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picture19 Jul 2008 @ 21:22, by Max Sandor

The Toth Diagram

A binary. balanced graph with a depth of 4 levels will have 16 end leaves. If, as postulated by Steingrubner (1988), new branches rotate at 90 degrees with every binary split and we then make a cross section at the bottom level, we arrive at a diagram that I want to call the Toth diagram, in honor of my grandfather Janos Toth.
It is a cross section of a graph following the Concur Principle (Steingrubner, 1990) which postulated that a perfect model of an entire Universe can be represented as a balanced binary graph and that the very same model also represents all possible events within that Universe if it were to be used as a finite state autamoton (postulating a structural identity of "object" and "method"). Furthermore, all laws of that Universe are enclosed in the transitions of the unfolding levels as an LLR grammar. The rotation at every level serves, amongst other reasons, is required to satisfy the orientation rules of basic fields in nature such as found in the laws of electromagnetics. It is with these rotations that one arrives from the originary binary code sequence at a 3-dimensional graph, the Toth diagram. The strength (or weight) of nodes in ConCur is determined by the length of their vertices, adding a movement in time, a 4th dimension. If regular, it could be compared to a "pulse" of the represented Universe.
It was not until the late 90's that I encountered the vast knowledge contained in the Ifá. philosophy. Only the qualitative descriptions of the basic primal energies in Ifá, the sixteen "olodu", convinced me finally that in fact also our own Universe can be modelled as a Concur Graph of degree 4. To qualify as a complete model, it must contain an "axiomatic system" that leaves no part of the model unclassified. Already Philip Neimark ([link]) had arrived in the 90s at a condensed description of the sixteen Ifá principles or energies but to extract a more precise description that would satisfy as an "axiomatic system" took some more years during which I received much help and inspiration from Edward Dawson who then co-authored the book "Polar Dynamics 1" which, with all its pluspoints and drawback, still is the only book published that makes a serious attempt to "rationalize" the profound wisdom contained in traditional Ifá which until then was never systemized comprehensively.

Some time after the publication of "Polar Dynamics 1", the importance of the four fundamental progressions of energies, the "olodu wheels" became apparent and it was included as an addendum to the Italian version of the book "Your Personal Archetype", the first comprehensive and intelligible collection of today's archetypes based on the analysis more than one thousand individual life paths, authored by Sandor, Dawson, and Miranda.


What was still missing,

was a way to see more of the principles of the interaction of the individual abstract prime energies and their combination into the complete matrix of 256 manifesting energies. The Toth diagram now opens a completely new way of looking at exactly that.

A first look at the Toth diagram already demonstrates a few of the basic and most important laws that have been found empirically in the past (much pioneering work on this was done by Edward J. Dawson), for example the four Wheels of Laws. Next, the diagram is suggesting answers to a great number of enigmas within traditional Ifá. For example the century-long debate if Ogbe (1111) is located in the North or in the West (see picture 1 in which the cardinal directions are indicated by N,W,S,E, to come to your own conclusion). This is not just a theoretical question but has profound practical implications.

Another enigma was the role of the polarity Okanrandisa as the prime instigator of the game of this Universe itself. together with the final scope of Obarakana. As demonstrated by Sandor in 2005 it can be shown in a double-tetrahedron ("Merkabah") as the exchange of two extreme particles on the top of bottom of the double tetrahedron (see [link] ). However, the progression along the energies has more than one solution. In the Toth diagram, this can be traced and the "Merkabah" transitions are now clearly defined.

Last, not least, the Toth diagram demonstrates with great clarity a point for which I have been severly critized over the past years, namely letting go of today's Ifá tradition that put Oshe and Ofun at the END of the energy ("odu") progression instead of where they should be logically, which is following Ogbe and Oyeku (see "Polar Dynamics 1" by Sandor/Dawson). In retrospective, I owe much gratitude to Edward Dawson for his "stubborn" insistance on following in our book the logical order instead of a "holy cow" of tradition(s).

The number of observations that can be made using the Toth diagram appear sheer endless. In the following, I will define a few operations to establish a nomenclature for future applications along with some examples. Because of the great number of established and documented properties of energy combinations ("odu") in Ifá, the examples will be taken from a collection of non-secret "pataki" (stories of Ifá) and the names of the principle energies ("oludus") are of aramaic/Yoruba origin .
Students of Agrippa's Geomantia are referred to [link] to match the principles correctly. Note, that two bars note the yin/feminine/soul principle ("0" in Polar Dynamics and the Concur Graph), and one bar (or asterix) the yang/masculune/spirit principle.

