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picture11 Nov 2009 @ 19:00, by Max Sandor

From: 'Beyond Good and Evil" (by Frater Otto, currently translated by Max Sandor)

"... how it came that man of our times, of our morals, with all his cults, ideas conceived, has lost his days and years of happiness? Tell me, please tell me, since no one still has yet us briefed.

We eye the simple man of nature, we wonder why he is serene. We show him what we have and then we have to watch: how is he loosing innocence and rapture? How does his fate turn suddenly, from choice to slavery, inside and outwards, outside and inwards?

We know we cannot back up, we can't go back, turn our backs: to that we got we owe. And, no, we still don't know what we're missing, what we have left behind. What does prevent us from being happy and free? What is man waiting for? Why is he dreaming and not living?

Thousands of books have been written. They have been printed in the millions. And for a little time, here and there, some people get a glimpse of happiness, yes, but shallow in comparison, feeble and weak, for seconds, may be minutes, what should be years and lives.

Not yet one, so much I know, has talked about what's really missing. Or, if he did, who ever listend?

This much I know for sure, a bushman told me: if you can feel the moment after triumph, if you can feel contentment, of yourself, your family, after you've brought home what you had hunted, if you can feel that, no matter what you want, it's yours!

But you guys, white and tall, are thinking and talking, you are dreaming. Not even about what you would have once you've got it. But NO, you're dreaming about how you are going about it, what others talk about it, thinking about what you should think in order to get there instead of feeling what you will feel after it's yours.

And therefore, you have all these fancy things around you, designed to make you satisfied. But, look, you can never be happy because you never feel the joy of your conquests, you never think of it. Instead, you keep on running, breathless, just like the hunted animal you're are supposed to catch.

But it's so simple: if you feel gratitude, life itself will rush to bring you what will make you happy. If you feel freedom in yourself, shackles and ropes of slavery slip away by themselves. If you can feel the feeling of achievement already now, you won't be able to avoid success.

It's too easy, I can hear you think, no pain no gain, you say it and you mean it. But what you get through effort and through force is only what comes before them: emergencies and violence.

You like to imagine and to boast that you know what's yielding what, cause and effect, and maybe so, but as you don't use that what you know, you're running after happiness without ever catching it, chasing abundance but living like a slave, dreaming of freedom to do what you want, without time to enjoy just one minute all that you got.

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15 Nov 2009 @ 20:37 by scotty : chasing abundance
"but living like a slave, dreaming of freedom to do what you want, without time to enjoy just one minute all that you got."

So true !

This is equally true - "if you feel gratitude, life itself will rush to bring you what will make you happy."

Living in Gratitude yes that's the secret !

Thanks for sharing  

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