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picture23 May 2009 @ 17:32, by Max Sandor

During a break from the 'Projekt Nagual' [link] programme last month (The April Encounter), some of us experimented with the 2-Point Process of Matrix Energetics. None of us did the course with the ME guys. Max showed a group of 6 what he thinks of how it works and all were able to do it as well. We then made it a 'bit more transpersonal': 2 different people holding the 2 points. It worked just as well.

While we sent us to the floor mutually, others jumped in the air (photo), in front of the beach house. A good time for all :-)

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23 May 2009 @ 19:30 by dario @ : thanks
i think i am one of 6 guys :-D

i really had a good time with everybody!!! project nagual is still working inside me...

i am happy to see other people growing up too. it was a special time for me.

i suggest everybody to have this experience


23 May 2009 @ 19:41 by Everlight @ : ME Demo Video
Congratulations on the success of your Project Nagual gathering. :-D

Your video does communicate what is happening when you use the ME technique.
Very good!

In the Level 1 & 2 Seminar I attended this past April, Richard Bartlett also had his daughter join him in a similar way and both worked on a person... as you did in the video.

ME is going well with me and my clients. Mid-August I will be attending a ME Level 3 Seminar in Baltimore, Maryland. It is called the "Level 3 – WHIZARD TRAINING, Treading the Inner Corridors of Power & Possibility." I am told we get into more magic with Level 3. :) I am truly looking forward to this new Level. I will share with you upon my return from that Seminar too.
Everlight to you, my dear friend.  

24 May 2009 @ 23:07 by a-d : Dear mx et al.
I was planning /hoping to be able to/join Bartlett's Class in Seattle this coming week-end, but it just didn't work out; AmTrac wouldn't fit in, the price was weird -to say the least: 100% more for the return ticket than for to ticket to there!... and trying to find a ride share /someone else from my Neck of the Woods, going to the Class gave no results...
So, instead of "burning ridiculous amount "extra" money plus "wasted time " to enable me to do Level One & Two, I opted to buy his Course on CD/s.
Ive been listening/watching you Nagul videos and just as with Bartlett's videos; a lot of Questions arises!.... and seem to never be answered!....Nobody really seem to come with any "REAL" results!... yet all who participated seem to praise the Process -or at least the classes they participated -and paid for!... *!*....

Soooo.... As it stands right now, I'm more confused over the this whole"Thing".. .. while still hopeful!...
If it contains ANY degree of the possibilities I kinda SUSPECT it could/can contain...then all would be good, indeed... But, as always: The PROOF is in the Pudding!... WHAT "MUCH-MORE-than Healing-curing" SIGNIFICANCE is hidden in this all the "Guinea-pigs" falling over really have?????? That does strike very odd, to say the least!... How does that differ from the clearly phony "Fire From God" as that Fundamentalist Pastor --whatever his name is-- giving a ( not always just a ) little (but sometimes a SOMEWHAT significant) push, (when) knocking HIS Guinea-pigs over in the moment when -at least officially/ supposedly-- "Receiving the Fire From God" ! ^!^.... *!*
See why people CAN get confused?...  

25 May 2009 @ 04:36 by Everlight @ : ME is REAL
Hi a-d, I sent this out to many upon my return from the ME Level 1 & 2... in part this is what I wrote: EXAMPLES: While reading Bartlett's book, "Matrix Energetics" before the ME Seminar, I practiced on my cat, Baby Luna, who had some sort of an allergy, according to the Vet. She had lost all the fur on her ears and on the joint area of her back 'legs'. Within a week the fur on her ears had grown back and the back legs are almost completely covered in fur again! AND, at the Seminar I saw many physical changes take place immediately with attendees,or within a 24 hour period. I am also still experiencing physical changes e.g. inflammation of ankles and knees, gone... sleeping better, among other changes. I saw one attendee lose the "widows hump" on his back by the time he woke the next day. He was standing straight instead of hunched over! I've know that person for 35 years. I KNOW he was not even aware it was gone 'till I noticed it gone the next day. Changes were happening on many levels for all of us. Many fixed ideas crumbled. :)

I do hope you manage to get to a live Seminar. The energy of the groups and watching Richard Bartlett and his assistants is a boost to each persons confidence as they practice on others during the Seminar. I simply KNEW I wanted this tech and all things just came together to get me there. I had no
counter intention from others or myself getting in my way. I wish this for you. ME IS REAL! What MX is doing with ME is REAL. What I am doing with ME is REAL!


30 May 2009 @ 20:43 by a-d : Well.... of course.....
there is SOMETHING to "ME".... just like there was/is SOMETHING to "Gravity" ...though not necessarily what Newton purported --and we swallowed "hooks , bait & All"..... " Theory In Crisis?"

Does that UNdo "gravity or just help us see/understand its TRUE Nature... now that our super-imposed Ideas about the whole "shabang" are starting to crack?.... I think that same will happen very fast to all these sensationalisms around "ME" that the Fascilitators/"Inventors " of ---- (as Bartlett sees himself vis a vis "ME"...Oh, yes...he does somehow sometimes "admit" he "created the MATRIX Energetics...." with that he didn't SAY "I created"/"Invented" this phenomenon".... he --only-- implies to the more ignorant person, that "so was the case anyway... but his MODESTY forbids him to...."

