This means that in practice the Zousel Diagram can be redrawn thus:

plus plus ... plus minus
minus minus ... minus plus order to show how the two polarities above split it apart. Place infinity on the left edge and finite on the right edge. Place positive at the top and negative at the bottom. These are the "attractors". (corrected the left and right)

is ogbe is positive infinite - is oshe is positive finite -- is ofun is negative finite - is oyeku is negative infinite

The last two appear counterintuitive to my analytical mind, and it protests loudly that -- (negative-negative) MUST be oyeku, but if that dog keeps yapping I'm going to kick the hell out of it.

(I have a very precise diagram on my computer at work and can send it to Mark if I have time on monday.)

Infinites and finites on the other wheels:
iwori/odi - infinite
irosun/owonrin - finite

obara/okanran - infinite
ogunda/osa - finite

ika/oturupon - infinite
otura/irete - finite

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5 Jun 2008 @ 11:21 by Dario @ : wow
this model remind me to a Karnaugh map of bits.

Karnaugh's way to represent bits is (i think) very similar to your

so that you have this model in matrix form and in 3d visual. represented trought a spiral.

and when you do the process, you add one (or more dimension) to yours filter of visualizing odus and their transition.

or better, if you do Karnaugh simplification (see wikipedia) you are doing the process...  

9 Jun 2008 @ 10:49 by mortimer : I Ching astroid
the Dawson Odu Wheel reminds me of astroids  

9 Jun 2008 @ 10:57 by mortimer : hypocycloid
The Cosmic Byte Permutations with Repetitions

relative manifold mode 5 ... "geometric contraction of infinite possibility to finite relation". ~ Gauss  

12 May 2015 @ 07:58 by earthtrustee @ : Hi there, You have done an incredible jo
Hi there, You have done an incredible job. I’ll certainly digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I am sure they’ll be benefited from this website.  

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