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picture14 Nov 2008 @ 12:51, by Max Sandor

Impressions from the ExpoManagement 2008 in Sao Paulo

Three days packed with quite a few top class speakers and a 200 (twohundred!!) mini-workshops - impossible to see it all. But what we (Heloisa and I, representing Power Relations Ltda [link] ) glimpsed from the abundance in information and impressions gave us quite a few insights into the current vogue and direction in middle and top management.

We gave special attention on how concepts are actually being implemented and were sniffing like bloodhounds for those abusers of systemic thinking who under the umbrella of working for the whole are only out to stuff their own pockets.

As a side note, we found undivided support for the Worldconference on Systemic Flaws and Solutions 2009 and received a lot of encouragement.

First of all, the Expo was more like a Conference with a little Expo at the side. And if something were to be said about it as a whole, it would be that:

the ExpoManagement wasn't good - it was great!

From "Black Swan Nassim Nicholas Taleb" to "Good is the enemy of great Jim Collins", from "Wiki Jim Wales" to "Sun Scott McNealy" and the "Banker to the Poor Muhammad Yunus", and many more great thinkers of our times, presented a plethora of ideas and concepts, some old ones, repackaged, and a few new trends.

Now, if only the people would do the things they say they should, we would live in a much better world. It is this transfer that is still missing except for a very few examples.

From the wealth of excellence on this conference, one speaker impressed us particularly: Stephen Covey.

Like a modern Korzybski, he was talking about the 'maps' of the era of industrialization and our new era of ...

knowledge and how difficult the transition seems for our world.

OK, OK; we heard about that already, so let me relay one detail that he emphasized and that finds less attention:

that the trap of urgency invaded our daily lives to a crazy proportion, and not just in enterprises.

Of course, Covey is known for his book "First Things First° see [link] but how to escape the irrationalities of this trap in daily life is a psychological challenge, and not a little one, and deserves much more attention.

In reality, the problem lies very deep at the core of the human condition, In Polar Dynamics 1 [link] we dedicated a good portion of the book to the structure of traps but I always felt that this topic by itself deserves an entire book.

But back to the Conference, what was missing were voices like those of Fritjof Capra [link] who, ironically, is visiting Brazil these very days. So at the end of the Conference we were rushing through Sao Paulo's rush hour (arrggh!) to attend his presentation at the Livraria Cultura [link] in the heart of the city.

More on this and his new book "The Science of Leonardo da Vinci" in the near future!

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14 Nov 2008 @ 16:11 by vaxen : Wow!
You mean there is life actually going on outside of Amerika? No! Nice little peace and I know you had fun. Lucky you! A little syn-thesis on what Mr. Capra brought you would be nice but I know your time is of the essence so... Hola!  

15 Nov 2008 @ 09:18 by Merlin Silk @ : like TED?
From what you tell us about the conference I get the impression that it is something like a Brazilian TED - - of which I am always very excited and report alot on my blog - too much maybe ;-)

Were you and Helo visitors only or also presenters?

I have to agree here with vaxen - I am also surprised that there are interesting things going on outside of the US - have I been indoctrinated or what???  

15 Nov 2008 @ 13:13 by mx @ : surprise surprise
vx: I'll have a list of things to write about and Capra/daVinci is at the top, hang in there...

gz: yes, there is life out there... Helo and I didn't know about the conference until very late in the game and we don't have the clout (yet) in Brazil to enter mainstream... indoubtedly we would have made a significant contribution. Exactly the concepts WE are offering were in high demand and NOT being offered, practical training in the systemic approach for example, not just talking about it.

TED is a great idea to use for our Conference next year. Thanks for the hint! On the Expo, we missed out Wiki founder & guru Jimmy Wales. As I said, the offer was so huge that it was impossible to be on the ball with everything.

Another facet was the strange contrast of the general atmosphere with the world news that talks about a crisis. What crisis? At least here, things are running amazingly well. Maybe that's why some people see the need to throw some monkey wrenches into our lives...  

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3 Jun 2009 @ 03:50 by elen @ :
In reality, the problem lies very deep at the core of the human condition  

3 Jun 2009 @ 03:51 by lynn @ :
knowledge and how difficult the transition seems for our world.  

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