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picture29 Jun 2008 @ 15:50, by Max Sandor

Here is the draft I made for a speech I delivered yesterday near Sao Paulo, Brazil. While I drafted along, perhaps to relativate the idealism expressed in my speech, a tucano intruded our lovely home to steal my daily bread from the plate... should I rescind my visions?

In a time in which so many diverse efforts are being made to bring oneself closer to one's own origin, to 'reconnect' (Latin 'religere', hence religion) to our Source, we see also many, many efforts to manipulate others to surrender to slavery, not just on the personal level, but planetwide, on a global level. We see how some groups impose their belief systems onto others with force, be it openly or in disguise.

As chaotic and confusing as the situation of mankind seems in these years, it is yet this chaos that provides an incredible opportunity for conscient Human Beings to easier go beyond and at the same time reach deeper than in other times...

Let me explain this seemingly paradoxically situation: for many years I was studying the basic components and patterns of and within this Universe and I was studying as many philosophical systems trying to explain them as I could get hold of. What I found can be summed up in the following picture:

this world we live in is based on pairs of opposite, hot and cold, large and small, plus and minus, full and void, masculine and feminine, light and dark, and so on in an endless sequence. Nothing that exists, does exist without its own opposite. As nature does, so does the conscient Being: playing with the opposites, going from one extreme to its opposite and back. It appears being a random series of events, that what we see in life, yet there are certain laws which govern how these opposites, lets call them polarities, behave. Not all basic laws of the polarities have been discovered yet but what we know is that there are certain sequences of qualities of polarities.

For example, we know that before a new level of consciousness is achieved, before any new order can arise, whether of a mental, social or physical nature, a state of confusion must exist. Only with this flexibility, with a certain chaotic freedom of particles within the system a new quality can be achieved.

In other words, without a certain amount of chaos, again: whether mental, social or physical systems, the system 'freezes', so to speak, and this will be the beginning of its own decline. Let me make it once more time clear: the above observations hold true for social, physical, emotional, and intellectual environments. And they have been verified in thousands of situations investigated and, so far, never have been found to not be the case as stated.

Some very important conclusions can be drawn out of this immediately: establishing fixed rules for one's own thinking and one's own spiritual insights, in other words this thing called 'dogma', must result in the failure of one's spiritual quest. Social laws, as soon as they go beyond a certain level, are equivalent to the beginning of a slow destruction of the very same society it pretends to protect.

In this light, we can now see the times we live in, as an immense opportunity. But we can also see the danger looming for the future of mankind as a whole. The current ideological chaos creates the chance to think freely and jump to new heights of insights. If channeled correctly it provides a golden era of human development, glorifying the creation as a whole. If abused to manipulate others to surrender to slavery, it spells disaster.

Many believe new laws are giving more security. But more laws are either a sign of a general degradation of the moral values of the population, and as such the admission of a failure of the recent and current course of politics, or the tightening screw of enslavery, or both. Certainly I do not advocate anarchy. Yet, a measure of a society that is truly growing would be the cancellation of laws, reflection the increase of responsibility of the society's members.

To justify the current loss of freedom through the enaction of more and more laws, the lawmakers, both local and global ones, point to the disturbing pictures transmitted by the mass media into the households and the 'need' of the population to feel safer. But this is putting the cart before the ox: the mass media echo what they are being told by those in power. They create more crime but creating new laws and stiffening the penalties on existing ones. Such a strategy cannot possibly work. Its result will be the opposite of creating order: it creates uncertainty, fear, and denial of responsibility on all levels. From that point on, more laws and rules deem to be necessary: we have entered a dwindling spiral that can only result in the loss of justice on a grander scale. In the process, individual freedom becomes more and more restricted and the most basic values of human existence are being violated more and more.

Those in charge who are aware of this fatal mechanism are pointing to the great dream of the globalists: to reduce population by 80 or so percent to allow the rest, confined to a few cities, to survive in a high-tech, high-culture environment. If this is done at the expense of violating the dignity of the human race, creating an enslaved, brain-washed civilization, it is defeating its very own purpose: it is putting shame on this creation, our Universe, and not glory, they prepare the fatal demise of human culture and its own destruction.

