The Sandorian Grove: Rehearsing for the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation March 20th 2009    
 Rehearsing for the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation March 20th 20093 comments
picture19 Mar 2009 @ 23:18, by Max Sandor

Tomorrow, besides a birthday party, we are preparing the house also to take part at the Worldwide Didgeridoo Meditation March 20th 2009 [link] .

Anthony doesn't want to play with the little sticks (after all, he'll be 2 yrs old in a little over a month!), so he is practicing on Aoaho, our A-Zero didge (A0: 27.5 Hz). This PVC didge is about 172 cm long and gets our dogs running in circles and ourselves concerned about the window panes as Anthony drags the didge along with him throughout the house. Like these indigo kids are, they see something ONCE and can just simply DO it.

Sounds phantastic, doesn't it?

But after he was watching some Benny Hinn's videos with a suspiciously serious fascination (see [link] and [link] ), I'm now worried that he might copy Benny's bad-bad behavior patterns and throw us around and about like he's already doing with the cats. I don't think I'm prepared for that. Oh, well...

Oops. Gotta hurry. It's time for a good-nite, lullaby drone for him...
If I don't fall asleep as well, I'll come back and finish writing what I really wanted to say tonight.

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31 Mar 2009 @ 12:58 by jmarc : Gettin' Didgi wid it
I might have to settle for a pvc didg myself, funds being in short supply. Do you use beeswax Anthony, or do you just ruff it? I ask you because it appears that Max indeed did fall asleep.  

31 Mar 2009 @ 15:15 by mx @ : beeswax & waking up..
just woke up after a few days... Anthony just ruffs things :-)
the art is finding the right connection piece for the pvc tube. one that has already a round, thick edge. just some sandpaper does the rest. I use 45 degree angles for various reasons.. pvc didge: you gotta bent it twice for best results.. much better to tune as well (I use AP Tuner it's the only one that works well in all situations (AND on Linux as well! with Wine). Enjoy!  

29 Apr 2009 @ 11:57 by mortimer : more didje dimensions
in the pic above, that looks like 2 inch black ABS.

found more dimensions here -  

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