- a LEAVE are final nodes on a balanced binary tree (Concur Graph)
- a PAIR consists of two leaves that stem from a common node.
- a GROUP consists of two pairs that stem from a common node.
- a PROGRESSION denotes the sequence of energies, similar to a particle wandering from one leave to the next.
- the FIELD is the geometrical space that contains the 16 leaves of the Toth diagram.
- a PULSE is an expansion of all legs of a group of final leaves within the field (see p2).
- a RHYTHM is a sequence of pulses.
- the four groups of final leaves are indicated by their cardinal directions NE, NW, SW, SE.
- an RL-SIDESHOT describes a particle passing through the energy field from right to left (and LR-SIDESHOT resp.)
- a TB-SHOT denotes a particle going from the top to the bottom (and BT-SIDESHOT resp.)
- a BEAM is a line which can be directed TB-BEAM, RL-BEAM, etc
- an RL-SWEEP is a vertical line passing from the right to the left. (and LR-SWEEP resp.)
- a TB-SWEEP is a horizontal line passing the field of energies from top to bottom (and BT-SWEEP resp.).
- a C-ROTATION is a clockwise rotation of a line passing through the center of the Toth Diagram, an AC-ROTATION happens anti-clockwise.
- a HANDOVER denotes the transition of a particle from the influence sphere of one of the leaves to another.
- a TIMEWAVE is the progression of a particle within the field.

Observations and examples using "Polar Dynamics 1" (PD1) and descriptions from traditional Ifá (TR):

1. (TR) The sequence of energies within the Universe is an AC-ROTATION starting NW.
2. (TR, and many other traditions) The current point of progression passes from Ogunda to Osa (explaining a lot of what is happening in our civilization).
3a. (PD) the four groups contain the energies of:
NW: the energies of the already manifested
NE: the potentials
NS: the transitions
NE: the attractors

3a. (TR) the four groups contain the primary energies of:
NW: the spirits (Orisha/Archons from Orun/higher sphere)
NE: the soul (Orisha/Archons from Okun/lower sphere)
NS: Ori (sometimes called the (human) Higher Self)
NE: Eshu

5. (TR) The upper two groups are "linked" to the lower two groups by the four sacred Ela energies, traditionally only accessible to Ifa initiates (Babalawos), with the exception of a (limited) access to Ika (compare the 13 realms ofthe Kaballah and the 13 olodu of initiates into Archetypes other than Ifá itself (called Babalorisha). The (local) bt-shots on these 4 (Oturaretete and Ikatuupon) are tradionally called the 'doors' of the Universes. (see also 9.)

6. The four leaves in the center denotes the Wheel of Existence (or the "Mathematics" (Dawson). Amongst many other things, it includes the "cycle of action" including the pre/post-cycle gap (Sandor, 2001).

7. The leaves at the right and left sides describe the SECOND wheel (Creation).

8. The top two leaves and the two bottom leaves describe the progression of the THIRD Wheel (Changes).

9. The lower left four leaves constitute the FOURTH wheel (Attractors)

10. The progressions on the four wheels have the shape of a Möbius strip (like drawing the number 8, or the symbol of infinity). To arrive at this visualizing of the progression, assume the four groups are pulsing. A particle along one of the pathways of progression is handed over from one leave of a group to a neighboring leave when its previous group grew stronger than the group of the leave it will be passing to.

As mentioned before, these pathways have been found long ago and are firmly established, both EMPIRICALLY (Skywork/Morphogenetic Group Processing) and through rational consideration of observable phenomenon. The visualization with the help of the Toth diagram is strongly supporting these previous observations).

11. Handovers follow the observations described by Sandor, 2007, [link] .

12. The geometry of the Toth diagram contains the progressions based on the Phi (Fibonacci) function as found by Sandor in 2006, cp [link] , as pairs of parallel but reverse cross-shots.

13. The primal goal directions of spirit and soul are expressed through RL beam pairs that are reverted: manifestation of ideas/spirit to a successful end (Owonrin-rosu), and ascension (Odiwori).

