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 The Horsekiller Herb: Solanum Viarum and some quintessential thoughts7 comments
picture7 Jun 2009 @ 16:41, by Max Sandor

So many people wanted to know what terrible herb the White Rabbit had given me (one or more, haha), so I feel compelled to make a photo and a short description of it here after the White Rabbit explained to me that he wanted to actually cure in me - some ailment that I myself wasn't even aware of.

The Brazilians country people (caipiras) call it Mata-Cavalo or Cabrita-Louca, in plain English: 'kills-a-horse' and 'crazy goat', resp.), botanists call it more elegantly: Solanum Viarum.

The herb lives up to its name due to its content of natural steroidal alkaloids. Cultivated in India by ayurvedic doctors and pharmaceutical companies alike, it is banned from the US as an invasive species and put on the pest list under its English name, the Tropical Soda Apple. Of course, even though banned, it grows like wildfire. At least in the US where it is said to have arrived in 1988. Strangely enough, it is difficult to find in Mid-Brazil and needs microcultures for being harvested in India, there also known as Dunal, after the discoverer of its medicinal qualities.

The list of medicinal application of its natural steroid, solasodine, is so long, I won't bore you with it. It is interesting, nearly a pattern, that some of the most effective herbs around are considered pests, at least and especially in the US.

It isn't known to kill humans but it may induce a state of susupti, deep dreamless sleep, as different from svapna, common, ordinary dreaming, and jagrata, awaken consciousness. This brings me to turiya, the state above the gunas, nowadays often called pleroma.

Since a long time now I'd liked to write about the state ABOVE turiya, by the Hindus called turyatitah. But, in lack of words, I never did.

This state is called by some the 5th Dimension, being 'above' the fourth dimension of pleroma and more and more people enter it 'naturally', so to speak, after doing extensive depolarization using my simplified 'gunas method' or the Girapoli technique that gives rise to the 'quintessence', the fifth quality that is generated by a quadpole, early on also called 'unity key'.

So, for the record, let it be stated that the quintessential energy of the Girapoli process is a qualified pleroma, or super pleroma, and not yet the state of turyatitah, the 5th Dimension.

But all of this, of course, should be experienced rather than talked about.

nuff zed ;-)

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7 Jun 2009 @ 19:39 by dario @ : processing-herb
it's interesting to see the comparization between herbs effects and the processing.

it seems that one who have the knowledge of herbs has the same (or almost there) power of one that give process to other. or better, the effects would be the same.  

7 Jun 2009 @ 20:04 by mx @ : an interesting subject
but difficult to undertake: the comparison of awareness-amplifiers via herbs, mind processing, and physical processing such as respiration via Medusa Method.

There is a short supply on researchers who dive into more than one method. For example, we know by experience (incl. you, I think) that the Medusa Method, amongst other things produces visions similar to the Ayahuasca tea. Likewise, you know for sure, we can induce homogenous energy fields and our awareness of it by individual Girapoli processing AND by Skywork (group work)as well. My stance is that ultimately the OBSERVER decides about his own contemplation and that the different pathways to there are just simply that: pathways.  

8 Jun 2009 @ 19:56 by mortimer : Different Pathways
Ya some paths are more effective than others. And short cuts generally don’t work. If short cuts do work at all, they always come with a high toll. Taking drugs to witness the underlying nature of reality gets categorized into Instant Gratification in my book.
A little bit of introspection into history and one can see clearly that majority of today’s problems trace back to choosing instant gratification, whether it be personal history or history of nations. Instant gratification almost always spells doom in the long term.  

9 Jun 2009 @ 16:43 by mx @ : chemical pathways&instant gratification
to make sure, I don't recommend drugs for any purpose, especially repeated use that may create a dependency. That includes any kind of medication in general. Certain plants can help as an eye-opener at times but if the observer is stupid and without intention to step forward in his consciosness, what he sees & perceives won't help him at all. Especially when we witness that other paths arrive equally well at an amplified consciousness.  

19 Sep 2009 @ 15:21 by Terrence Brannon @ : Santo Daime
I had been wanting to ask you your opinion on Santo Daime for awhile.

I attended a work of theirs once. It was quite powerful. But yes, I just had a fantastic psychedelic display. I did not step forward in consciousness.  

21 Sep 2009 @ 15:27 by mx @ : Daime
send me e-mail at  

13 May 2015 @ 05:23 by Your Faceis @ : Positive site, where did u come up with
Positive site, where did u come up with the information on this posting?I have read a few of the articles on your website now, and I really like your style. Thanks a million and please keep up the effective work.   

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