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picture25 Feb 2009 @ 15:01, by Max Sandor

There is no doubt about it that that what Obama promises can't be realized and that he will fail worse than the template he is copying, Jimmy Carter (see my blog on election day).

There is indeed reason to fear the swing to the other extreme, as Ed commented on the previous blog entry: "The reaction against Obama when he fails (...) will be savage. Let's just pray the neo-cons don't hijack the reaction, to lead us from gray socialism back into their neo-fascism."

What is unclear, at least to me, is whether the future backlash has been already in the planning or if we see a system that went out of control. And further, even if it had been under control, whence arrives the confidence to maintain a control in the future? Who could honestly claim to predict the outcome of such swings for system that is globally connected and there is no other country or continent to invade to salvage the failure in one's own?

On the positive side we find more and more people of 'high profile' speaking up and expressing the obvious in more or less eloquent terms. If they are not silenced, we could witness an awakening of that layer of society that is absolutetly convinced they would not have been enslaved, the higher middle class. This could indeed pull off some of the masks of the mass media and its global manipulation.

A lot of the rich who are aspiring to be super-rich are grabbing all that they can without many precautions anymore. It seems nearly like a panic is going on here. Obama shamelessly supports this game but so do all of our 'statesmen', in all countries. All indicators that the game has become unstable. We'll see.

Wow, Carnaval is over, which means Brazil starts off the New Year 2009 finally, and maybe gets some work done, who knows. The Samba queen who painted Obama's face all over her body will take a shower. Most everybody will face reality (bit for bit at least). Except those mentioned above, of course, who continue their masquerades all year long and stuff their pockets with other people's money.

Since we started out talking about backlash, here is a good resource that keeps track of part of their shameless schemes: [link]

but let's enjoy some of the masks, at least:

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26 Feb 2009 @ 05:08 by vaxen : Thanks...
for the great link, mx. Here is an article "The Spiritual Aspects Of Collaborative Law " I think you might like.


"It is apparent that we desperately need to find a better way of relating to one another, and that the broken aspects of the world's relationships between countries are reflected within our own individual relationships. When Mother Teresa was receiving her Noble Peace prize she was asked by a member of the audience, "What can I do to promote world peace?" She responded: "Go home and love your family." Another time in another context she told the audience to "Sweep off your neighbor's porch." She was emphasizing that world peace can only be accomplished by the repair and maintenance of our individual relationships, starting with the members of our own families. Individuals are not aggressive and violent by nature; violence is a learned response to the denial of our basic human needs, for love and security."  

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