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picture24 Aug 2009 @ 15:13, by Max Sandor

A rerelease of my album "Shango Overdrive" is now available at, see [link]

In the moment only as an MP3 download (itunes and others to follow shortly), in a few days as a 'real' (physical) CD.

This was MUCH faster than expected. I'm profoundly impressed by the efficiency of the service, especially from [link] which will distribute this album and (its tracks as mp3) to 48 (fortyeight!) online music retailers worldwide.

Amazon also intelligently/automatically connects correctly my books Polar Dynamics (with Edward J. Dawson) and 'Logs of JD Flora' (under different name!). Impressive, even if they're throwing in a few books about Bismarck, Maximilian Shell and Stalin (huuh!?) as well... see: [link]

A few notes about the album:

the first tracks were experiments for communicating some key attributes of 'archetypes', also called archons or orishas, to participants of my workshops on recognizing the archetypes of the people around you and to connect positively to your own.

After some time, I had 15 such tracks together, and someone said to me: wow, you've got an entire album together! It took me a second to realize that this was indeed true. I never thought about it before.

The past 8 years I made copies by hand sent it out by e-mail. Now, thanks to Jeffrey (see the previous blog!) I got the inspiration to enable a distribution via HIGHLY RECOMMENDABLE !!!!

For all who bought the original release: I took some tracks off and had to change the cover because I don't find the original artwork anymore and the low-resolution jpg I still have doesn't qualify for the artwork at stores with physical distribution. The photo was made by a friend during the last 'Project Nagual' [link] encounter (the next one will be end of October, reserve early!!!)

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24 Aug 2009 @ 23:03 by Jeffrey Crace @ : Got it!
I just bought my copy! I can't wait to throw it on my iPod and rock out (zone out?)!  

25 Aug 2009 @ 00:35 by mx @ : cool...
do you know how long it will take for your cd to come out as an 'audio-cd'?
hope you can bring some CDs from the US when you swing by in BR ;-)  

25 Aug 2009 @ 01:38 by Jeffrey Crace @ : Gotcha
Sure, I'll bring some copies;) As for how long it takes, I don't know, I didn't select that option...  

19 Sep 2009 @ 15:15 by Terrence Brannon @ : Great album
I already bought my copy long ago. It's quite good.  

19 Sep 2009 @ 15:17 by Terrence Brannon @ : the album cover
That album cover doesnt quite seem to match the idea of "Shango Overdrive" to me.

Plus I'm sure I'm mis-pronouncing "shango" ...

For a cover, I envision a person in some sort of huge mask, undulating. Probably holding some sort of deer antlers or something. Maybe a huge crowd of people in trance.. or eating brazilian beans and rice. take your pick :)

But that current cover is way to smooth and passive IMHO.  

21 Sep 2009 @ 15:42 by mx @ : yup...
the original cover is at but I don't find the original to rescan to match the quality required by
.. it's Oshun, of course... the picture was made during Project Nagual and matches the inside of the CD disk... (page 6/7 of the online brochure)

another fine choice would have been but I don't own that...

pronunciation of Shango (and other names): versus the bottom of the page is a link to an mp3...

and, thanks for your kind words about the album ! :)  

7 Dec 2009 @ 09:40 by Andy Moubray @ : Music to match your writing.
I am glad you sent this to me earlier this year. I enjoy it. I think you should also try to release print copies of the rest of the Logs of JD Flora. It's not nearly as good having them printed and bound locally. Any word on a second volume of Polar Dynamics? Also, any thoughts on the coming changes in humanity and the Earth?  

1 May 2016 @ 13:48 by Julz @ : tEnhuXviEygWWnmsiOg
Congrats on winning those things! Lucky you & waw, this 2 toned bread looks amazing, dear Angie! Just wodrunfel to look at & to taste it, must be even better! MMMMM!  

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