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 Linking the Toth Diagram to Traditional Sacred Geometry5 comments
picture23 Jul 2008 @ 14:57, by Max Sandor

Before going more in depth and height of abstraction, I want to demonstrate how the Toth Diagram links into Traditional Sacred Geometry (see picture).

The importance of making this link is not to create new paradigms but to enrich the existing ones by adding the quality of energies in its constructing points, elevating the tetrahedron construction from a fancy geometric structure to a meaningful tool.

With the help of Buckminster Fuller's Tensegrity paradigm, and the mirrored-down structure of the 'second binary split' or 'level of four', we can demonstrate that each and every point in the Toth Diagram and the corresponding tetrahedra is clearly defined and MUST assume its position.

(With the help of the Concur Principle we can also construct maps for the higher (lower?) dimensions which created those, in especially the 'Level of Four', in Ifa called the 'four types of ashe', the four cosmic powers whose flows are breathing in life into the creation. We will see that the nodes of the Toth Diagram not only represent a cellular automaton but that they are the nodes of a waveform system as already demonstrated in one of the pictures in the last article.

For now, if you remember...

that we talked about the enigma of Okanrandisa and Ogundabara, the divine spark that led to the creation of the universe and the Being created from Earth, the product of the creation, so to speak, which is said to give it is purpose. The principles forming them are the variables of iwa pele, that what is bad but can me mended and that what is good but is in danger, in short that what CAN be changed by human will to realize his purposes despite the clockwork of the universal energies, in the binary system three 0s or 1s following each other. If you look into the diagram, these four are the only ones that are NOT touched by the inner structure, traversing all of the tetrahedra. Should we use a circle, a moebius loop (8), or a square?

In any case, here we find a definition for the measure of a great man: self-awareness (obara), ability to act (ogunda), knowledge (okanran), all of this combined with finding the right measure. balance (Osa).

PS: In my introduction of the Toth Diagram some days ago, I referenced in an unclear, for some perhaps misleading, way to the "wheels" envisioned by Edward J. Dawson. They are not the same as the loops we see in the diagrams but rather cosmic principles that are the base of those, its 'generators', and this is a different way of arriving at those, creating a new kind of mathematical system for these cosmic principles. I hope Ed will decide to make these 'wheel' definitions public some time soon, so that it speaks for itself. This will become clearer, too, with the coming-up presentation of the presentation of the wave model correlated with the Concur tree, the latter a representation of the nodes of these wave forms.

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