13a, some crossbeams are not that obvious: Ikawori talks about the creation of Orun, the 'Heavens' (it creates an identity or 'spirit'). What would be the polarity for creating physical Universes, the 'soul side'? We know from the patakis that it is Ogbe-yonu.
But that would not be parallel as expected. The error was in the thinking, The logical opposite to Orun (heavens) is Okun (the underworld), and the physical Universe (Aiye) is in the middle of both. Here we've hit a deep secret. I'll leave it at that and instead we can look at the reverse vector of Ogbe-yonu, the creation of the physical Universe. It should be Ofunbara, an energy that is very often discredited. However, if we look at Salami's two patakis, it talks about the creation of humans (and how they fill all of Earth rapidly), and in the other one he talks about the Ebo (offering) to defeat death (creating 'eternal' life on Earth).

14. The relative distances of the locations of energy states within the Toth diagram also determine their qualities of "binding" and "flipping". Look for example at the energy combinations that are known for their notorius flipping: Ogundamasa and Okanranbara. Likewise, the much feared reversions of Iwori-di ("ascension crash") and Owonrinrosu which happen with cataclyptical intensities.

In contrast to flipping, or 'instable' energy combinations, all of them highly "contradictionary", certain energies combinations are "bound" to each other, meaning one cannot have one without the presence of the other. In the Toth diagram we find these energies located very close to each other: Otuuponka in traditional Ifá is compared to a door: from the outside one steps in but when you're in the house, you would be stepping out. Oturaretete is equally strongly bound: one can hardly "love" someone without getting "attached". Lastly Ogbeyeku is said to be the 'war of the sexes', the everlasting conflict between the male and female principles of the Universe, lasting from the beginning of the world until its end. The remaining one is shrouded in secrecy in traditional Ifá. In a sense it is the constant unveiling and revealing property of the Universe, its constant, ever present rhythm of folding and unfolding.

15. Twisting and shaking: a particle that stays in the area of a certain energies assumes its energy. If it is entering a different area, and the new energy level is higher, it will be under the influence of the new area. But how does this "handover" happen?

One way to visualize that is the length of the vertices of the leaves, in a Concur graph the 'strength' of the leave. But there is another, more dynamic way: imagine the vertices are made of rubber bands and the leaves out of metal balls. Let us assume the entire structure is entering an oscillation from the top view to bottom view, the latter being represented by the Toth diagram. We can get the little balls to change their locations. But the more a rubber bands are elongated, the larger the force that would pull its ball back in the end (cp 14!).

Lastly the system could also enter a transversal oscillation or rotate around its center axis. This model is often being used as a way of perfectly describing the movements of the planets in the solar system. Such a model of 'vibrating space' is letting mass particles ("dust") fall into the 'holes'. Those are the nodes of standing or semi-standing waves. This model debunks the scientific myth (and logical fallacy!) of "mass exerting a gravitational force attracting other masses" as still taught in most (all?) schools.

The latter model opens the way fpr us to let go completely of the vertices within the Concur graph and ultimately can let us see the constellations of the prime energies, as arriving from the vibrations of the space in which the complete system, our Universe, is embedded.

17. Lastly, as with any model, Concur Graph and Toth diagrams are MODELS. They serve to this very purpose and only to this. Like words are not the thing, the "model is not the thing" either.

16. Final notes and a word of warning:

the list of observations of the interacting primal energies (olodu) that can be drawn from the Toth diagram appear endless.

Two fascinating structural properties may help to find the 'way through the forest" even faster:

- for any shot or beam ALWAYS exists a second one, which describes the corresponding behavior of the counterpart (soul or spirit) paradigm

- for any direction that yields positive, constructive results, going the opposite will have negative, destructive implications

A Warning:
For students that have only a limited experience with primal energies, it is seriously advised to ABSOLUTELY avoid the lower left energies and any shots or beams that originate from there. Personally, I see nothing in the world that could justify the existence of an individual, personal "loving" god and a devil as his counterpart. This dichotomy has been the creation of men and its results can only be voluntary slavery. But, for whoever believes in good and evil, imagine the intention of a loving God arising at the SW, shining down onto the world (a crossbeam), with the devil fighting him from his quarter in NE. Therefore, please don't meddle with the latter energies.