Here is the situation: by the indisputable laws of polarities and their transformations and transitions, EVEN IF THE DREAM OF THIS NEW ORDER WOULD SUCCEED FOR SOME TIME, IT WOULD SPELL THE END OF HUMAN VALUES for some time to come. Let us not elude ourselves: our hi-tech environment does not help us to evolve to loftier hights of human values. At any time of history there were great seers whose mental eyes were piercing the veil of illusions, whose consciousness reached out to the top level of creation, their spirits connecting to the highest spiritual Beings in the Universe and their souls touching the depth of all Creation. These great people did so not because they had a fully automated kitchen, they did so because they were striving for own insight based on a free cultural and philosophical background and environment, not by being forced to one single global religion, but the liberty to explore and find their own way back to Source.

As you know, Helo [Heloisa Helena Rosas de Almeida] and myself are working hard to help to restore dignity and integrity for everyone who comes to us. We are using the best of all available technology, both of the physical and the spiritual kind, striving hard to never ever lose the connection to nature, always trying to reconnect with its true forces, being aware of its dynamic structure, seeing that technology itself is but a vehicle to self-realization and not its scope.

But one thing is what modern technologies like the Internet help us to do: making known and transparent the great insights of humans of the past and present, heritage of all of mankind and the true glory of the Creation, connecting to each other for this purpose, still always aware that this true glory really already exists in every plant around us, in every animal, in every manifestation of life.

In these times the dignity of the Human Soul and the Honor and Integrity of the Human Spirit are at stake. Let us all work together. respecting the great diversity of our cultures, personalities, social status, and philosophies, but being united in the noble vision of realizing these divine values regardless of the chaos around us.

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29 Jun 2008 @ 20:11 by Merlin Silk @ : anarchy
That's a very interesting speech! There is one statement that I don't understand, though: "Certainly I do not advocate anarchy."

Why not - is this only to comfort the powers to be, or do you really mean it? As I understand, a person who own him or herself, and claims to do so, can only be an anarchist. Any power given away to somebody, especially a power one does not have to begin with (like telling your neighbor that he can not smoke pot), creates an ownership of transferor by the recipient - the owner can do with his property whatever he pleases, like throwing that pot-head into jail.

What comes to mind is the movie Zeitgeist, which I finally finished just yesterday. It was very depressing for most of the time, it all seemed so hopeless with all the movers and shakers gaining more and more control. But this was resolved in the last few minutes where the message was conveyed that we can just blow the whole thing apart. But for this to happen we have to take back our ownership of ourselves. We might loose a body or two (see John Lennon, who tried to tell people about their own power), but, as good old Hubbard defines the basic right or a thetan to leave the game, this really needs to be considered inconsequential. A very nice take in this idea is impressively rendered in the movie "Brazil" - maybe this is why you are down there now...  

29 Jun 2008 @ 20:21 by vaxen : Yes...
Very nice Mx. However one needs but Postulate a future and get down right 4th Dynamic about it for the world 'as it seems' to change right before ones' eyes!

Love your thought... how'd it go, BTW?

Your awareness right now is beginning to take back control of your life which has been stolen from you.

Is your mind in love or attached to any physical object? If so, you have been conditioned. Are desires, cravings, attitudes or opinions clouding your attention? If so, your senses are playing on the desires and cravings created by others. You are being moved about like an emotional rag doll. Now think how long it took you to lose control of yourself. It started with your parents and your grandparents.
It was a slow methodical process of programming you out of your own true identity.

Modify, impair or change the human brain and you reduce, increase, or modify the mind's ability to function autonomously. Your mind needs you to take charge of your desires and cravings. To do this you have to attach your mind to the greatest thought that exists. The thought of your own unique identity, inner peace and freedom.

Chaotes unite! The only thing you have to lose is ... your order! - A silly little para-phrase. ;)


29 Jun 2008 @ 20:30 by vaxen : PS:
CIA Officer: Israel Conducts Covert Action in America — For years – even decades – U.S. citizens have been the subject of a political action campaign designed and executed by Israel. So far, Israel's covert political action is succeeding hands down. Americans are gradually being indoctrinated to believe Islamists are today's Nazis and that there is no "Israeli lobby" in America.

Of course CBR wrote a paper rather on this way back in 84. GOETE1.txt I was reading it last night and therein he describes today to a tee. Very interesting to go back in time like that. How much can could a Toucan can if a Toucan could can can?  

29 Jun 2008 @ 20:54 by mx @ : anarchy is the other extreme..
neither anarchy nor a totalitarian system can survive... one extreme collapses into its opposite side.. Nordenholz, in 'Scientologie' 1934 elaborated this very clearly in the triad relationship (for the maximal freedom of an individual).

