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picture11 Apr 2009 @ 22:35, by Max Sandor

(a few lines from my new book ("Beyond Good and Evil"):

"'s quite a strange Sunday Brunch buffet scene what we see these days in the market of spiritual self-help, gurus&avatars, and the new memes of 'technology' for spiritual purposes.

Enlightend by a weekend course or two, equipped with magical symbols and mantras, backed by a false certainty of being in line with the concepts of modern 'science', more and more people jump around pretending to heal others without being able to heal themselves first.

Very well, within a pluralistic and rather free society anything should be possible and permissable that is not going to harm others. And with the contemporary medicine being bought out by super-companies and having been turned into a giant business operation, it is hardly possible that any such new method or applied philosophy could be worse. For certain, most of them cost much less than a single visit at a doctor's office, not counting the costs for the presciption drugs and their side effects that one walks away with, often for the rest of one's life.

Many 'sceptics'...

or those who claim to be, certainly don't think twice about what choice to take, yet their own language is that of a cult. With their foul language they betray their own ideals and usually do the opposite of what they pretend to do: instead of discrimination they enjoy incrimination, instead of analysis they prefer to insult persons,

But the modern gurus are making themselves an easy target: whether by borrowing titles like 'shaman' or 'mestre' or 'nagual' from older 'traditions', or whether by usurping modern scientific concepts like DNA, evolution, and Quantum Physics for their own metaphysical concepts, the modern gurus are living off existing Memes, reshaped to fit one's own shoes.

...Some argue that a 'real shaman' MUST come from Siberia and everyone else would be an artificial, cheap copy, a 'plastic shaman', so to speak. After all, the 'word' shaman originated there. That's a lot like the 'cognac' argument: a cognac must be made around the city of Cognac, France, in order to deserve its name, and nothing else should be called that way. Yet the same people don't find a common word for all the spiritual and physical healers of the various traditions and cultures of the past who helped make humanity survive until today. For many, those were simply charlatans, of course, and, at the most, they may sometimes obtain results because of the placebo effect, and only because of it. If only the modern medicine drugs would work that way, with the success rate of a placebo and without long term side effects, mankind would be much, much better off, of course...

As if it wouldn't be enough to borrow from exotic philosophies, modern science has a lot to offer as an upgrade. Since few people understand even the basics of Quantum Physics (a theory, let's not forget this!), it is quite save to claim a relation or even compatibility with one's own hocus-pocus...

...'Traditions' don't offer an escape either: most of them have forgotten what the very words once meant that they're echoing, often using bizarre translations. Today's religions really are ALL cargo cults, if one looks closely enough. On the other end of the spectrum, some 'religions' that were founded in the 60's already claim to be a 'tradition'.

What makes a tradition a 'tradition'?

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11 Apr 2009 @ 23:38 by mortimer : Champagne comes from Champagne
Or its not authentic Champagne. The fat takers preserve the Champagne but rape and pillage almost everything else they touch, usurp and exploit and render impotent. The Native American Flute comes from an American Indian or its merely Native American 'Style' Flute. Then the Djembe comes from Africa or its not Djembe, instead its an African Style Djembe. There is a major company name Latin Percussion that sells what they call a Bata drum, anybody in the Ifa tradition with a lick of sense understands its not a Bata drum. Therefore...Latin Percussion, the world's leading manufacturer of percussion instruments is committing misappropriation in their advertisement, which is a felony?... I'm not a lawyer so i dunno.

What makes a tradition a 'tradition'?

If party of 16 repeatedly escape the universe, then i would call that tradition.  

13 Apr 2009 @ 18:19 by a-d : I guess that is....
Yin & Yang swimming in the Muddy Waters in the Ocean of Life... polluted here on Planet Earth by all those (yes...including maself...I 've muddied those Waters too, maself... Now I'm working on Clearing them : ) )) you describe here in your little essay... Well spoken!...

What???.... a mindless repetition of even more mindless "rituals" used in even more mindless Ceremonies-to-The-Remembrance-of- This-& -That("Original" "SUCCESSFUL" Event... successful,coz... SOMEONE's Hidden Agendas were taken seriously (by all The Gullibles with awe & reverense...)without them ever seeing through the Smokescreen of those Lofty Rituals.... eh?



13 Apr 2009 @ 22:05 by mortimer : mindless rituals?
you mean like getting out of bed and or brushing you teeth?


14 Apr 2009 @ 00:08 by a-d : Absolutely! : )
...mindless thing we do coz we're taught to do so... Becomes a Ritual ="Home-y Tradition"!.... Whom does it benefit? Really. You think the Pygmes in Kalahari Desert, who don't have Crest and toothbrushing Ceremonies every Morning/Evening... HOW MANY Root fillings do they have by the time they are twenty five -or so? See whadimean? ;) "Hidden Agendas"... Successfull "results" for whom?... We could make the List-of-Examples endlessly LONG!....

Sooo...destruction...Life falling apart...Is it Nature --or is it indeed "NURTURE" ?????!?!?!?!?.... ^!^  

14 Apr 2009 @ 13:56 by Jeffrey Trenton Crace @ : Rituals and Traditions
Max wrote of traditions: "...most of them have forgotten what the very words once meant that they're echoing..." Since traditions regularly denote ritual, and because of the preceding comments on rituals, I felt compelled to do a little exploration.

It seems the root of ritual means "to flow," as in rivulet. And the Indo-European root for the word (*ar) means "to fit together." For those of apt mind, I probably needn't explain anymore at this point. In any case, it becomes clear that a rite-ual in its pure etymological sense would seem to actually PROMOTE and CULTIVATE re-ligion (in IT'S purely etymological meaning). Sadly, it's not surprising at all that 99.9% of rituals now seem to do the opposite. But score one for consistency as the connotation and reality of ritual today "fits together" quite nicely with the connotation and reality of religion today.  

10 Oct 2009 @ 08:57 by mortimer : New Age Sweat Lodge
2 die, 19 overcome at Arizona retreat sweat lodge

what my friend Lookinghawk had to say about it...
"The new agers have never done a respectful job of representing our ancestors or their life ways.. They continuously take or outright steal the ceremonies and parts of the beliefs or practices that they choose without permission, and with very little knowledge of them, immediately claim ownership to them. They bastardize them and re-package them for sell to the public either for money and/or credibility."~Lookinghawk

Sheriff's homicide investigators were working to determine what happened and whether any criminal actions might have been a factor in the incident,D'Evelyn said. Investigators were at the resort Friday interviewing the retreat director, staff and guests, including some who told detectives they paid up to $9,000 for the multi-day program. This undated photoprovided by the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office shows a "sweatbox"structure at Angel Valley resort in Sedona, Ariz. Two people died and an estimated 19 others were taken to hospitals Thursday Oct. 8, 2009,after being overcome while sitting in the sauna-like sweat lodge,authorities said. (AP Photo/Yavapai County Sheriff's  

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