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picture25 Jul 2008 @ 15:34, by Max Sandor

Before presenting a practical application, let us 'adjust the picture' a bit:

for a human, the double tetra together with the Advanced Gunas process called Girapoli, can be used to achieve a variety of 'peak states'. For this purpose we 'designed' the base energies on the tetra(s) specificially for the person [link] , according to their archetype and life energies.

This was done independent of the constellation of 'Universe', our environment.

If our assumptions hold true, the Toth Diagram would give a general optimal model of an base energy distribution, we could use it to optimize the individual double tetra (merkabah).

As 'Wylie And Wild West' put it, the sky is above, the mud below.

Therefore we rotate the diagram...

to have it that way (Odi on the bottom). We can redraw the inner and outer tetras in a number of ways, but for now I prefer to follow the 'traditional sacred geometry'. (Another view would be to assume that they SHOULD be on different ones (a consideration we discuss later).

From observation of the distribution of the prime energies, we can conclude that we actually see a SIDE VIEW (from the right) of a 'human perspective' of the Universe.

As a powerful exercise, visualize the sixteen energies in these locations and expand/contract the space occupied by them as needed.

We notice that there is an inconsistency between the inner and outer tetrahedra in the way the prime energies pairs (obaodu) are on base and top of tetras. ONE OF THE TWO MUST BE ROTATED in order to have the so called 'obaodu' formations together on the same triangle.

This is interesting, as it would mean that, from a specific human perspective and desiring a consistency in the energy formations, the outer tetra is not the way one normally represents the 'Star of David'.

The energy distribution becomes important when we try to abstract how (and where) the archetypes are created if we want to fit them into the overall design. As, lo and behold, we have six tips on the triangles and we speculate that the six groups of archetypes can be seen are created as by these "be-do-have" triangles at the intersections of the triangles.

This would represent both archetypes (orisha/archons) and energies (odu) on one single map.

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