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picture3 Aug 2009 @ 18:35, by Max Sandor

Little Anthony wasn't satisfied with the tuning of our guitars and retuned all of them the other day. With just a bit more than 2 years in this world, he didn't conform with our self-set musical standards. A good time to think about tuning (once again) and see where it may lead us.

Mathematically the base of 440 Herz in 7-stage tonal system is a bit strange, quite chaotic, some say. But what else is out there?

Well, there is the Solfeggio scale (not to be confused with the Solfège method!), of course, and I took the opportunity to tune down from 440 Hz to 417 to get in range. The result was a real mind opener (or should I say heart opener?)

In any case, hearing is believing but unfortunately not a lot of music exists (yet) that is based on this tuning and some that do exist have some errors, like some videos on that promote the concept as a meditation tool.

Of course, after playing a bit on the newly tuned guitars and bass, one of the first things that I checked out was the claim that the chords that seem more harmonic would be within the same numerical 'group' of tones, namely:

1. 174 417 741
2. 285 528 852
3. 396 639 963

Wow! That IS interesting. Magick ;-) Check out the diagonal sums too ;-)

Next step, you guessed it, let's look at where the frequencies would be on the Toth diagram (see drawing)! To allocate them without further own meditation/contemplation, I used the existing descriptions from the Internet, and lo'n behold, here they are:

(Solfège name / binary number / frequency (Hz) / descriptions by others)
... 285 Quantum Cognition
UT 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear
RE 417 Hz Transmutation, Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
MI 528 Hz Love, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
FA 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
SOL 741 Hz Consciousness Expansion, Awakening Intuition
... 852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order

We identify the Ifa prime energy (Odu) for 528 as Otura and immediate recognize the next nodes as a clockwise progression as a wheel within the fourfold wheels of the Toth diagram: Otura, Irete, Ogbe, and Oyeku. We can chip in the remaining Odus even without a description of Solfeggio fans as Oturupon (963 Hz) and Ika (285 Hz). For the latter 'quantum consciousness' is an odd description as in Ifa it is the sacred energy of birth (and death).

Then we'll have:
(binary number / Ifa name / frequency (Hz) / descriptions by others)
4. Ika 285 Quantum Cognition
5. UT Ofun 396 Hz Liberating Guilt and Fear
9. RE Oshe 417 Hz Transmutation, Undoing Situations and Facilitating Change
13. MI Otura 528 Hz Love, Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair)
14. FA Irete 639 Hz Connecting/Relationships
256. SOL Ogbe 741 Hz Consciousness Expansion, Awakening Intuition
0. Oyeku 852 Hz Returning to Spiritual Order
2. Oturupon 963 (?)

Back to the harmonic triangles: the missing corner of the first triangle must have a frequency of 174 or 1074 since all frequencies of the Solfeggio scale are 111 Hertz apart. Note that the sum of individual numbers needed to maintain the phenomenon of equal sums is PRESERVED either way: 1+7+4=1+0+7+4=12 (the other triangles add up to 15 and 18 respectively). This is a very interesting property of the sums of 111.

The ninth energy node (Olodu), we could speculate, could be on the OUTER wheel of the Toth Diagram.

Let's look at the properties of the harmonic triangles that are complete:
Ofun-Irete-Oturupon are all describing spiritual qualities, and Ika, Otura, Oyeku are on the emotional and basic life side, the side of what I came to call the 'soul side'.

The triangles are composed of two Odu nodes of a basic wheel in sequence PLUS one Odu node of the 'super wheel of manifestation', Ogbe, Oyeku, Ofun, and Oshe.

The subgroups that produce harmonies are triangles within the wheel, namely:
1. ?, Oshe, Ogbe
2. Ika Otura Oyeku
3. Ofun Irete Oturupon

OK, let's look at the binary code:

1. ? 1010 1111
2. 0100 1011 0000
3. 1010 1101 0010

Obviously, (2.) results from (1.) by adding a binary '1' and (3.) from (2.) by adding 2 (binary '10'). Therefore, if the internal math would be consistent, the missing Odu node would have the binary code of 0100 minus 1 and that would be 0011 which is Owonrin, the upper left node on the Toth diagram.

