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 At what point does a symbiotic relationship become parasitic?15 comments
picture6 Jul 2009 @ 20:08, by Max Sandor

Somewhat surprised that somehow perhaps it wasn't clear what I referred to in my last BLOG entry, due to excessive tongue-in-cheek one may speculate, an interesting question arised nonetheless: besides that every living organism is part of the food chain and one could see the parasites of human bodies as establishing a 'bottom-up' food chain, at what point is symbiotic relationship turning parasitic?

This point is even more important if we forget of the parasites of Humans and instead look at Human Parasites.

In October 2004 I wrote on this BLOG about the phenomenon called 'Bread of Shame' ("nehama d’ksufa") [link] as a basic paradigm of the architecture of this Universe. In the context at hand, we could postulate that the turning point from symbiotic to parasitic behavior would happen due to a 'polarity reversal': the parasite does NOT give back anything substantial in exchange to the host, in contrast to a symbiotic behavior pattern, and in the end TURNS AGAINST the host, even claiming that the HOST would be 'out-of-exchange', the parasite. Exactly this is happening since quite some time, globally and at the highest levels of command.

I wished I had some new solutions at hand but what I wrote in 2004, sadly so or not, is still the case:

M. Because of its basic nature, the phenomenon of the 'bread of shame' is very difficult to teach to people, perhaps impossible. One could come to the conclusion that one of the basic purposes of a human life is to bring about the awareness of it along with its balancing.

In addition, meanwhile it became even clearer to me that it is NOT sufficient to educate and provide solutions on an individual level but rather that one needs to change the EMBEDDING CULTURES.

Well, you know the rest of that game...

Good luck to all of us ;-)

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7 Jul 2009 @ 03:29 by Jeffrey Trenton @ : Not reversal, but enforcement
A parasitic relationship is one in which one party is winning (Source) and the other party is feeding off of the winning party (Not-Source). The parasite is actually losing, i.e. failing to create and be at cause, but is winning by consuming those who are succeeding at creation. THIS IS CALLED SURVIVING. In survival, everyone is a parasite. Max, didn't you describe survival as a dwindling spiral in one of your essays? A symbiotic relationship is one in which both parties are winning (creating, at cause, Source) and then freely giving to each other, i.e. gracing one another. THIS IS LIVING. So, a symbiotic relationship becomes parasitic not at a polarity reversal, but at the ENFORCEMENT of a polarity, namely, Source vs. Not-Source.  

8 Jul 2009 @ 23:34 by Ed Dawson @ : my take
Jeff Trenton has it understood quite well so I am only going to fine tune this a bit.

A symbiotic relationship is a win/win game. Both parties benefit.

A parasitic relationship is a win/lose game. One party loses, which eventually results (as Jeff indicated) in the "winning party also losing.


9 Jul 2009 @ 01:39 by mx @ : yes, but ;-)
how, in daily society, do the involved parties realize the game at hand...

the parasites that I point(ed) to are convinced that they do GOOD for those who they suppress in fact..  

9 Jul 2009 @ 13:37 by Jeffrey Trenton @ : Mothers?
Mx, I'm sorry but the last line of your most recent comment sounds like nearly every mother I've ever met!;)  

9 Jul 2009 @ 20:04 by mx @ : haha.. that's a good one ;-)
never got that one told before..
but serious guys... how do you recognize a game turning from win/win to win/lose to lose/lose before it is too late to turn the game around?
There just seems to be a serious gap in strategy math and Games Theory.
It's not just as simple as counting one's chips and those of the other one's.
And Hindsight is always 20/20.
For example, there are 'investment periods' in which one may have to sacrifice a piece (like in win/lose chess) in order to come out ahead.
I have isolated some elements but that's not enough. For example, all parasitic cultures have a (typically hidden) 'double-standard', they are publicly promoting the OPPOSITE of what they practice themselves, etc, etc. This is a give-away and is relatively easy to spot.
Well, just an intermezzo of musing about life, haha...
and, Trent, send me some more of your music, I like it :-)  

10 Jul 2009 @ 16:49 by mortimer : Milieu Control
Hindsight is often 20/20. Today I look back 15 years and wonder how I let myself get involved with people of such bad character. At that time in my life, there were people (so called friends) that would attempt to persuade me to do things. Put simple, passive coercive persuasion toward a certain direction on the crossroads, {|milieu control}.

{|Loaded language} consists of effort aimed at instilling certain attitudes, the aim of affecting an individual's value system. In the cult atmosphere, loaded words [metaphors] such as vampire and parasite are often utilized to instill a feeling of guilt into the [unsuspecting] devotee who does not assimilate, especially those who would not receive formal initiation.

In Santeria, they have the term "stealing Ashe", which translates to ‘stealing life force’.  

18 Jul 2009 @ 18:43 by a-d : "...this is serious, guys..."
Really....and we only --really-- over looked this for a few millenia, coz it is such horrendous(-ly UGLY) Truth!... so it really was totally in-comprehensible to us, other, (more "normal") people!.... Could it be?.....yet it is all there, black on white -as the saying goes!......

"Who" rules the World?"

