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 Crazy Days - Part 2: LRH is back - No more Mult-Genius2 comments
picture26 Feb 2009 @ 19:32, by Max Sandor

Our little genius picked up the phone today: bad news!

Even though, as I mentioned it, in Brazil the New Year arrived with the end of Carnaval. In Italy, the craziness continues, the "carnevale ambrosiano" is still going, the water is still being privatized (see Beppe [link] ), and in Germany LRH was back and then disappeared again.

Now to the really bad news, for some at least:

With LRH coming and going, so did the Multigenius enterprise,

Here are the good news; luckily, whoever wants it, can get an amnesty, see [link]

Don't forget to report back to your local church, my friends, and, as the website says, be prepared for the:

Have you done or not done anything that could have contributed to the destruction of Andreas Buttler’s body mockup since 1 Jan 2001?
[end quote]

Personally I can't remember if I 'have not done anything that could have contributed..." other than dancing in the jungle last year.

Time to reflect carefully, dear reader, if you can say the same. After all, if you walked your dogs only once since 1. January 2001, could you honestly state that you "have not done anything that could have contributed..?"

A serious question to ponder, good luck!

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27 Feb 2009 @ 07:24 by vaxen : BST's...
Heh! But they never get the -48 BST out there on some asteroid making kindling out of their SP's & degradoes, reversing their orgs, eating their meat puppets and mushi mochi mock ups too!

Heh, heh! A hoot! Thanks mx. I walk my doggies every day, sometimes four and five times a day. Guess I've contributed to...the destruction of Andreas Buttler's body mockup. And for that I should be given a gold medal.

Who knew? ☺↑☻



For some years the statement above has been disseminated world wide. It is a horrible direct invalidation of scientologists, auditors and beings who have been trained by LRH and have trained others. As well as an attempted invalidation of source who trained the cream of auditors personally.

Those scientologists from RTC on down who are still in agreement with the above statement: 'the blind leading the blind' are to be declared SUPPRESSIVE PERSON forthwith!


Sarvam Jihi, Tat Brahman!  

27 Feb 2009 @ 14:16 by mx @ : haxorian, you will enjoy the following:  

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