The Sandorian Grove: Best wishes to everyone and the latest of X-mas Spam pps    
 Best wishes to everyone and the latest of X-mas Spam pps4 comments
picture24 Dec 2008 @ 15:34, by Max Sandor

Wishing everyone a great time ahead !

If you like to see our 'official' x-mas pps, download it here [link] and enjoy!

If you want to spoil a wonderful day, read further down these lines:

This year, the Eldest of our Dog Clan barked up, no joke, get it here [link]

It begins like this:

"Dear Friend and Foe,
my name is HarraH and I am an Elder of the Clan of Shepherds in the forests of Brazil.

As I am the One who knows my Master best, I Am his True Voice, bla bla,You know the rest!

Reading all his e-mail I think it is about time that someone writes a truthful xmas card!

In short, what people really mean to say in their xmas spams is the following:.."

(read on at your own risk...)

Mary X. Mas

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24 Dec 2008 @ 22:42 by vaxen : ...
Happy holidays...  

25 Dec 2008 @ 06:52 by Merlin Silk @ : PPT v. Flash
But this time I could not just let it go - the power point presentation, I mean! so, I made some remarks about this here on {link:|} and published this as an swf file that nearly everybody in the world can view without downloading etc.

Sorry, I could not help it but I had to - just had to - replace remember with remind ;-)  

25 Dec 2008 @ 13:44 by mx @ : flash Vs ppt
as always, you're right, Merlin, tzzz...

I think 2008 was the last year I used Powerpoint for presentations. Time for change.

What conversion program did you use and do you have recommendations for content creation outside Powerpoint?

One of the things dropped from Openoffice to MS PPS was a cute (final) animation:

"And will someone please marry that Chrismas guy some time soon? ! can't hear that chanting anymore "I wish you'd marry Chrismas!! PLEEAAZZE!!! Someone marry that Chrismas, quick!!  

25 Dec 2008 @ 19:39 by Merlin Silk @ : ppt to flash
it's a free utility I found on the web by googling for ppt to flash or something like that. You get there by clicking the iSpring logo on the created flash.
The workflow with PP is actually not bad as the slides are created easily and the conversion is simple - otherwise how could I have done that, right?
I suppose when you buy the pro version you don't get the iSpring logo in the created flash.
Otherwise obviously the Adobe Flash is the right tool, but it has a pretty long learning curve I have to warn.  

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