The respect for the tremendous power of these primal energies arrive only with time and exposure, usually not through rational contemplation. Many high-nosed spirits think they can MASTER these energies or are exempt from them. This is not the case and the learning of this fact can be very damaging and/or expensive experience.

What is left to do?

Just the immediate observations of the Toth diagram yield enough information to fill a few books. However, a conceptual understanding is only, and only, achievable through duplication of the energy properties and relationships. This takes time, a lot of time, and the lifespan of man doesn't allow for experiencing each and everything in just one life. It is this lifelong study that I want to encourage and instead of making many words of the innumerable facets contained in primal energies I want to leave the details to the student in the assumption that what was said here in this short article should suffice to start an incredible expedition provided the concepts of the basic 16 polarities as outlined in "Polar Dynamics 1" have already been grasped.

~~~ addendum:
the template for the Toth diagram as binary numbers, showing clearer the mathematical symmetries:

1110 0001
1100 1111 0000 0011
1101 0010
1011 0100
1001 1010 0101 0110
0111 1000

decimal, (if starting with 1, the sums are of course 16 and 32 with the total of 128)
14 1 = 15
12 15 0 3 = 30
13 2 = 15
11 4 = 15
9 10 5 6 = 30
7 8 = 15
.......... 120

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19 Jul 2008 @ 23:30 by mx @ : still missing...
is an integration of the polarization matrix (Zousel graph). But I gotta leave s/g for Ed to do, haha  

20 Jul 2008 @ 00:27 by Ed Dawson @ : 90 degree rotation
I recognize that photo taken on the carpet in Tujunga. I remember how frustrating it was trying to show splits that way... Max, you said:
" branches rotate at 90 degrees with every binary split..."

This just dawned on me:
Tao splits into yin and yang (level or two or "L2") - this forms a one dimensional structure, a line.
L2 splits into L4 - a 2 dimensional plane.
L4 splits into L8 (Taoist trigrams) - a 3 dimensional space.
L8 splits into L16 (the olodu) - a 4 dimensional hyperspace.
This can be extended down to at least L64, a 6 dimensional reality.

But consciousness normally seems to track only 3 dimensions; would these be the 3 lowest of L16, L32 and L64?

As for the Zousel diagram, it merely shows the relations between the poles of any split.

I want to make what I consider a crucially important point at this time:

The 4 wheels of olodu I found have several applications. They teach how to transform any olodu into the next one around the wheel; and they also serve as a template to demonstrate how evil is created by reverse motion around a wheel.

The Zousel diagram I found is perfect for unraveling the archetype complexes. Using it I can predict human behavior and general life direction simply by knowing which of the four a person is using with their archetype.

So I say to you Max, your task is now to find the application for the Toth Diagram. If there is an application then it is a correct abstract of reality. If there is no application, then it is not a correct model. Have fun! :)


20 Jul 2008 @ 01:10 by mx @ : application & update
Ed, I had at least 4 goals with this, proving my own pet theory, adding on support to the notion that Ifa is indeed a complete axiomatic system of our universe, increasing the understanding of the interaction and providing a tool for study and analysis for students of Ifa, and show a new way how to dive into some deeper aspects of the odu in general. The last two are already useful and practical applications.

I added a section on Ikabara with a picture as an example of how one can use to dig into some odu that are usually held secret. And to have a chart to quickly look up the relative stability (binding) and the intensity of polarizations (flipping) for me are applications that I find very useful when analyzing life paths.  

20 Jul 2008 @ 01:33 by mx @ : things to unravel..
2 more 'applications' (research) :-)
one could say that a forward push of a particle in the odu space has a 'positive' charge and a reverse directional vector a 'negative' charge. How do those charges impact the other odu in the vicinity?

What are the next states that are likely to be entered? We have found 4 wheels but there are many other possibilities of wheels.

Another point that I forgot to mention (there are just toooo many fascinating features in this thing!) The graph orders the binary numbers in an interesting way. All opposing TP outside poles are bitinversed with (3+1 and 1+3 ogbe/yeku bits) and the RL outside poles are also of one class (2+2, two 0s and two 1s),
The center ones are of maximal order and maximal disorder (called shuffling), and so on.

