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picture6 Dec 2008 @ 20:14, by Max Sandor

Pubic Declaration


1. I solemnly declare that the name "Maximillien De Lafayette" is NOT one of my many pen names.

1.a) No no! Neither am I related to Marquis de Lafayette nor to Maximilien Robespierre. Are these guys from Hollywood?
b) No, I don't remember personally having being part of any revolution in the last 200 years.

2. I did not mean to say it was Lafayette, the "Ron", coming back from the stars to haunt us just because ALL of his (Max's) 141 books at are out of print except a dozen or so that were ALL published in the 12 months. I did mean to say that I would certainly expect such miracle(s) from someone carrying such a name.

3. I did not author or co-author any of Max's books even and shall report anyone who says so promptly to the Authorities.

$. As of today, I never received any payments from Max personally. I even never ever looked in his eyes. Any similarities of fotos of myself made in the early 80s are shear coincidence. The foto, made in February 1985 by a certain Mr. G.Z. from Hollywood, CA, showing me in front of the Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA, has been duly destroyed and I declare that no further copies exst.

5. Likewise, the name "Joachim Fersengeld" is NOT one of my many pen names and I did NOT write the book that Stanislav Lem referred to (Perycalypsis) even if it says exactly that what I usually always say about the subjects at hand. I admit that it is true that I met Stanislav's cousin V. at a pyjama party in Vienna in early 1978 but the book I gave him was a copy of my thesis in Indology "The decline of languages over the millennia - from Vedic Sanskrit to Calcutta Cockney" which was of course pretty pericalyptico too, OK. Also I cannot prove it but I am pretty sure that V. threw it away without reading it like Stanislav admittedly did it some years before that with my earlier thesis in Computer Science (not in Vienna, mind you!) entitled "Devolution & Paralysis: Studies of Morbid Cellular Cultures in Conway Life Game Scenarios". And Stan himself never talked to me again since that very day. Never ever!. As further proof, I, Maximilian Sandor, am a German writing in Italian and being published in Brazil and Russia and therefore I am NOT a German writing in Dutch published in France like stipulated by Stanny. Si signori! I can't even pronounce "Schiphol" correctly, but then, who can?

5.a) Plus, I declare that I never meant to say anything contre French publisheurs, their holdings et affiliés, or contre French éditeurs et leur familles and their spellchecking abilities comme Fersengeld did. Ça c’est plus que ridicule!

6. Lastly, I promise I shall try everything to prevent myself from writing under the name "Maximillian Fersengeld de la Croix".

Declared under perjury of law on the tenth of December in the year of the Lord twothousandandeight at Versailles, France.

(signed: Maximillien Joachim Sandor)
(signed: 2 witnesses from the Law Offices of Lilith, Marduk & Enlil, Edinburgh, UK)

- Conditions et Modalites -
Il est entendu que tout ce que vous voyez ou lisez dans ce massage est protégé par des droites d'auteur, sauf avis contraire, et ne peut être utilisé, à l'exception des cas prévus dans les presentes Conditions et Modalités ou dans le texte figurent dans ce message, sans la permission écrite. Moi, je ne garantie ni n'affirme que votre utilisation du materiel affiché dans ce massage ne contraviendra pas aux droites des tierces parties qui ne sont pas détenues par moi.

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6 Dec 2008 @ 21:38 by Maximillien De Lafayette @ : Merci aux blogueurs!
Merci pour ton aide, Max !

You are a man of great honesty and I sincerely respect your sincerity!

encore une fois merci!


7 Dec 2008 @ 09:58 by Merlin Silk @ : but you are...
... this Maxichim Sandgruebner that I found through google, ja?  

7 Dec 2008 @ 14:17 by jhs : impossible to deny
as always, you're right, ja.

8 Dec 2008 @ 09:02 by Merlin Silk @ : incarnation
Thank you!
Now that this is out of the way, we can get to the subject at hand. Such a strong denial that you are not that Mr. Lafayette is indeed an indication that you are indeed are connected with him. Not only do you nearly share the name but your bodily appearance displays some striking resemblance.

Also what makes you you is somehow reflected in him, so I am sure he is an incarnation of you, one worth exploring in JD Flora, the next generation. That he lives parallel with you in your current incarnation is obviously no problem - see JD Flora 1.0.

Here are some things others know about him/you:

Genius, he is. He wrote 132 books and 8 encyclopedias. He speaks 26 languages. I read his 14 Languages dictionary two weeks ago. His early life was spent in far lands in India and China. I think 10 years, after he finished his studies at the university and became a lawyer. He defended only those who cannot afford lawyers. Before he had one of the largest law firms. Went back to India, to Kowloon in Hong Kong and Okinawa. Returned to France and began to write books on parapsychology and life after death....He does not give interviews, he dislikes publicity...he lives alone with a wild cat ( I think a lioness from Bengal). He is a SAINT with a big heart...every penny he earned he give it to the blind, poor and sick people....

Maximillien de Lafayette was born 1899 in Paris or Alsace Lorraine in France. I don't think he is completely human since many people in Europe have reported to have seen him in many places at the same time...indeed he speaks 30 languages and has manifested supranatural powers like teleportation. Nobody knows where he is not even his students, but he is still alive and probably he lives in Kent in Great Britain...Quite fascinating person. We know for sure he is an Ulema who has studied with people and masters not from this world.

De Lafayette is probably much older than 109. He appeared in a photo with Faruk the former King of Egypt who was overthrown by a coup d'etat by General Mohammad Negib and Gamal Abdel Nasser. This happened before Canal El Suez crisis, I am talking some 70 years ago. In the picture he looked in his late thirties.
Yes, it is a common knowledge that Ulema De Lafayette has studied with Ulema Saddiq, Li, Baydani (Who is fighting against him now because he has revealed Ulema Anunnaki secrets to the Americans), and Gupta. You can learn a lot about De Lafayette secret powers by reading his book ULEMA CODE AND LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD BEYOND: SECRET DOCTRINE OF THE ANUNNAKI AND EXTRATERRESTRIALS.

In the book, he talks about how to stay and look young for ever. He gives esoteric and occult technique to use that keeps us 37 year old for ever, he means to look physically 37. Very important stuff.  

8 Dec 2008 @ 17:13 by jhs : hmmm.. but can he shapeshift too ???
if he can, there would be indeed some stunning similarities.

and again, as always you're right, Merlin!

12 Dec 2008 @ 19:22 by mortimer : cool...
a pivotal point in destiny

thanks Max  

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