IF these Group/Class had the grip they imply/what you to think , they'd be doing far more miraculous "Not Healing,Not Cures, but far more" like someone described this "Thing" to be!... which I do believe is the most accurate statement yet.... Let's USE it THAT WAY too!..., eh?...and not just as a Booster of "Someone's" Finances and "Spiritual Stardom"/EGO -maybe?!?...  

31 May 2009 @ 05:44 by Everlight @ : Is ME Bull! ha ha ha...
Is ME Bull! ha ha ha What a sense of humor! Hope you don't waist any more scarce money on ME as it more than likely will not work for you. And please, do not stand near signs that say "falling rock" because you just might get hurt due to the weight of a rock falling and then be the effect of gravity, or what ever that force is that contributes to rocks falling that you do not believe in either! ;)

Thanks for your blog, Mx ...and all you share ...and getting us to LOOK.

Have a great weekend one and all.  

31 May 2009 @ 22:00 by mx @ : gravity: about time for debunking...
the silly theory on gravity that is prevailing still today was one of the points that made me part from contemp science. Any other model is superior, my preference is to view mass as 'falling' into a system of nodes of standing waves explaining the paths of planets as well as those of electrons. in any case, more and more are waking up to this hoax of 'science' as well these days..  

1 Jun 2009 @ 02:57 by a-d : You know, Everlight, your
ping number seems very familiar!.... ;) as your (very bad) reading comprehension also would suggest to(wards) the same person!....

Yes, Mx, it interesting, how we, humans do grow Understanding "this way" for a while and then --all of a sudden-- THIS way!.... I bet my bottom dollar, like we already discussed earlier about this ME as being the door, so to speak, to this Divine Magic/Instant Manifestation phenomenon, ( which indeed is where ALL things ever happen/ manifest... if only we always would remember that!.... you know whadddimean, eh?
I wish Bartlett would be more honest and open about this whole thing and less pretending... There's nothing wrong capitalizing (making into a business as it is illegal and immoral to capitalize on NATURAL Phenomenons, hence all the " diagnosis on "illnesses" and syntezised --originally-- natural (Nature/Plant -) Medicines etc) just like Antony Robbins did with the phenomenon first described by Bandler and ?? -I've forgotten his name now. called NLP; Neuro-linguistic Programming. Very smart way of Nature to make it "easy" --or at least simple, to get ourselves into a higher Mood/Power position so to speak, by switching Physical gear, coupled with a good Verbal statement/s.
Tony never said this NLP would begin NOR end with his "Fire Walk"; it was --and is-- ONLY a very physical/tangible metaphor for the POWER in this Cosmic method!...
Bartlett could do the same!... and it wouldn't take anything away from his modified version, quite the opposite! I bet part of Tony's popularity (for sooo long (-and still going strong!) is due to him having been honest about it all along!

"These Things --and greater-- shall you do..." falls definitely under this ME Umbrella, like we already established a while back (Chris Angel, for instance, who chooses the Shock and Awe to make people more aware and comfortable with this natural phenomenon!... You guys could use this Jesus statement as your "Warming Up People To D.Magic" as your statement somehow, eh? I bet it would catch a lot of attention! ... Then, IS a biiiig Call!... heheheh... but heyyy.... It can be done!....

Long time ago, when I arrived in USA the first person I had any conversation on American Soil was none less than Leah Garfield on our way from Newark (Airport ) to Florida (where she lives. She was on her way home from Switzerland, where she had spent a month with Elisabeth Haijk; the author of "Initiation") Leah was very well known in Florida for making FAST healing to occur, for instance tibia fractures took no longer than an hour and then the person could walk and even run again!

... Leah did NOT do it as a business, let alone MAKE it to a business; it was her Service to Universe, and she was VERY low key herself about it, never talking about it!... you had to be told about her being the "healer" by others!
Yet I do salute people who are working on the intense "ploughing" work on humanities Consciousness/Awareness, braking new ground by loosening the "Acceptance-ground" from old tabuu's etc. We need it all!... to get us from "first-people-reject,-then-they-get-angry-and-then-they- take-it-fo-granted" mode...

Yeahhh, I was smiling about this "Gravity thing" Hell.... I don't have a clue "how" it "All" works!... I don't even try! hahahah... My most wonderful Mentor, Stuart Lichtman said; "A-d, NEVER ask "How" and "Why" about things ABOVE your own frequency!...We can state "What's" about "Things", but how & why are a completely different story!...."

Heidi Goodgame and I chat quite often (even if she no longer is part of NCN) coz' we both have this re-occuring dream , where we FLY by INTENTION alone!... Up & down, right and left; all it takes is the desicion!... And every time I have this dream --IN the dream-- I say "Wow... finally it isn't a dream any longer!...I'm actually DOING it!"... and then I wake up!...
Heidi keeps Workshops -in her dreams- teaching people to fly!

Donchha just wish 'you' could MAKE REALITY of these ME things!? :-) instead of just (Bartlet's) falling flat to the floor.. He makes me feel he sees it as a GOAL!... Am I right??? ugh... idunnno.. MAYBE that it is some of those necessary first "Baby Steps" on this Path. What is your thought about this? I personally prefer to watch David Copperfield, David Blaine, Chris Angel et Co fly/float in/through the thin air etc.
( I know I've been rambling here, but it is all part of the same Bigger Picture, so to speak.  

3 Jun 2009 @ 03:58 by elen @ :
Heidi keeps Workshops -in her dreams- teaching people to fly!  

3 Jun 2009 @ 03:58 by lynn @ :
but it is all part of the same Bigger Picture, so to speak.  

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