90 degrees: yes, I forgot to mention it, every time there is a new level, new 'dimension'. Tony Smith demonstrated that already years ago. The relative position is still the way it is in the Toth diagram on the final plane.  

20 Jul 2008 @ 03:40 by Ed Dawson @ : + and - charges of odu
An odu is a 2-pole arrangement. Only 16 of them of course are natural polarities, but they still interact as indicated by the Zousel Diagram. You asked how do these charges affect other odu in the vicinity?

My research indicates that a "Being" (a person, not an orisha) consists of two odu (four olodu), set up as two pairs, one inside and one outside. (My outside is ogbe meji and my inside is okanran'fun) I graph these as a cross. Your question acts as a very intriguing suggestion! Each odu would be acting in one of the four ways indicated in the Zousel Diagram.

I hope you realize that I just stated that dafa imori should be done rather differently from the traditional pattern. The traditional way we learned is a gunas arrangement (triangle). But if you go back to Bascome you will see in his book mention of a double opele, for casting two odu. We don't see that used, do we? WHY? It evidently had SOME purpose but the tech is either lost or concealed.

The 90 degree rotations I first read about around 1965 in a story by sci-fi writer Robert Heinlein: "...And He Built A Crooked House". Glad to be able to apply it to something! LOL!

20 Jul 2008 @ 03:57 by Mark @ : Putting things in the WHOAT (re-posted)
Hi Vaxen,
and everyone else interested:
If you want to have something in the WHOAT - then please copy the part you want to have in, put a title to it, the name of the article, author, date and Website/Forum and send it to me (

I will put it in the WHOAT within 1 to 3 days. (If - as far as I can see - it makes sense and is not yet in...:-) )

The reason is:
I am not too much into the Olodu-Stuff, therefore not qualified to do the extraction. And 2ndly, I am not reading everything.

Hope you understand.

Should anyone volunteer to keep the WHOAT up in re to Polar Dynamics, I can make a special arrangement with this person, so he can do it directly. In this case Max and Ed would have to agree to the person who volunteers.
This would be a good thing - as the WHOAT is very incomplete in re to Polar Dynamics and Archetypes.


20 Jul 2008 @ 05:43 by Mark @ : Authorship - to Max
From what I know, the Wheels have been discovered by Ed. If so, this should be clearly stated when mentioning them. :-)

20 Jul 2008 @ 05:51 by Mark @ : Discrete and Structure in one process
The following belongs to the last subject - but I am not sure how this is handled here. Should I post it to the appropiate subject - and nobody goes and reads it - or does it not matter?
If important please advise me.

To what Max calls 'Discrete' (???) and 'Structure'.

Wouldn't it be nice to have a process that handles both sides (they one thing anyway..)??
If you do Incident running with R3X you will end up clearing the item in a Pre MEST Incident (or how ever you want to name these things), which is in fact a construct of PT Polarities. R3X - although certainly no replacement for Skywork (or the Grades on the other side) goes the whole way and is the easiest access for most people.(Can be done with new persons).
It will not create arrogant fanatics - nor blind followers.....

20 Jul 2008 @ 15:36 by mx @ : various items
Mark - "discrete" refers to single events, accidents, incidents, losses, etc.
"structural" refers to charged GPMs/polarities/odu which create general attitudes, goals. etc.

authorship: this is a touchy subject for many people and often their downfall, witness history. The formations of Odu in specific groups and their types of charges became apparent after many, many hours of Skywork. Certain things like the Zousel diagram are so basic that many people would reject giving it an extra name. However, it is the discovery of the IMPORTANCE; Some say 'relative' importance which I object too because it is by its very nature 'relative'.

'Authorship' denotes who wrote what. Ed, if you feel you deserve more credits, let me know. After so much work with morphogenetic fields, I am suspicious, if not critical to the concept of individual ownership of ideas, discovery, etc. and don't claim it easily for myself.

Just 2 days ago I saw a simple, poor old man in the jungle of Brazil applying to a child what in Europe is known as the 'Dorn' Method (see ). He learned it from his grandmother over 50 years ago as a child and she had it used already for many, many years. The website above says "In Germany about 36 years ago, was a Spine Healing method developed and presented by a layman-healer." Who is right, from where does it come? I would say both are right and the idea arose from the morphogenetic field.  

20 Jul 2008 @ 16:17 by mx @ : an application> finding rescue odus
