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picture22 Aug 2008 @ 17:15, by Max Sandor

Thanks to the Data Deluge of our times, we witness the end of the Scientific Method or so says a Wired article [link] (thanks for the link, Vaxen).

Should I throw away our new model(s)... Interestingly, the Toth diagram arrived via the 'statistical method' in the first place. Based on the ancient knowledge of Fá transmitted in the form of more than 3000 (threethousand) archetypical stories describing the patterns of a 16x16 energy matrix, we extracted the essential base energies (olodu) and regrouped them as end leaves within a binary tree.

Then we witnessed a sheer endless list of symmetries in its pathways, all of them corroborating in an incredible way with the system of Fá and the extensions made by myself and those added by Ed Dawson, some of them described in 'Polar Dynamics 1' some years ago.

In short, the base energies of the Toth Diagram ARE BEING DERIVED from the observations of the patterns of life paths and not from a theory !!!

But the Toth Diagram is adding some new perspectives to a lot of fields, one of them the paradigm of the Quantum Potential and it quintessential force.

Like the zillions of Sacred Geometry theories are missing a description of the actual energies in the nodes of its structure(s), the Quantum Potential theory is lacking this specification as well. WITHOUT this specification, however, it would be impossible to predict just WHAT is going to manifest out of the chaos (Ofun) in the vacuum (Oyeku).

Likewise, it was found EMPIRICALLY through direct observation and repetition that there is more than ONE super force (called Girapoli energies in the articles on this BLOG).

And, again, the subsequent creation of a model approximating these observations allowed us to logically deduct some more super forces (which by now have been verified many times in the praxis),

Therefore, models WILL remain useful, in spite of data deluge and statistical method.
(Note: with statistical method I do NOT refer the abusive usage of 'statistics' in many fields of today's science-religions but to correlation methods of massive data flows like described in the Wired article linked to above.)

'nuff zed, don't want to get apologetic here ;-)

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14 Dec 2014 @ 20:29 by Roby @ : RkxhfXYAvAPBnvTW
That's an inventive answer to an inteersting question  

16 Dec 2014 @ 13:19 by Sos @ : punvLKkpvlH
Nydelig, Rune! Jeg fornemmer helt klart somemr her ... lite sol eller lave temperaturer skal ikke ve6re til hinder for at jeg skal ff8le pe5 somemrstemningen. Lange lyse somemrkvelder, blomster i krukker, en kald pils pe5 terrassen (selv om varmelampa me5 ste5 pe5) er noe av det som fe5r meg i rett modus :) He5per du fe5r oppleve mange gode somemrkvelder i ukene fremover!Sommerklem fra Drammen i (nesten) regn :o)PS: Grillen er varm og jeg skal ta pe5 meg fleecen  

29 Dec 2014 @ 09:52 by Hardik @ : KPhkzLCkmaiyAPyJ
For fun, I tallied year-by-year the nuembr of arxiv abstracts containing the exact phrase quantum error correction . The resulting distribution is bimodal, with one peak in the years 1996-7, and another peak in the years 2007-8 (the lexical data is appended)Broadly speaking, the first quantum error correction usage peak is associated to the discovery of Quantum Error Correction by Coding (arXiv:quant-ph/9511003, Chuang and LaFlamme) and that Good Quantum Error-Correcting Codes Exist (arXiv:quant-ph/9512032, Calderbank and Shor).The second quantum error correction usage peak appears to largely associated to the integration of quantum error correction into the general theory of error correction, and more broadly, into general theories of informatic flow and thermodynamical processes in many STEM enterprises. See for example Belief propagation algorithm for computing correlation functions in finite-temperature quantum many-body systems (arXiv:0710.4304, Poulin and Bilgin).Strikingly scarce in the recent arxiv literature are concrete proposals to design, build and test working quantum computers capable of useful calculations.Will we ever see a third quantum error correction usage peak? one that is associated to working, practical quantum computers? Even if the answer is no even if practical quantum computation is perceived to be unforeseeably distant in the future it is becoming evident that dynamical aspects of quantum error correction not only are are a fertile research topic, but possibly have fundamental relevance to a broad span of STEM enterprises.No doubt these issues will be much-discussed at QEC11 it looks like an interesting conference to me. 2010 (end) 46 “quantum error correction articles2009 432008 552007 542006 362005 342004 282003 312002 212001 112000 171999 171998 171997 221996 341995 (start) 2 articles [url=]cjnixhuob[/url] [link=]ozihauz[/link]  

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