The Sandorian Grove: Yet another pretty ugly topic: does Ugliness exist?    
 Yet another pretty ugly topic: does Ugliness exist?5 comments
picture16 Jul 2009 @ 14:09, by Max Sandor

Contemplating the paths of worms in our new composting bin, Harrah, our shepherd, remarked "Pretty ugly, these worms, hugh!?"

"Why do you notice the splinter in your brother's eye, but do not perceive the wooden beam in your own eye?" I told him.

"Yeah," said Harrah, "Matthew 7,3, right? But I have neither splinter nor beam in all of my three eyes, don't you see?"

I looked closely and had to confess, there were neither of them.

"Maybe all esthetics depend solely on the distance of the observer from the object?" he mused.

"Ho ho," I said, "some pretty wise words from a 2-year old shepherd. "Wait until you're grandpa before trying to be a wisecrack!"

"No chance, you know it. But think about it for yourself!" and off he went, chasing some rabbits in the woods.

"If you see the White Rabbit," I called after him, "tell him I saw the documentary that he talked about the other day, about the mushrooms...". [link]

But I doubt he heard my words in his excitement over the chase.

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20 Jul 2009 @ 00:45 by mortimer : Osun
Esthetics depends on both distance and motion

Observing motion brings a tendency to zoom-out

Observing stillness brings tendency to zoom-in  

20 Jul 2009 @ 15:16 by mx @ : yep..
it's heavily overlaid by otura as affinity - needs some attention to pry apart the two sometimes.. and every distance has its own 'layer of case'. That's why motion-involving meditations&processes such as Kriya-Yoga or Heloisa's Medusa Method are so beneficial...  

28 Jul 2009 @ 10:00 by mortimer : Layers of case

29 Jul 2009 @ 11:59 by mortimer : IP Blocker
I don't surf the web without it.

5 Oct 2009 @ 18:49 by Ariane8008 @ : Ugly nice
And the rabbit said: what if I am white?  

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