I always wondered why Odi-rete is THE rescue energy for a stuck Otura-Meji. Of course, everything 'irete' will pull otura forward in the wheel. That shows not only in Skyworks but it also logical from the wheel itself. But why Odi-rete exactly? The Toth diagram showed me the solution to this enigma today and I realized how one can find powerful 'rescue' energies for other stuck polarities.

Also, will try to pull my math together and write a program to simulate the oscillations of the wheels when exposed to local disturbances.

Major parts of the Toth diagram were visible once in Slovenia in 2002, I realized last night.

Ed, for Orisha/odu interaction, one can track 'favorite' pathways in the maze of the diagram (and avoided ones). Script progressions ARE more predictable with this diagram.  

20 Jul 2008 @ 17:20 by vaxen : Since...
we are now at the level of 64 bit computing I posit that soon we'll be way beyond that. So mx's theories, seems to me, need to go beyond the 16 to the 32 then the 64 bit modes in order to retain a bit of redundancy. Pet theories have much room for expansion and I thank you Edward for bringing in the BOC. Ever study Shao Yung's 'Map of the Greater Heavens?'

Beyond 64 we have 128 and in a few more 'steps' 1024. To see the binary truths of all these 'systems' is an incredible awakening of and by itself. Then we apply 'Grimms Law' and get what we get. Good to see you here Mark.

I think what Edward says about 'application' is very wise indeed as these 'systems,' ancient, venerated, chaordic (Look at Africa, birth place of IFA, today), and much in need of some firm overhauling... which, they are getting. Tons of theories 'out there' but what can we apply towards the end of freeing and healing both ourselves and this planet. Ton Theon Ouranon? Tos Theos? To Theo? To Mega Therion?

"Do what THOU wilt shall be the whole of the law."
"Every man and every woman is a star."
"Love is the law, Love under will."
"One star in sight!"

Installed my new modem today. Motorola SM56 Speakerphone. Install went without a hitch. Connected to the net like a charm. Applied the knowledge that I have. That's IFA.

I hope someone does elect to put the relevant niceties in WHOAT...

Thanks mx, et al, for this discussion. Deeper and deeper we go. Caracole anyone?  

21 Jul 2008 @ 03:58 by Mark @ : To Max - c-right
Yes I fully agree. Ownership of spiritual things is a joke. BUT - on the way it IS a touchy subject. I saw You do take your discoveries 'serious' (The Steingruber Principle... or some such). That's why I came in - it's a balance thing. Just giving credit - nicely playing the game - keeps all calm.

21 Jul 2008 @ 14:01 by mx @ : spiritual & engineering technology
Hi Mark,
yes, indeed, it seems non-consequentially pointing out the relationship of the Concur (not Steingrubner) Principle in the article but the latter is in the area of engineering and computer programming and it contains stuff "invented", meaning details that are NOT observable in nature. For the philosophical part, I don't claim owner- nor authorship on the findings, only at the formulations & presentations. Here on the BLOG, everything is labeled as "Primarily Public Domain", pls follow the link at the left bottom of the BLOG's main page. See also their new concept of "Ethical Public Domain", following the link there.  

21 Jul 2008 @ 15:05 by Ed Dawson @ : authorship?
More like "discovery". Am I the first Being in this universe to notice the wheels? Hell no! I am apparently the first recorded (in our history on this planet) Being to notice them locally. Did others on this planet notice them before me? Almost certainly. But there is no existing record of such that I can find.

Same goes with the splits of Tao and their true characteristics. I worked VERY hard to discover the nature of the Level of Four items. I take credit for that hard work and the success therein. Was I first? Not in this universe and probably not on this planet. The chinese seem to have had them, but also seem to have lost them. Even their yin/yang (Level of Two) is screwy. The Hindus in the Samkha materials have the Level of Two cleaner in my opinion (prakriti and purusha).

So no authorship or ownership for me. Local discoverer in modern times, yes. Shrug. I take credit for hard work and success.

21 Jul 2008 @ 15:12 by Mark @ : To Max
Thanks Max for clarifying. I was jumping in a bit too fast - MU. :-)

21 Jul 2008 @ 18:11 by Ed Dawson @ : Actually NO.
The four olodu wheels were not "suggested" in skywork; it was not a coproduction. Nor is a wheel a tetrahedron; it is a wheel. Perhaps you have an MU?

I found them. You had a contribution of the binary tree that allowed me to join the splits. They cannot be found by anyone who has not merged the binary tree of splits (your discovery, not mine) to the Level of Four. Once I had audited myself to the Level of Four, THEN I could see the wheels.

