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 What if Darwin were right? Or, The Triad of Science, Engineering, and Arts 2 comments
picture10 Aug 2008 @ 06:05, by Max Sandor

(some of the original wording added in brackets to clarify for those who understand Portuguese)

Maximilian Sandor
Pirapora do Bom Jesus, Brazil
August 8th, 2008

Good evening, and thank you for being invited to raise my voice in this sacred assembly! May my words not offend your hearts! May my passions be acceptable to your spirits! May my reasoning be worthy to your lucid minds!

Modern Man made things that have never existed in Nature before: whether mechanical devices, combustion engines, chemical compounds, or electronics: now, let me ask you, are these artifacts beyond the templates of Nature Herself? Or are they perhaps just a refined expression of Her?

If the case be the latter, are we just fulfilling Her ordained destiny, or, if not, are we going beyond Her own wildest imaginations?

In either case, where are we going? Are we trying to be smarter than the Creation? If so, shall we succeed? Or, perhaps, Nature Herself may just play another trick of Hers?

Gnostics teachings try to teach us that Sophia, our Mother, created this Universe without a consort. We, the sons of this act, barely recovered, despite the envy of the Universe's supreme God, a blind God, mind you, as he doesn't even know his whereabouts - are we, children of his ignorance, trying to do the INVERSE?

As Sophia created this Universe without the original Spirit, are WE now trying to create Beings without Soul?

Or are we simply trying to perfect, to justify, to glorify the sins of the archons and their Chief Shamael?

As Technology advances, the majority of humankind is descending into stupidity, superstition, and complacent, voluntary slavery. Of course, those who created the conditions for this to happen, will claim, as they already did in the past, that this kind of things would be the natural order affairs. Least they forget, that all the many details of Technology were NOT EVEN invented by the Masters, they were created by their Slaves.

In short, the Masters claim credit for what they have NOT achieved, and they disdain the stupidity of the Masses, for a fault WHICH THEY THEMSELVES HAVE CREATED (and are continuing to create!!) Behold this irony, behold these lies!

If Darwin would prove right, the survival of the fittest will be our future. But just who are the fittest in our times, who are those in power, those who will be the root of human future?

If Darwin were right, those who rule the world of today would be the very future of mankind: thieves, liars, impostors, thugs, and mass murderers. People who are intentionally inverting their messages, intentionally leading others astray, unable to utter a single word with honesty and dignity. We see deliberate inversion of inversion, shameless propagated by a mass media that falsely claims to tell the truth about those who control them.

Those who have perverted Science into a Political Religion, those who are punishing its dissidents with a social and intellectual death sentence, those who are imposing their insane mental manipulations onto the not so innocent but unaware masses - it would be exactly these perverts to survive in the current scenario - and exactly this would be in fact the end of any chance of humankind of evolving a new, higher culture.

The arrogance of the Masters constitutes their own death sentence. Unfortunaly, they may well drag the rest of humanity into the abyss.

If Darwin were right, we would see progress. As better cars are built, the speed limits should go UP, not down. As people evolve, their should be LESS laws, not a steady stream of new ones. As government improves its efficiency, their should be LESS taxes and not a constant increase. As medical science expands, there should be a DECREASE of illness, there should be LESS hospitals and pharmacies. This list is sheer endless.

Our civilization is in rear gear, at full speed, and still accelerating!

What about the constant advances in science and technology? Isn't there hope for a better future as technology gets more and more sophisticated?

If one believes the propaganda spread by the corrupt media, we should believe this, as we should also all be well-behaved slaves in this brave new world and patiently await our future, graciously provided and handed down to the ignorant masses which feel well informed and educated the more misinformation is being pushed into their minds.

Some seem to think we should find back to Nature and that technology would be in opposition to Her, ultimately destroying Her. Which brings us back to the original question: is technology part of Nature, or exceeding or even opposing Her? And now we can clearly perceive that this is NOT just a theoretical question of some ivory-towered philosophers, people being paid for creating formulations to keep about everyone in the darkness, or, more importantly, keep them quiet, make them wary to ask any further question.

(paragraph omitted, being too explicit)

Now, what about Science? What about Technology?

We do know that all phenomena in the world are embedded in triads. One needs not be a rocket scientist to perceive the triad that is embedding Science: it has at one side the Arts and at the other side we find the phenomenon of Engineering. We immediately recognize the meta-qualities inherent in all cosmic triads, in this case its polarization into lofty theory and solid praxis, and also its mediation, the link of communication, via the Arts.

We could postulate that it this basic triad of Technology which defines the unique scope and product of humankind. Perhaps a more precise definition than language or than social behavior, often claimed sole properties of humankind.