Another point to see that all these considerations apply for ALL levels of social interactions. Zeitgeist, Endgame, and the like only show the BIG game on the global level. Parallel to this are running innumerous games on the various local layers. A comprehensive strategy must propose a solution that applies for ALL spheres of society.

The movie 'Brazil' shows the 'Endgame' scenario. It has nothing to do with the country except of the recurring melody in the soundtrack. The title was selected to take off a bit of the heaviness of the subject, making it possible to sell it as a comedy of some sorts...  

30 Jun 2008 @ 03:52 by solomoreno : The tyranny of the majority...
Sounds like it was a great speech Max! I wish I was there to hear it.

To prevent one group of people from having the power to work torts on another group of people (which lays the groundwork for the establishment of extremism in government), one would need to create a true Republic. A system where unity is achieved through self-determism, not the other way around. It would have to be a form of government created with inherent mechanisms like a (supposedly) unavoidably-weak federal government, different branches of power, trial by jury, jury nullification and other mechanisms that act together as a multi-layered checkpoint to prevent the majority from oppressing the minority. Yes, one would need a Republic...NOT A DEMOCRACY!!! Wait, hold on, it appears as if history may have actually seen one of these, complete with a generating document highlighting all of these mechanisms (and even saying, just in case they missed anything, that there must be a "Republican Form of Goverment"). Omg, what happened!!! I'll just say that I wish the South would have won.

We need a Republic, outside and inside of ourselves. Only a Republic allows for the Middle Path. It is Unity in Diversity. A Republic requires communication (be it between one's body and spirit, or between porn-lovers and the religious right) rather than violent power-grabs that suppress freedom and the opportunity for growth and harmony.  

30 Jun 2008 @ 05:25 by vaxen : Yah...
Nordenholz was a bit of an Hegelian at that but he was cool. Wish I could have been there, too. Alas...

Nicely said Solomoreno. You might like to check into the Organic Act of 1871 also called 'The Washington D.C. Organic Act of 1871.'

The decline of the Republic (Res Publica) began right around the beginning of it... Remember the Hamiltonians? Alexander Hamilton and his crowd of Banksters. ;)

Here's a reather astute 'timeline' that may be of iinterest to some:

also the extropian or transhumanist doctrine is on the order of what mx suggests as all consuming...

Tranhumanisms' Extropy Institute Http:// - it's links with all the big intel players, of course, remain occluded but are there nontheless. After all Scientology as well as the Jehovahs Witnesses are both political intelligence apparatuses... note how they penetrated Russia as an example.

Foundation Ideology  

30 Jun 2008 @ 21:44 by Andreas @ : Lika rädd som du
* A viral clearing tech/meme programmed to make people sane. As the person becomes sufficiently aware he can remove it himself.

* Free, easily reproducable food and energy. Maybe edible ezgrow algae? Solar power with new storage technology?

But do people want it?

The world and its political/economic systems appear to be the product of what its people want; sane people create sane systems.

Do they need it?

The problems seem to change as I change. I don't see much further than my nose unfortunately.  

30 Jun 2008 @ 21:53 by vaxen : Hahahaha...
Heya Andreas. Maybe that's a good thing? Till the brownshirts come and take you to the neo-zionist version of Aushvitz, Treblinka, Daschau...

In the wisdom of the elite planners, America was put on trial without our knowledge. The verdict was given, that America must be conditioned to “embrace post-industrialism,” in a new political reality that is described as “friendly fascism.” We cannot accept that verdict. The hour of our summary execution in nearly upon us. Will we accept this unjust decision, or will we fight back against our programming and unseat those who have usurped the Constitution and driven us to World War III against our will?

The second most-important component of brainwashing is children’s tv and video games (Followed closely by the behavioral conditioning dispensed by the educational system.) Anyone who wants to save their kids should seriously consider unplugging their “one-eyed babysitters.”

The pulsating waves of techno-programming radiate outward from American assets, working best when they have a powerful operational field (like here at ground zero), where they can draw capacitance to generate an overwhelming pulse. If America fully submits to the psycho/sensual assault, surrendering our God-given right to resist, then the power of those who lead us is magnified before the world’s eyes, thus reinforcing the sense of inevitability and discouraging any further puny resistance.  

1 Jul 2008 @ 10:27 by Dario @ : people and people
to Andreas

for me,
a normal person, integrated in a mass system loose him/her power of choice.

so in general (in my observation 99,99% of human cases :-) ) it is not what people think needed or wanted, but what something (media and mass control) has choosen for them.  

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