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 Cosmic Glue Part 4: A method for neutralizing VANITY4 comments
picture13 Jun 2008 @ 14:04, by Max Sandor

Isnt´t there anything more important to investigate than vanity?

Perhaps not, at least at a certain point during personal evolvement. After all, there are strong indicators that the BASIC GLUE of non-optimal behavior patterns, some call it 'case', may in fact be based on what falls under the heading of the fuzzy word 'vanity'.

Vanity comes in so many flavors that it seems difficult to 'catch'. Typically, people find it ONLY present in other people, rarely in oneself, and if the latter should occur, there will be certainly good reasons to tolerate it for the sake of a greater cause or simply one's own survival.

Some flavors seem easy to recognize, such as 'arrogance'. Likewise, some of it´s strongest 'negative' manifestations, demotivation, 'feeling without purpose', 'no future', and the like, seem quite obvious.

It may come as a surprise that EVERY human emotion condition, good or bad, may have a COMPONENT of a flavor of vanity. Even though these components appear to be very 'weak' forces, they still glue the REST of the entire condition together. Neutralizing these 'vanity aspects' opens up hidden layers of 'case' in no time and dramatically increases 'perceptions'. In fact, one of the major impediments of 'perceptions' that were found during earlier studies on how to improve perceptions (see past articles on this BLOG) were leading to the detection of 'vanity' as a basic factor, if not the basic GLUE, that is holding down the awareness of the Being (and not just the ordinary 'human' part of it).

The only effective way to neutralize 'vanity components' found so far consists of the following:

A) To begin with, select an emotion, judgement, fixed consideration, or the like, and:

1. spot a sense of vanity associated with it, even if it seems very weak and 'innocent'
2. spot a joy or excitement that COULD BE somewhere in your space
3. spot the presence of 'neutral' observer(s), no matter if close or far

If necessary, hold all three perceptions at the same time in your space until it breaks apart.

C) see what happens :-)

Note, that these three parts don't have obvious connections or similarities in energies or structures. Yet, combined with each other to produce the glue, similar to today's 'component adhesives'.

As Edward Dawson pointed out to me the other day, the above way of neutralizing vanity aspects is in reality a special application of the 'Gunas Method' (try finding the corresponding parts yourself!), Yet, this method was originally found empirically and was not systematically synthesized.

Above method doesn't eliminate 'vanity' as such completely, that would be too dreadful, n'est ce pas?, but it puts things into an entire new perspective and drives out the worst dramatizations, if wanted.

Just to be sure, we're not here in the business of moralizing, pointing figures, or ridiculizing some silly actor or self-glorifying politician: we're talking about the essence, the basic components, the driving forces of the Universe, not only or specifically in the human species, but in every aspect of life, including plants and animals.

As mentioned before, the single vanity components appear so completely innocent, just like newborn kittens, and thus escaped our attention for so long.

But no, not anymore! We now know the cruel tiger within those cute kitten faces :-)

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13 Jun 2008 @ 15:10 by Ed Dawson @ : Repackaged and relabeled anatta
This is of course another take on Buddhist "anatta" (non-self). Most people know Buddhism from its far eastern and southeast asian variants, but Buddhism is not Thai, or Chinese or Japanese. It is Hindu. It is Hindu and it is a view based around the Sanskrit and Pali languages. Two key words stand out:
atma/atta (Sanskrit/Pali)

An atman is a person, a being. Sattva also means being. Difference? The difference is that sat/sattva is without boundaries, while atman is an encapsulated being. What is an encapulated being, you ask? One who is walled off from everything and everyone else, who is only being itself and refusing to be anything or anyone else.

The technical term in scn for an atman is "Terminal". A Terminal (AKA Term) is a beingness that is limited to being only a specific goal (AKA GPM) or set of goals.

Sattva is not limited in this manner.

To say it in the paradigm used above, vanity comes only from walling oneself off from others. One can "be" without denying others in an exercise of vanity.

Please note that Gotamo (the "Buddha") said "anatta"; he did not say "ansattva". So perhaps we should redefine anatta as "non-encapsulated self"?

Taking sattva as the functional opposite of atma/atta, the achievement of anatta, and positive sattva would produce what state of being?

The old man Hubbard called it "the coexistence of static", coexistence for short.  

13 Jun 2008 @ 16:18 by mx @ : right on.. see also the first parts of..
...Cosmic Glue at

Gotamo rejected the question whether self existed.. (a self-implicit paradox)

Your definition of anatta, Ed, is an excellent idea of describing this basic phenomenon.  

13 Jun 2008 @ 16:36 by Ed Dawson @ : not a paradox...
Max said: "Gotamo rejected the question whether self existed.. (a self-implicit paradox)"

This is arguing using the English word "self" (cognate to the German word "selb"). But Gotamo did not speak English or German. Gotamo rejected the existence of atma (atta); he did not reject the existence of sattva.

In fact I would like to see if the original Pali attributed to Gotamo says "sat anatta" which can be translated into English as "Existence is not the limited (encapsulated) self".  

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