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picture19 Nov 2009 @ 13:12, by Max Sandor

Reflecting on the impact of Indian philosophy on the occidental world:

Witnessing what is being 'sold' as Yoga in the Western world is quite a sorry thing.

Yoga means 'union' but what exactly should be UNITED has been forgotten or is being ignored: Shiva and Shakti, Spirit and Soul, in their eternal dance, confused, melted together, a total chaos within most people's lives.

Today's yoga teachers should teach how to recognize and separate spirit, soul, and body BEFORE trying to do the UNION (yoga)!!!

There is only one major current that is reflecting the original wisdom of the Vedas in the West, the Ayurvedic system, and even there most of the practitioners in speaking and writing about it are confusing the qualities ("gunas") with their deficiencies ("doshas") and fail to perceive its global and universal importance beyond an oily 'massage'.

The recognition that there are three minds, one each for the spirit, soul, and the body itself is a major step in itself but the separation of them to re-join them as a new unit is quite a different task. In all the years I encountered only one 'school' (cult?) of the original Patanjali line buried in a suburb of Mumbai (back then Bombay) that was teaching in that direction.

Patanjali, the author of the famous 'Yogasutram', was so afraid that his teachings could be abused that he 'cloaked' the deeper aspects of his teachings, especially that what was called 'reversed gunas' in Polar Dynamics 1 [link] , a book still unparalleled in its importance.

On a positive footnote, mainstream thinking is evolving towards a clearer view of things: even 'official psychology' is starting to recognize the significance of archetypes beyond Jung's rough sketches and the fractionalization of the human identities beyond Freud's ID and SUPER-ID.

More on that coming soon..

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20 Nov 2009 @ 04:31 by Terrence Brannon @ : re: """3 minds"""
I've been reading the Mace Method material and the author has a stunning way of limiting what the mind can do. He says the mind _only_ generates images that the thetan instructs it to.

His definition was freeing for me, because things I thought were out of control in the MIND, were actually things I created myself in a single moment of deciding that something was senior to me.

But it would be interesting to know what is meant by "mind" above and what functions the "mind" has... i.e. LRH's idea of reactive mind simply doesnt exist in Mace Method because that is something spirit took on and played out in the mind.  

20 Nov 2009 @ 17:08 by mx @ : definitions
the problem is that one needs to define a frame of reference. Identifying the elements at hand and THEN showing the relationships. One can see 'the' mind as a canvas upon which the 'spirit/thetan' draws a picture. The problem is that he rarely 'clears' the old pictures he drew, painting on top of drawings, until he desn't know anymore what's what. Even worse, he can draw a picture for something in the future on the very same canvas and now he doesn't anymore what time it is.

But that's only one side of the medal... emotions are nearly hopelessly entangled with 'the will'.

Surat Shabd Yoga uses Light and Sound to vibrate the two sides to cause a clean separation which results in either a 'Girapoli Peakstate' (search this Blog) culminating in 'Samadhi'.

Note, in Ifa this polarity lies within what's called Irosun-wonrin and is ONE out of 256 combinations, counting the 'orientation' of the charge, 1024 combinations of energies (or principles/phenomena). Just to show a bit what's out there, hehe...  

3 Sep 2016 @ 05:16 by xender for pc @ : lp
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