Owonrin is characterized as 'form' in contrast to 'essence' (irosun), slow or frozen flow in contrast to energy bolts, mental images in contrast to 'movies', giving permanent shape to things. The frequency (174 or 1074?) would result in moods of creative contemplation, imaginery, phantasy, but easily also slowing down energies, in this sense relaxing. Owonrin, in 'classic Ifa' is the bridge between 'will' and 'physical manifestion'.

As a temporary final note, the 'sound of creation', as a chord, would be 'Owonrin-Ogbe-Oshe', (174,417,741 Hertz), and whoever knows Ifa good enough, knows the above combination very, very well. The Universe is a woman, one might conclude from the above, if it wouldn't already be clear enough. The 'sound of silence' (oyeku) together with the 'sound of the heart' (otura) results in life (Ika, which, as a name, also contains the root of literally 'heart'): 285, 528, 825 Hz. Finally, the great harmony of the spirit would be the wisdom of Ofun, the relations within the world (Irete), and the ethics and sovereignty of the spirit (Oturupon) as 396, 693, and 963 Hz.

Hmm, time to get back to the noise-making toys, eh.. tools, and play with that after playing enough with numbers for now :-)

PS: Aug 6th: I corrected the binary writings of the odu since I goofed. And found that the math is not as clear for the first column. It is still Owonrin (as I happen to know through other sources) but one doesn't arrive there by simply subtracting 1. I left it there because it is still fascinating. I also made the graph a bit clearer since several people wrote me that they couldn't see the basic loop. You can look at the Toth diagram description earlier in this BLOG to verify the sequence. In itself it is quite amazing, lending credibility to BOTH the Toth Diagram and the Solfeggio Sound Theory.
Also, dear reader, check out the sound files Mortimer made (see the 'comments').

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6 Aug 2009 @ 17:05 by mortimer : solfeggio note string
wow max, it works ha hah

Hz note string (offset cents)
174 (F3 -6.09)
285 (C#4 +48.15)
396 (G4 +17.60)
417 (G#4 +7.05)
528 (C5 +15.64)
639 (D#5 +45.97)
741 (F#5 +2.36)
852 (G#5 +44.02)
963 (B5 -43.95)

chords/tonic scales?
1. 174(F3) 417(G#4) 741(F#5) tonic?
2. 285(C#4) 528(C5) 852(G#5) supertonic?
3. 396(G4) 639(D#5) 963(B5) mediant?

the test 3 days ago  

6 Aug 2009 @ 18:38 by mortimer : Solfeggio Fibonacci
after 3 days of much math and testing automation, my third jam 21 minute dub Solfeggio Fibonacci. lightning hit yesterday, and the power went out (so before i saved the dub), my second jam escaped the universe. some jam sessions are gone, gone for good. deep space  

6 Aug 2009 @ 19:12 by mx @ : strange coincidence(s9...?
my soundboard output seemed broken too since 2 days.. today it 'awoke' again.. but my experiments so far were exceedingly promising.. unless everything is coincidence.. hahaha... everything is coincident, one could say...

I found a blip of my recordings from 1989, yes eighty-nine.. on a Monroe-type project... only a blip.. maybe GZ has still one of the tapes I produced.. or the original 1/4 reels.. (2 of them)... some of the sounds ARE of those frequencies.. I'll be darn.. if I'd only known back then... but maybe I'm here where I am because of hearing my own strange sounds... made the cats go asleep, remember GZ?  

6 Aug 2009 @ 19:15 by mx @ : 7161
Mortimer, extremely cool stuff!
I will upload a few things too.. still waiting for 7161 to give me a password...
again, thanks Mortimer :)  

6 Aug 2009 @ 23:09 by mx @ : some exotic sounds from the past
the tones I thought I invented after intensive meditation&inspiration from I don't know his face were not so new after all, quite solfeggical! hear an excerpt from Mindshift, LA 1991,

original Bhagavad Gita chanting.. interesting pitch.. the only thing similar I heard once were during a Santo Daime (Ayahuasca) chanting...

relax if you can ;-)  

8 Aug 2009 @ 14:42 by mortimer : sweet sound
thanks for sharing, love the analog. Looks like Kilo offered you 4 stars ;) now your mindshift hit the underground

I'm excited that 111 Hz works, i approached this little bit skeptical. If I understand correctly, the system of Just Intonation is 100 Hz

the speleological geometry of 111 Hz of solfeggio is extremely dramatic and lush, exotic

there is more math and i am somewhat stuck. I need the scale described in frequency ratio  