Max, I would like to say that no matter how true all this horrendous Info is , it is still sooo misconstrued.... coz the people who tend to bring this up to daylight so many of THEM still have to grasp that ninety% of the Info is SYMBOLIC "EVENTS".... with MORAL DEMANDS imbedded in the Stories!.... The ones pointing out the Space visitors coming here messing things up still miss the point that COSMIC LAWS are the SAME EVERYWHERE in UNIverse!... --that IS exactly what makes it all to UNIverse = ONE (and the SAME) TRUTH to ALL Life --regardless "Who" and "Where" WHAT is THEE question that EVERY single "who" in and from ANY Galaxy/Star/Planet HAS TO ANSWER one day in one way --or the other!....

HOW do we get rid of a Spiritual = EMOTIONAL >MENTAL>SOCIO-political PARASITE???? I would say the in the same way as we would a physical: RE-gain y/our OWN HEALTH; EMOTIONAL >MENTAL>SOCIO-political= Spiritual
and make sure you rebuild a new strong IMMUNE SYSTEM =AWARENESS of "things";

( these are originally NOT my words/Insights!... I found them in an article long time ago. I forgot to leave a note to myself from where I copied it!... But GOD BLESS the Person, who had the guts to write it an publish it at those times... He(I remember that much! : )risked his LIFE writing & publishing this!... and I will re-print his Insight exactly as it was given in his article!... ; ))

Here we go: "...You need to break that mental block in your head which prevents you from treating authority figures in a disrespectful way. Once you've done that, the rest is cake. As soon as a majority are able to look a Priest or Mullah or Rabbi or Cop or President in the eye and tell them to fuck off and die, we'll put an end to the misery imposed on us by monotheism. All it takes is a little backbone and determination not to be ruled by fear any longer. In other words, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF, AND YOUR POWER TO CHANGE THE WORLD, instead of fooling yourself into thinking that we can all just get along, because we can't. Not when there are 1.5 billion people on this planet, in control of vast amounts of weapons of mass destruction, whose belief system is completely centered around lying, theft, rape, and genocide. Either we disempower them now by getting politically active and by using aggressive in-your-face tactics which push them into the fringes of society, or they WILL disempower your right to choose, or your children's right to an unmolested brain, in the very near future. It's of the utmost importance that we act BEFORE Cognition altering technologies become a reality, because sticking our head in the sand and tolerating monotheistic ignorance for another generation may well be the last big mistake we ever make"

Whadduthink, Max?  

20 Jul 2009 @ 00:32 by mortimer : Dave' s not home

Imagination rules the World  

20 Jul 2009 @ 05:14 by a-d : Dave????.... how'bout Santa???? he? :)

Imagination rules the World...Amen to that and Hallelujahhhh! hehehhe... right on Morty!  

20 Jul 2009 @ 14:06 by mortimer : Dehama d’ksufa
that interpretation of "Bread of Shame" reaks of Catholicism. Did you find that second different definition yet?

Anyways, the reason I'm posting here now is cause this morning I did the Heimlich Maneuver on my Mother. She was choking on her vitamins. Shes on her way to the doctor now as i type this. G-D's honest truth.  

20 Jul 2009 @ 15:24 by mx @ : good man!
hope your mom is recovering soon!
'bread of shame' is a Kabbalistic concept, the way I know it..
other people say 'out of exchange' and that's certainly one way to see it...
but there's much more to it, of course..  

20 Jul 2009 @ 17:04 by mx @ : 2 a-d
Agressive resistance is what they're hoping for. That's what all the terrorist hype is all about: to be prepared to send any and all opponents of their lunatic games into Gulags. My own answer would be more like this: Changing the consciousness to a large scale and trusting on the morphogenetic field to do the rest so that the game is clearly visible and the presumed power-holders are unmasked as greedy, spineless lying puppets.  

20 Jul 2009 @ 19:32 by a-d : "Changing the consciousness"
I really do think that the Writer of the Quote (in my comment above) had the same Idea as you (and I )".... Changing the consciousness to a large scale and trusting on the morphogenetic field to do the rest so that the game is clearly visible and the presumed power-holders are unmasked as greedy, spineless lying puppets."
Though I do notice now, that he use the words "...using aggressive in-your-face tactics..." Some how I translated that to ( us , every-day people and our needing to "mature"/"grow up" --as of opposite; when being young kids we believe and trust all that is being told to us and we tend to do everything /the way/ we are told/asked to do!...
You're right on: "... trusting on the morphogenetic field to do the rest so that the game is clearly visible and the presumed power-holders are unmasked as greedy, spineless lying puppets." ( you say it very eloquently! I might borrow that statement! : ) )) THANKS, Max!  

21 Jul 2009 @ 01:54 by mortimer : moms fine
like it never happened  

21 Jul 2009 @ 03:02 by mortimer : Despotism
Seems to me, you guys are talking about despots. There is an old 1946 Encyclopedia Britannica Film that uses a sliding scale for despotic criterion.

"Measures how a society ranks on a spectrum stretching from democracy to despotism. Explains how societies and nations can be measured by the degree that power is concentrated and respect for the individual is restricted. The Encyclopedia Britannica Film "Despotism" can be found here. - {|}  

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