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picture7 Mar 2009 @ 20:36, by Max Sandor

In contrast to the Gunas&Girapoli polarity procedures (see this BLOG for details), the 2-Point Process of Matrix Energetics [link] requires the 'practitioner' to enter a 'magic state' which creates around him or her the sensation of a 'magic space'. With him or her this will be true for others in the same space as well, like the 'client' and any observers.

Cause or Effect? that is, as always, the question. In other words, does the practitioner changes his state from 'ordinary' versus 'magic' or does the process is prompting the practitioner to enter a 'magic state'?

One could see the focus on two 'anchorpoints' as creating a polarity of same on front of him/her (In Ifa terms, invoking the polarity called Ogunda-Meji). By fixating on it for some time, he/her will 'overcharge' it and produce a transition towards the polarity called Osa-Meji. If one continues to 'firmly hold the points' and so-to-speak 'twists' into the now bending space, one is preventing a 'normal' merging (resulting in pleroma) or super-merging (resulting in Girapoli meta-states, aka Unity-key). Instead one is now entering the 'magic space-state' and so will the 'client'.

One of the effects of the described polarity transition (Ogunda twins towards Osa twins) is the 'moving of the assemblage point' that Castaneda (or Don Juan, if you like) talked about. When I did the first successful 2-point processes, I thought that this was my 'personal trick' to make this process work. But after careful reflection and considering the polarities at hand, I now think that there is a general oppurtunity at hand.

With a 'client' in the space of an Ogunda-to-Osa transition, the rigidity of the client's attachment of the assemblage point is losened. Perhaps much more so than that of the practitioner which would account for the temporarily loss of control of the body. Without a fixed assemblage point the body falls to the floor like a puppet on chopped-off strings.

So, what moves first, the 'assemblage point' or the 'client'?

It would be interesting to have students of the 'Magic Passes' (Tensegrity) who didn't yet succeed in moving their assemblage points (how many of those are around, actually, does anyone know?) go to an ME seminar or otherwise try to duplicate the process and see if those students can now make their assemblage points moving. I bet they would finally succeed!!

If the 'practitioner' already has a 'moveable assemblage point', the ME 2-point process is an interesting way to control WHERE one wants to move it. On the other hands he/her needs to be careful that the assemblage point is where he/her wants it AFTER the ME process as it WILL move.

And, although I don't know since how long the ME fellows are doing their magic work (I'm not associated with them and never met any of them personally), I'm certain they will in time also have their assemblage points moved just by repeatively do the 2-point process.

The notes above also gives a recipe for any students of Ifa/Girapoli how to approach both assemblage point question and mastering the 2-point process.

(descriptions of the Ifa polarities and the importance of polarities and its workings can be found in Polar Dynamics 1 US: [link], also available in Europe: [link] (Amazon France has the lowest price of all European Amazons for reasons I don't know )

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9 Mar 2009 @ 20:17 by MarkII @ : Detailed steps for dummies?

Would you please provide detailed steps of ME process as you see it, so we could try it and eventually come up with reproduceable results. My main concern is with "setting up proper intention for the outcome.
Can this process be used on oneself to promote spiritual development - if so, how?
Or could ones body be made 20 years younger?
What success and level of results depend on - ones belief in what's possible only? If not - what else?

What is the significance of a 'moveable assemblage point' and where should it be? Are there different preferred positions for different purposes? What are the positions? Do you ever return (Osa-back-to-Ogunda) or just allow for slow merging of Osa poles?
Any pointers are much appreciated...  

9 Mar 2009 @ 22:51 by mx @ : it's not really up to me..
to explain the ME. I just communicated my perception and how that worked for me...
these things need to be done in person... same thing for the assemblage points... difficult to talk about it without writing a book... did you study Castaneda/Tensegrity??
Odus flow one into the next... depends what's happening thereafter...  

19 Mar 2009 @ 18:43 by Silvie Burnside @ : DIM MaK !!
When talking about Bruce Lee, are you talking about DIM MAK ? That he started letting THAT secret out ? Seems like this cross-correlates to Ifa polaroties and/or Matrix energetics...Can you really induce this stuff via video clips anbd on-the-page instructionals ?  

19 Mar 2009 @ 19:48 by mx @ : to Silvie
Dim Mak is known in several schools. I referred to inducing it from a distance by creating a kind of virtual (energy) polarity with one of the poles in 'eternity' and the other inside your hand before 'throwing' it at a Dim Mak point. I don't know how to do it myself but I have seen it in action (not in a video). Things like that usually need to be learnt one-on-one by someone who is able to do it.

Also check Benny Hinn's 'whole-sale' method ;-)  

20 Mar 2009 @ 04:56 by a-d : That was HORRIBLE!!!!
I just watched the link video you, mx, provided us in your comment. Yes... I know this is what FUNDAMENTALIST Revival Meetings look like! But... this is horrible!...

I just left a comment on rishi's latest article: " Intenionally Retarded". My comment is briefly about how I now see the FRAGILE World of Humans, based on the best article in Psychology I have read to this day in my whole life!
It is about COGNITIVE DISSONANCE; how that phenomenon works (read: destroys us humans... AS LONG AS WE ARE NIT HUNDRED % MASTERS of our own PSYCHOLOGY/Psyche/Mind/ "SOUL") and about those who do know (at least MORE) about this phenomenon (than we ) and use it among us, the Unsuspecting, to get that "Upper hand" on Everything (from us; the/ir victims (9and they will continue to do so as long as we don't know a shit about these psychological manipulation tools, used against us!
Fundamentalist Pastors sure are MASTERS in manipulation!... whichever METHOD they choose to use at any given time!

So, is the ME yet another of those Psycho Tools/Effects, that are "stolen" and used against us, just because it can be?  

21 Mar 2009 @ 03:45 by sylvie burnside @ : the energi, maaahn... This is Dynamo jack, out of the Blair's film, which is a real phenomenon. Hinn's thing seems less like energy moving but more like a group-bonding hypnosis...  

16 Oct 2009 @ 10:40 by Ariane @ : ME - loosening up
Imho, the loosening of the connection to that point is key. A short moment of disconnection from this existence.

My cats know nothing about ME, have no expectations or doubts, still it just works on them.  

24 Feb 2010 @ 08:32 by Torrent SE @ : Point & ME's 2-point

Thanks for information I am generally interested in such kind of stuff and would like to find out more about this. Where can I get it?  

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