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 Memebusters at Work: Expanding Earth Vs Moving Plates5 comments
picture11 Jun 2009 @ 21:56, by Max Sandor

After its proper creation, Memes become empowered by repetition. Every time it is emphasized its 'mass' of significance grows, like water filling a tub. Some call it 'pooling' if it's done intentionally, I personally prefer 'chain-pooling', as repetitions are creating chains of experiences. The vast majority of people indulge in creating chains of negative experiences. When 'everybody' is doing some identical thing, one can safely assume it is insane, so I'll try to do the opposite these days.

One particularly strange meme of 'science' which I was a victim of for a long time, is the idea the ground we're walking on would 'swim' on a core of liquid magma, causing the continents to float around. As a kid I drew colorful pictures of this for school with great satisfaction even though it was a bit strange to image we would not be on solid ground. But then, the visualization of hanging on to Earth upside down during 24 hours was already strange enough.

Recently I luckily witnessed the floating continents meme busted, and even more recently appeared an ingenious animation.

Please now enjoy the following:

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15 Jun 2009 @ 21:23 by a-d : Yes....
some how this video makes sense...but not quite!.... but at least to the point many of us wondered already in our teens, how this whole thing really came about! ...but... wait a minute;... expanding!... and what is filling the "space" created inside the Earth it expands like a balloon being filled with air???... *!*... I've always seen the PUZZLE PIECES fit...but how did they float apart??? .... is thee Q, I guess... at least the Big Q I always had!...
This "Expanding Theory" without some, more Info, makes no more sense than "the continents floating apart on liquid magma"!....

"Meme Busting" donchajustluvit!? *!*... :-) ...  

16 Jun 2009 @ 15:53 by mx @ : right.. swapping memes..
can be treacherous.. it's easy to get trapped by yet another confusion... perhaps there is still another theory possible??
PS: in a second video, the author also demonstrates that the bottom of the oceans somehow fit together too.  

16 Jun 2009 @ 20:17 by a-d : ...the shape of the Great Lakes
USA -Canada always have reminded me of Scandinavia.... that is how I originally had my revelation of the Earth-As-A-Jig-Saw-Puzzle! .... and then from there never stopped...saw one more piece ...and then one more piece ...and ....
but how Scandinavia jumped over some land barrier ( the land mass east of/from the Great Lakes...) out from the spot that became the lakes, always has evaded me!...still does!  

16 Jun 2009 @ 20:29 by a-d : "...right..."
"...swapping memes... can be treacherous.. it's easy to get trapped by yet another confusion... perhaps there is still another theory possible?? " kiddin, mx!.... I have learned to call a spade a spade!....When someone can prove to me that the spade is NOT a spade...then I rethink "Things".

When I was a Teen, we had a joke among us; asking Adults "what's the diff between a Sewing Machine and a Bath Tub?
Of course no Adults EVER knew the diff!... ... "Well" , we kids said, "for one thing ; you cant take a bath in a sewing machine! ..." ...and off we ran laughing (at the -unfailingly!- dumbfounded look on the Adult' face/s.
But this shows/showed me/ the importance and power of calling things for WHAT they were/are!...instead of following Trends, no matter how "Scientifical/ly" Correct and important the were considered!...Sooner --or later-- the "Thee Theory" all came under NEW Awareness-scrutiny! Always!  

1 Jul 2009 @ 20:39 by mortimer : excellent observatiom
no population problem. the more people the bigger the planet. also i have noticed the hole in the ozone has really getting big since karaoke became popular.  

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