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picture12 Oct 2008 @ 16:43, by Max Sandor

These days the redistribution of wealth continues with another large step. Let us consider for a moment the impossibility that the recent crisis was NOT being engineered from its beginning to its end: what are the systemic flaws that made it possible in the first place?

OK, OK! Everybody knows the game is rigged, the nations, instead of printing money themselves, let 'banks' do it for them and then BUY the money that would rightfully be their own at full face value instead of the cost of paper. On top of it they then pay interest on these fictitious loans. The insanity of this is so obvious that any and all of those journalists that are whining about the current 'monetary' crisis make themselves accomplices of this rotten scheme.

In any case the current situation is an invitation to look at the life cycles of systems that contain 'systemic flaws', a subject of study that is still grossly neglected and undervalued. It seems...

the 'world' is so dominated by 'cartesian thinking' that the obvious remains not only unseen but is being outright refused.

In contrast to systemic flaws, the occurence of 'particle flaws' are detectable immediately. A part of the whole either works or it doesn't. This circumstance makes the mechanistic, cartesian view so appealing and 'comprehensive'. A system, however, is 'self-correcting' and 'redundant' to the degree that it is dynamic, that it is 'alive'. In case of a flaw in some components or substructures, a system will compensate in other parts of itself and thus the problem itself easily shifts out of view. The cartesian thinker, unable to see the system as a whole, will now readily assume that the system's compensation is the error itself. The result is what we witness in today's mainstream medicine: treating symptoms instead of removing causes.

So it's time to pull my pet theory on the origin of systemic flaws out of the drawer: inverse statistics or, better perhaps, inverse exchange. The classic example is modern medicine: the more sickness is around, the more money is being made by the 'healers in command'. The less is being healed effectively today, the more the profit can continue in the future. Preferably the patient doesn't die completely as long as he still has some money left to pay for medical bills and pills.

How does this principle apply to the current confusion in the money markets?

First of all, if the systemic flaw is not being removed, any 'fix' of parts of the system will only prolong the illness of the system of the whole and never restore its full health. Which means, if the nations buy back what was originally rightfully their own, namely the money in the banks, nothing is solved except that the rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. It is like paying thieves to buy back what was stolen and then still hand them out a hefty reward.

But is the maneuver of pretending that the money 'supply' would not be created out of thin air the only systemic flaw in today's economy? Would the elimination of private banks really already cure the system?

Let us look at some other particularities. First of all, the existence of artificial entities like 'corporations' is clearly a systemic anomaly. A synthetic entity is not a true person, it has no innate responsibility. It can hide their owners and it can change their operators and, in many legislations, it can even change its name. But the true trick is that is has no criminal record like a citizen and it can escape justice and continue evil-doing just by paying a few fines.

Secondly, the existence of usury, interest on debt, may not only be part of the problem but really at the source of it all. This has been predicted centuries ago at a time when these taxes were still considered unethical and were outlawed. It was outlawed already at the time of the Old Testament. With a few calculations anybody can verify mathematically that whoever receives money on lending money is CREATING money and that this money will undoubtedly accumulate for the party that is lending the money until a final collapse of the entire system.

Both of the points above are the basic tools of 'banks' and the general population has been brainwashed by the mass media to believe that they are inevitable or even absolutely necessary for our survival.

If these systemic flaws are not being fixed, the patient will not heal even if it survives. And survive it will, because the problem has been created artificially and is being controlled at any moment. The strategy is clear: after a few years, the nations will allow the bankers to continue looting the world, just as in many parts of the world they are giving away their highways and their telephone networks to corporations who (or which?) do not have any other goal than to maximize their own profit.

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12 Oct 2008 @ 18:40 by ashanti : Hubbard sed:
"Money is an idea backed by confidence". So, interestingly enough, did Hitler say that too. Several people caught onto the con, centuries ago.

Are there any real systemic flaws in an illusionary Matrix?  

12 Oct 2008 @ 21:14 by vaxen : Actually...
'money' is quite something else again but given his laxity lets assume that money is an idea backed by ... bullets? May the great Goddess Moneta forgive me for even getting mixed up in this.

Thanks, Max, for a great little article. ;)  

12 Oct 2008 @ 22:07 by Dario @ : a new kind of bank

I guess this is the only one...  

12 Oct 2008 @ 22:28 by mx @ : JAK model, usury and the corporation
interestingly, the JAK model also goes into the direction of a new corporate model!
My own favorite model (envisioned in the mid 90s) would have the following rules:

1. A corporation is an association of an uneven number('physical') persons (a minimum of 3)
2. All members have equal votes regardless of their shares.
3. The members may delegate a board of director only for day to day activities, any major policy decision require a majority vote (electronic)
4. All members are equally and personally responsible for any damage created by the association.

Those are the most basic rules, I wrote up some mock-ups of societies with such structures in my book 'Logs of JD Flora'.

Systemic flaws in the matrix: I see the USAGE of the matrix as the problem, not the matrix itself. More on that one of these days via an article.  

13 Oct 2008 @ 13:30 by vaxen : A...
corporation is a "legal fiction" enabling those 'persons (An office of state),' who are also legal fictions, or 'agents/entities' of the legal fiction known as the corporation, to escape the evil that they do - en corpus - on a via through non existence (Yesh Min Ain/Ain Min Yesh). Something from nothing?

Usurious and very sweet... till it catches up with you then ... boom and bust cycles take over and so does the butterfly effect that those shamans behind the scenes so endearingly are so focusedly intent upon.

Attraction, focused intent, alowance, balance and harmony...
Hochma, Binah, Daat.

'Personally' responsible is the key here. A "person," strawman, is a legal 'entity' which in actuality, or reality as the 'case' may be, is a fiction, a facade, a composite, a persona, a mask.

A real flesh and blood living soul cannot do business, make a contract, with a fictitious entity, a mask, such as a corporation, or agent/persona thereof, thus an interface must be created...

The interface? Mwuhahahahaha! Strawmen and legal fictions under 'color of law!' Natures laws are not laws at all but facts! Thus we say 'facts of nature' not 'laws of nature!' Laws are not statutes and corporations are not real, flesh and blood, living souls.

Therein is the rub. Maritime, law merchant, or Commercial law ... makes very fine distinctions between the many classes of beings and the composites thereof.

The Common Law is not the same as the Law of the Sea. So you see the whole fabric of so called 'society' is naught but a legal fiction. A matrices of illusionary characters, agents, persons, corporations, and so forth. A virtual Alice in Wonderland of ideas which are nothing but Theta enmested for effect by those of us who are ancient beyond belief.

Oh, excuse me...there's the GP patrol ship. Gotta go, billion year contract you know... Schone Danke, mx... Isn't the Schumann resonance now up to around 13? Dive, OT and OD? Long live the Free Zone! (Zonei in Gk. means girdle)  

13 Oct 2008 @ 18:36 by ashanti : 16
The Schumann resonance is at 16. But it'll pick up again soon. So the flaws are in the usage of the illusion, rather than embedded in the illusion?  

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