Let's give proper credit where it is due to each of us.


21 Jul 2008 @ 18:22 by mx @ : misunderstanding
ok the. I must a misunderstanding of what you call the 'wheels'. I was thinking of the block formation as observed in Skywork and that, for me they are clearly tetrahedrons (like all complete tetras). Same the level of four what I saw always simply as the second binary split comparable to the four elements/directions etc. I give you certainly the credit for what is your discovery. It appears I have not duplicated it correctly. Which would explain why you choose the first wheel as representing "mathematics", a name that I still don't understand.

21 Jul 2008 @ 19:38 by Ed Dawson @ : Mathematicals
Inside the mind they appear to be the Operators of math:
addition/multiplication = oshe
exponents/infinities = ogbe
subtraction/division = ofun
roots/zeros = oyeku
(Yes, this means that both zero and infinity can be used as an operator)

Outside of the mind they are the other name: The Tools Of God. They are what is used to bring things into and out of existence in the other three wheels.

The reason they are not a tetrahedron is that there is a motion from one olodu to only one of the others in a fixed sequence, if one "pushes" an olodu to extreme manifestation. For example if you push oshe from addition it will become multiplication (addition doubled), then exponents (multiplication doubled or more), then stabilize at an infinity, which is ogbe. You can do the same with any of the four to turn it into the next in the sequence. This only requires two dimensions, not three.


21 Jul 2008 @ 21:06 by mx @ : aah!!!
ok, I'll change the mentioning in my article to tetra structures (as only as such they make as I will show in my upcoming article and the "twheels" in your sense are outside the scope of that article.) and do an extra reference to your work.
In this sense, also the Zousel graph is beyond that scope as they are only used as charge orientation and not as a mathematical tool (I remember now that you talked to me about the "new math" originated by her. cool.

Do you have any writeup I could refer to as a link?  

22 Jul 2008 @ 00:06 by Mark @ : To Max
The basics about Ed's Wheels are in the WHOAT.
See "Topics / Polar Dynamics" and "Processes / Polar Dynamics".
(But of course you can not link to it directly, as it is for members only.)

22 Jul 2008 @ 02:31 by Ed Dawson @ : Zousel
No she doesn't have anything written up in words. She's been scribbling hand-drawn graphics that I find had to make out. There is a certain path of Oya that acts like she is from another world or another universe. Whatever it is (Ajalorun? Igbale?), she's it. LOL!

She's been insisting for years that there is at least one undiscovered operator. She's working on it...

22 Jul 2008 @ 20:12 by mx @ : undiscovered operator
indeed, what you describe as the first wheel is not identical with my findings.

But that's totally OK. More than one viewpoint :-)

It comes closer to my description of the secondary split (what you call 'Level of 4') except that I would never call them infinities (that my rigid education, perhaps, haha). But it is obvious that this level of 4 is reflected in the 16 olodus AND IN ALL OF THEM.

In Ifa the Level of 4 is called the '4 types of ashe' (still designing some pictures for the next article that talks about it). In India the symbol of the Level of 4 was the swastika (Hitler destroyed the meme of this symbol thoroughly). This it goes in line with the observation that always 4 poles rotate to a create an energy (what I call the quadpole Girapoli effect). The Falun Dafa people have some cool drawings (or they had them, don't know if they're still up on the net because they show the energies as a clockwork of swastikas within swastikas, cool animations, too, but some people feel insulted by that still today).

Anyway, maybe Rita is looking for the first binary split operation?

I see it as 'creation of the first difference' , also could be called 'folding'. ('split from Tao' is impossible as a naming as it would presume 2 already existing qualities that could be split) But there is still another operation: rotation. In my first such musings (Gunter may recall those times at Los Feliz Blvd) I called it the Theory of Vibrators but this naming is unfortunately ridiculed by a certain type of industry and I since dropped it, haha... The (un)folding can also be seen as the bending of something to give it a shaped surface.

Note, 'Folding' mirrors down in the next levels as 'division into parts', as too much folding BREAKS the unity of a substance.

In short, 'folding' (BEFORE any 'split') yields movement and rotation (level of two) which downline on the level of 4 create 'join', 'flow', 'concave', convex'. The closed for me to this level is actually 'ogbe, oyeku, iwori, odi, the original Ifa sequence but the orginal level is mirrored downline in ALL 16 within the groups of for.