8 Aug 2009 @ 15:50 by mortimer : Solfeggio 1/1

0.665/1 1.089/1 1.514/1 1.594/1 2.018/1 2.442/1 2.832/1 3.257/1 3.681/1  

8 Aug 2009 @ 17:25 by a-d : Max, did you give each
frequency its own color?.... so that wen you play this music and see the play / interaction of the colors it corresponds to the notes/pitches...?....or???? Now, I have forgotten the Constant (and indeed the whole mathematical Formula for creating the next pitch (-)frequency in the "regular Baby Grand")-Scale ( " Do, Re Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Si, Do" from one pitch to the next ... but somehow 111 Hertz sound familiar... then again 144 also comes to mind!.... I've been looking for that on the Net, but not found it yet... It was an interesting Formula!... I remember that! I was so impressed by it... when I was learning (about) it in school (more than 40 years ago!.. OLD am I??!??...I must be Ancient!... :o :) ))  

8 Aug 2009 @ 17:41 by mx @ : diapason
check out diapason on wikipedia.. has links to the other methods, too, but not the 111 Hz (or I didn't see it)..

are you an ancient one? .. oh oh..

and, yes, I do use colors for those meditations but a good system I haven't ready yet...  

9 Aug 2009 @ 15:06 by mx @ : solfeggio sounds online.. with a hook...
found a website with a Java applet to hear the sounds talked about in the article above and some more.. it is a single page with no reference to its creator or other purposes... except an embedded video with Scn propaganda... strange..  

9 Aug 2009 @ 23:19 by a-d : Well, well,well.....
Max... this sure is interesting!...
I was listening to these frequency pitches and it didn't take me more than a millisecond to realize that between 639 Hz: "Connecting Relationships" )and 741 Hz: "Awakening Intuition" is where the pesky Mosquito's pitch is hovering when he keeps you awake those lovely summer nights!... and indeed the 741 Hz being closest to the mosquitoes I've had here around me! : ) I guess I need to go on the Net now and see what the "Real" Scientists say about mosquito pitches!... *!* /// :)

what is Scn (propahanda)???  

9 Aug 2009 @ 23:26 by a-d : according to the
first site I opened about mosq pitch it would hover anywhere from * kHz to 17.4 kHz !...???? Hmmmm...seems a little hight to me!...

OK, so I found a lot of Mosq pitches on the Utube... obviously there s some kind of WAR being fought between pesky teenagers and adults where mosq pitch is used as the main weapon!.... funny...hmmmm though none of the purpoted mosq pithces sounded like ANY mosquito I ever encountered in my life and that's s--- load of mosquitos -growing up in Finland, as I did! (like saying you grew up in Minnesota and never encountered mosquitos!.... No body would believe you! hehehhe

WHAT scale does mosc pitch follow closest??? DO you know,Max? I din't see any references about scales when looking up mosc pitches... btw WHO came up with this Solfeggio Scale and why and where? Is it commonly used in MUSIC in any country/culture?  

10 Aug 2009 @ 03:04 by Everlight @ : Re-igniting...
Max, A great link on this blog! I am enjoying following your link to additional links. All good stuff! Fascinating, as I have detailed recall of having created with sound and color! This is all very real to me. It is all very possible, now. Thanks for re-igniting this! :)  

19 Feb 2011 @ 23:00 by mx @ : a tune based on the chords shown here..  

2 Feb 2012 @ 07:26 by Douglas G. Preston @ : Preston Toroidal Scale
The nine frequencies you listed are a generative subgroup of the 72-member set I have (re)discovered and documented elsewhere as "Preston Toroidal Scale".

Every member is composite and divisible by three.

The sequence is symmetric and centered at 555=(123+987)/2 etc.

The intervals(and the number of times they appear) are:

The 72 members, in sorted order, are:

4 Feb 2012 @ 17:41 by mx @ : very cool, Doug!
impressive! say, how did you get your entry into Wikipedia? (and so fast)  

12 Apr 2012 @ 11:51 by Padraig O Searcaigh @ : Preston Toroidal Scale
Toroidal usually resome connection with afers to a 3-dimensional Torus.
Is Preston Toroidal Scale someway related to the Torus?
Thank You for opportunity to ask this question

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