Yet any dog understands the commands of his master but still he doesn't build castles in the sand. 'Art' consists of the intentional creation of artifacts, objects that did not exist before, envisioned by a mind, resulting in this vision eventually being approximated in a physical form. Without creating 'artifacts', without 'Art' in praxis, neither Science nor Engineering would make sense. We witness, once again, the power of triads in our world: the phenomena are do-dependent, not one can exist without the others.

Thus, without contemplating the 'tetra element', the fourth side to make the triad persist in space, and without contemplating its quintessence, its 'Fifth Essence', which embeds the artifact not only in time and makes it persistent for a while, but that also gives it a 'meaning' in the game of life - without even contemplating any of these aspects, we can already state that it is impossible to go 'back to Nature' WITHOUT the triad of Technology, without Science, without Arts, without Engineering. It is a moot point, if proposed it would be just another deception created by the deceived.

Rather we see the real problem of Technology in our world as it lies in its corruption by the powerful and their principal 'lie machine' (machina de mentiras), the mass media. We further see that no degree of sophistication of technology can repair its abuse, nor prevent it in the future. The current mass propaganda tries to portrait the human Being as the root of all evil. Yet all of us here witnessed many so-called 'primitive' societies all around the globe that are inherently peaceful and socially cooperative, that have sophisticated cultural expressions. In contrast, at the same time, we witness a clear, obvious link between corrupt governments and violence, not only here in Brazil, but in many, many parts of Earth.

In conclusion, blaming Technology for the problems of our world is putting things upside down. And making 'human behavior' the scapegoat is just a poorly disguised attempt to hide the true culprits, who may be few but who are those who are currently in power, a power that nearly all of us blindly give to them.

Now, again, is Technology an extension of Nature or is it an excess of Her? Is advanced technology the self-fulfillment of the human race or is it its demise?

Whichever way it may be: if Darwin were right, Nature's 'natural selection of the fittest in survival' would result in a future human civilization consisting of the condensed attributes of our leaders today: a civilization of corrupted, unhappy, greedy, and notorious liars, of cynical and deceptive people with a double-standard in morals and ethics - in short, a civilization that cannot but self-destruct itself. No amount or sophistication of Technology could prevent this. In the contrary, higher levels would only accelerate this dramatic end, Nature's 'Final Solution', and in that way, Nature Herself of course will survive.

Yet, as our enslavery is accelerating and our delusions growing, there ARE still free spaces in our cultures: rooms that can be filled with dignity, ample with honor of the true kind, honor without medals, and ample with empathy, mutual support in our growth as Beings who find themselves witnessing this particular time and location in the vast stream of flowing time and matter, the grand scheme of our Great Mother, Nature.

(two paragraphs, being addressed to this particular audience, are being skipped here as they are too specific)

In short, technology can hardly be an end, it rather is a means. And, as all of us here know very well, the means justify the end only and only for those fools who cannot possibly have a single chance in times to come. Fools, who in trying to fool all others and the rest of us, are just simply fooling themselves.

Nature accepts no excuses. We either are a 'true man' (um homem verdadeiro) or we are not. Tell me, what do you think of a marathon runner who takes a taxi for the first 42 kilometers and only runs the last 195 meters on his own feet?

The few free men of our times are free because they realized the truth in what I just said. They raised their courage to a level to confront their own confusions. They left behind belief and hope in order to find the true state of Being.

May all of us arrive at this place beyond space and time!

Thank you all for listening!

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10 Aug 2008 @ 17:04 by Oscar @ : NOT technology for "spiritual death"
How Le Corbusier said in his book "Vers une Architecture", paradoxically engineers have always included art and aesthetics in their works, unlike many architects who, instead, helped to destroy the city and its liveability...and automatically...the good life of people....

In the work of Le Corbusier, Buckminster Fuller or in Nikola Tesla's inventions I see very well the Triad of Science, Engineering and Arts, intrinsically linked positively to ika-oturupon...

Probably if an invention is useful to society, solving problems of the present time and is directed towards a future development we can say that is an extension of nature...

Seems that today the cultural crisis leads to an obsessive research of the aesthetics and art which, obviously, polarized in its opposite...

at the same time I don't see an evolution of engineering and technology useful to the development of the human being (with the exception, obviously, of Skywork and other magic things) Italy all people have a great new car (SUV), "fashion" video-cellulars, "fashion" mp3 players, "fashion" computers, ecc ecc...but are increasingly stupid and hypnotized by this "fashion" technology...

Perhaps the technology today is useful to underdevelopment? towards more "spiritual death"...  

10 Aug 2008 @ 20:43 by Dario @ : hidden paragraph
I would like to discover and know the omitted paragraphs of this assembly



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