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 Buying my own paper from over 18 yrs ago...3 comments
picture5 Oct 2009 @ 15:05, by Max Sandor

By now nearly 6 years ago, my ex threw out most of my books (some claim she burnt them), including the legendary "Proceedings of the 4th World Conference on Robotics Research 1991/1898" which contained a paper of mine. Lost forever?

Far from it - thanks to the miracles of the Internet, my paper of more than 18 years ago resurfaced. offers all 11 pages of it for precisely 18 bucks (one dollar per year?) as a pdf for download or shipped in printed form in 24-48 hours, see [link] . The best parts, its colorful diagrams, are missing, 3 empty pages at the end are staring at me instead.

Of course, you can also buy the entire "Proceedings" of this legendary world conference, hosted in 1991 by the Carnegie Mellon University [link] for the modest sum of 132 greenbacks. A prophetic work, indeed, going at the same time backward and forward in time, spanning 103 years, and, according to vendor, first published in June 1988 by the Society of Manufacturing Engineers [link] , three years before I presented the article: "Software Development Concepts For Intelligent Control Of Concurrent Processes". Some time-traveling in the style of JD Flora [link], for sure.

Now, seriously, the power of documentation via the Internet extends itself backward into time. If this trend continues, we will see Cesar's ORGINAL 'De Bello Gallico', annotated by himself and his ghostwriter(s), perhaps published by Thomson Reuters under the heading 'Science' with subheading 'War'. Who knows?

For now, I still need to recover a thesis of mine from 1979, burnt by my mother in 1985, presenting a 'Meta-Parser for Compiler-Compilers', a precursor to my 'ConCur' system, precursor to the Toth diagram [link] , for the bold project of my mentors Wirth and Piloty to create a computer language to create computer languages and to model the world as such once and for all! (see Digital Physics [link] ). But, don't worry, I let Tony Smith [link] fight it out with Wolfram & Fredkin.

In any case, I bought my own paper back today and it feels strange to read my predictions about the future of computer programming languages. 19 years ago already ahead of today.

(see for example [link] that I RT-ed (retweed or re-twittered?) some days ago after receiving the link from Lionel [link])

Well, well, well...

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5 Oct 2009 @ 22:56 by mortimer : documentation via the Internet
video of Anne Frank has arrived...  

11 Oct 2009 @ 04:43 by vaxen : Mmmm Hmmm
Journey To The Temple


Bachianas Brasileiras

Zein Und Zeit

3/4, 4/4, 9/6 etc.,

J.D. Flora stole the hyperspace rods and prevented the dissolution of Terra's most ancient yesod, La Luna... Bravo J.D.! Awfully well of tea?


11 Oct 2009 @ 12:32 by mortimer : onederful robots
could install JavaScript AI Mind on newciv,

bootstrap Odu

The goberment is preparing roadblocks for mandatory deodorant. They say its not implemented yet but they are just preparing for the worse case scenario. The current government data systems is not capable of tracking who has deodorant or not, in case of such a crisis the real-ID will be implemented with a RFID chip.  

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