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 If Darwin were right, Part X: The Evolution of Human Parasites5 comments
picture2 Jul 2009 @ 14:59, by Max Sandor

There was a time when a parasite was content to be parasite. It would grow, live, and benefit from the lifeforce of his host.

It didn't yet control the choices of the host. Survival was easy for both, it seemed.

If it wasn't for fighting off the other, cmpeting, parasites, life was good.

Gd knows what happened. Maybe Darwin was right: the parasite that adapted itself the best way prevailed.

It mutated to survive better than the other parasites around.

Or was it that the host didn't evolve quickly enough?

Back in those days the host didn't do quite yet what the parasites told him to do.

It wouldn't necessarily eat what the parasites wanted him to it. He wouldn't think the way the parasites told him to think.

And he would act to seek out his own way instead of trying to please the parasites.

There was no danger yet that the host would perish.

Ok, Ok sometimes a host would die, eaten up. But then, there were still other hosts available.

The remaining parasites would adapt themselves to a different type of host or culture - Darwin was right after all!

Or perhaps, the Theists were right: Gxd didn't like the type of guy he created, so he sent them parasites clever e nough to suck 'em to death.

But then the parasites are totally convinced that God is on their side, and only theirs, as they claim boldly.

And that their host would be a wild beast that wouldn't deserve to live anyway.

Isn't it so that the parasites nowadays think being the master and their hosts being slaves? And aren't the hosts stupid enough to not recognize its own parasites, choking 'em to death?

As long as the host survives, all is fine for the parasites. If the host succumbs but there is still another another host around, there is hope in dark times.

In the end, with no more hosts around the way of the parasite comes a sticky end, if not an abrupt halt.

Whether Darwinism evolution has us led to a dead end, or whether Gxd made some bad choices, both parasite and host will die together.

And, after the show is over, who is to say who would have been the host and who was the parasite?

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2 Jul 2009 @ 15:31 by elhughman : Parasites
Parasites are all losers in the long run or at least until they learn to be symbiotes and then they are no longer parasites. Symbiotes are win-winners. In other words the parasite becomes a host to the host and they both win.  

2 Jul 2009 @ 17:08 by no name @ : mmh,
very very very a good point.

i am thinking about this script these days...

and finding a way to be indipendent from these parasites it's not easy because it's still hard to know where is or where parasites attach you and get your energies.

and for the host, the parasite is a anchor point and something or someone who doesn't let you alone. it's a no good thing. someone calls this "love" or "devotion" but the Truth is very hard to be confrontated.

so find out a way to do not let the parasite enter in your space is not an easy thing, and once it has entered it's almost impossible for me to let her/him/it out.  

2 Jul 2009 @ 17:53 by no name @ : song
there is a song that says : "I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me".

the parasites are drugs for the host and sothe opposite (the host is a drug for the parasites)  

4 Jul 2009 @ 07:09 by mortimer : operation drum robot
i' m out' a here max. I shut off the comments on my news log and trimmed it down to a few articles. now I got my own domain {|} and i don't yet know what i' m gonna build there. time will tell.

parasites huh, interesting view max, but I'm glad its not mine. There is food chain, the food chain is very real on both sides of the matrix. The strangest thing tho is the formalities that exist only on the physical side of the matrix.  

5 Jul 2009 @ 23:30 by Merlin Silk @ : point of view
Interesting point, especially considering the transition from parasite to symbiont. In Kurzweil's book The Singularity is Near I learned an interesting fact about the human body that might shed some light from a different angle:

I might not have the order of magnitude right but let's say that this bag of meat we carry around with us and point to and say "ME" consists of 10 trillion cells. Of all those there is only 1 trillion that we would consider to be our real body because the descended from the initial egg/sperm combo; the rest - 9 trillion - are bacteria and other single cell parasites/symbiont.

These numbers make it very hard to speak about I v. not-me, as all these non-me are required for the whole thing to function. Gives life the the point of view that we are all One, doesn't it?  

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