This original thinking stems from binary logic, not from the Concur Principle (which doesn't contradict it).

(whooaa. if I don't stop here, I already write a summary of the next article...)

For me personally, (binary) mathematics is a mental abstraction of the structure of the original realities and therefore wouldn't call any of the 'realities' mathematics for this reason.

But we need to see the things from as many different viewpoints as possible. And there is more than one truth to the same thing :-) (Ed formulated it nicer in for Polar Dynamics 1)...  

22 Jul 2008 @ 20:44 by Ed Dawson @ : #1 wheel
I don't call them "mathematics". If you double check above you'll see I call them MATHEMATICALS. This is short for "Mathematical Operators", like addition, subtraction, division, exponents, etc.

In the mind they are "mathematical operators" but in the physical universe they are "mathematical operations". Cycles of action in the physical universe follow the functions of the #1 wheel.

Hey! Write that next article! :)

22 Jul 2008 @ 21:29 by mx @ : cool
that makes good sense to me, Ed !!!!

I shall make an effort to understand it better myself so that I can integrate it better in my own view! It seems very close to my binary approach (which came itself from contemplations of the geometry of nodes within wave systems).

The article is written, what is missing are some crucial designs for visualization. Could of course make crude ones and replace them later with more elegant ones.

Also, want to take some time off to think about your (or Rita's or both) approach. First I need to remove a certain resistance I had in talking about 'infinities' and see if I can find/remove some inner bias on that , hehe :-)

I think the missing operator may be 'rotation'. That would make both systems compatible already now if I would replaced (for myself) the 'infinities' with 'defined' and 'not defined' (particle view) or 'maximal/minimal elongation' (wave view) as I was planning this afternoon after recognizing how those four mirror down into the distribution of odu within the Toth Diagram.

But as I said, I'll do a little session first, haha.

In any case, I am thrilled to see how finally we see how the actual qualities appear in what people call the 'Sacred Geometry'. Without this step, all the circle and fibo-loops are all just fancy little toys for grown up kids ;-)  

22 Jul 2008 @ 22:10 by Ed Dawson @ : INFINITIES
I can understand some resistance to the idea of infinities. In this physical universe it is impossible to actually place an infinity. Infinities only exist in that "higher" universe of the pool of shining gods, AKA Coexistence. But by taking an infinity from there and applying it here, you end up placing an exponential effect. Please note above that I said ogbe was exponentials/infinities. If infinities bothers you, just use exponentials.

Einstein's famous semi-stolen (if not completely stolen) formula of E = MCsquared contains this. Iwori (space) tends to be as large as energy can push it; not quite infinite, but it tries to be. One represents this mathematically by the use of exponents.

By the way:
E = irosun
M = odi
Csquared is a lame attempt to represent both space AND time (velocity being distance/time).


22 Jul 2008 @ 22:50 by Dario @ : square root of (-1)
maybe is an off topic question, but i can't understand in my mind the fisical definition of root of negative numbers in matter of odus and their transition.

here's a link (j is the root of -1)

maybe it is a way to represent non fisical things, but I like to know your points of view.


23 Jul 2008 @ 00:02 by mx @ : unlimited vs infinite
In e=mc square the rest of the (infinite) Taylor Series of the entire term is dropped. In any case, published in an Italian scientific journal 10 or so years earlier (his wife worked in the patent office there, what a coincidence!). Whatever...

Ed, you're right when you go from one dimension to another. For example the line of a circle (or a line on a sphere) is unlimited because it doesn't have an endpoint (neither starting point) but it strictly seen it is a finite manifestation. 'unlimited' feels better to me. Hmmm...

Speaking of who did what: that thing today called the Taylor Series has been written up (invented) already by Madhava of Sangamagrama (1350-1425) of which wikipedia sez:
"If we consider mathematics as a progression from finite processes of algebra to considerations of the infinite, then the first steps towards this transition typically come with infinite series expansions. It is this transition to the infinite series that is attributed to Madhava. "

In the sense of 'infinite series expansions', too, of course, I accept the 'infinite', hehe  

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