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picture11 Dec 2009 @ 16:38, by Max Sandor

While we arrived at a fairly comprehensive update of the ancient system of Ifá for modern times in regards to the primal energies (Olodus), there still was a considerable lack of linking energies and the archetypes.

Note, that the primal energies (Olodus) can be seen as an axiomatic system of the 16 basic principles of anything that exists (see Polar Dynamics 1 by Sandor/Dawson [link] )and it's binary geometry is reflected in the Toth Diagram [link] .

The Archetypes (or Archons, Devas, Orishas, Spiritual Guides, or Archangels, Sephiroth, whatever you like to call them) never fit exactly in the binary structure of the energy polarities (Olodus). It was significant to realize that contemplating the binary sequence alone was not sufficient. One crucial question was the overlap of the Eshu (counter) forces from below with the Orisha forces from 'above'.

Note, that this way of seeing 'creation' is NOT 'creationalistic' but supports the concept of 'evolution', and very much so, except for the 'design' aspect and the 'first unfolding', two topics for which the 'evolutionist' do NOT have a response themselves.

When I branched out to the decimal system of 'counting' the archetypal forces, I looked again at the odd relationship between the number of 201 Archetypes (in this aspect also called Irunmole) and the number of 256 energies (Olodus) out of which they spring, and then, after realizing that there are 55 prime numbers between 1 and 256, saw that the Archetypes arise out of the 201 non-prime numbers and that the 55 prime numbers are allocated exclusively to Eshus (and another force which I will not name here).

Edward J. Dawson spearheaded a new division of the Archetypes in the past years. A part of this work is reflected in our book 'Your Personal Archetype' [link] but much progress was made since then. Most importantly, he realized the concordance of the 6 archetypes, 3 males and 3 females, with the concept of the 'triune brain' (link?) and charted the four-directional subdivision of the 6 'archetype complexes', matching them with 'traditional' observation.

Already some time ago, I found that the numbering within one of the traditional Ifa divination systems, the 'Merindinlogun', is the 'real' numbering system within the Archetypes and that it is a decimal and not a binary system. It took longer to also find out that it is multiplication that creates 'offspring' of the main archetypes and not addition (as it is predominant in 'sacred number' theories).

Looking at the number space in relation to the archetypal forces, I arrived at a crystal, and with the help of the 2.5yr old crystal child Anthony, as you can see in the photo attached, we made a little 'clay-match-demo' of Anthony's Crystal!

How would a 'new/old Genesis' then read when built onto the decimal numberspace?

(It's not quite clear if it would be better to avoid 'traditional Ifá' names in order to not confuse everybody. But then, people who are not able to recognize the archetypes in living persons around them, a 'systemic perception ability' as I think, will not be interested in what follows and will reject any talk about 'archetypes' as humbug. so I might as well...)

Note that the story is in significantly similar to the Indian and other versions of creation.

The Number Pre-Genesis-Story According to Sandor ;-)

Once upon a time, a great architect (Olodumare in Ifa) created a cosmic egg (Ela, the "ALL") containing Orisha'nla and Oduduwa, the male and the female principle, the numbers 1 and 2 were born. With them arrived the first two principles of creation, Okanran and Oyeku.

They were struggling hard with each other for dominance until the egg broke with a big bang. From the placenta (?) came forth Earth (Onile) and out of it (?) the Eshus were sent to collect the pieces from the egg shell that exploded. The number 3 were born and its principle is called Ogunda. All of them were siblings ("achim") of Ela, the ALL, hence called the Elohim.

They were now in three and each of them supported by the others created new pairs of being, male and female. From the soul below came Osun and Oshun, the numbers 4 and 5 and the principles of Iré Osun and Oshe. From the center of Earth Shango and Yemonja, the numbers 6 and 7, the principles Obara and Odi, and from the spirit above came Oba(tala)and Oya(tala), the numbers 8 and 9, the principles of Ogbe and Osa, were born.

'All together, let's create Man', they said and so they did. Number 10 was born from the, the principle of Ofun, the Alpha and Omega, the end that was a new beginning.

And the Elohim looked at their creation and it was a beautiful crystal with a triangle at the top, two layers of six sides below, culminating in a tip at the bottom that would soon become the starting point of the next involution cycle. Any light, passing through the crystal was divided into beautiful colors, except for the 8, Ogbe, as it was all white, the strange mixture of all colors in 9, Osa,and the superposition of all focused light beams in 10, Ofun, which was therefore transparent. And so the first fractal was complete.

"Let the games begin", they said and that's how they became the 10 Sephiroth.

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11 Dec 2009 @ 21:13 by Dario @ : confusion
Ok, Well!!!

I am now more confused.

if the olodus are created in sequences, I know that the dominant olodus in a reading is Ogbè, then oyeku, iwory...

you wrote in this article that Okanran and Oyeku was the first arrived.

So, Okanran and Oyeku has seen more then Oshe or Osa or Ofun...

where are the other 6 left?

So that would be now, a new sequence?

Would be better for me to SEE this film before to comment...
Where is the Dvd????



11 Dec 2009 @ 21:41 by mx @ : the rest and the sequence.....
the traditional order is the priority or 'RELATIVE STRENGHT (Dawson)' of the Odu in divination. In Polar Dynamics 1 we swapped Oshe and Ofun to the top because that is the LOGICAL SEQUENCE. In Merindinlogun, there is BOTH a different sequence of numbering for divination ('how many cowries yield an Odu?' AND ALSO for the relative strength. The presented sequence is part of the INTERNAL HIERARCHY of the 201 Irunmole. One can derive a Genesis from that but that doesn't say anything about relative strength or their logical sequence or 'how they arrived'. The sequence presented here has been VERIFIED many times over without yet finding a conflict. It has very specific applications and is not invalidating or changing anything that was found before. As far as I see it is also bridging the gap between ancient numerology systems and Ifa besides bridging Orisha and Odu system.  

11 Dec 2009 @ 23:23 by Ed Dawson @ : redo the 3-D model
The model on the table of sticks and clay needs some additions and rearranging.

1. it is upside down to the usual mode of awareness of pro-positive/anti-negative. The way it sits on the table you have Ori down and Eshu up.

2. Please connect the six points that currently sit on the table to form a hexagon. This is the wheel of orishas I originally drew out on a napkin at a restaurant. :))) This should give you 21 paths.

The center of the hexagon is Ori. If that gets a stick and point straight away (currently "down" through the table) then you have a path to the higher self of the higher self (Oriori); this should give you the 22nd. The hexagon points are the six archetype complexes. The triangle currently seen as "up" is Eshu.

Please flip this upside down (in other words, make it right way up), add the connections between the six, and add the straight up center point to Single Deity (Oriori) at the apex of and above Coexistence.

That should complete it. Max and I have brought together Ifa, Hebrew mysticism, and advanced Freezone theory.

11 Dec 2009 @ 23:41 by Ed Dawson @ : PS:
There is no clay at the top of the stick to Oriori. 10 points, 22 paths.  

11 Dec 2009 @ 23:48 by mx @ : Ed, you've spilled the beans..
..and I need to find a better material to make the dots...

the model is only for the first odus of course, those which I think are equivalent to the tree of life (check it out how they connect)..

!!!the Kab-alah too has the tree of life upside down!!!, btw, and you are correct, Ed. Only, Anthony finished off the model before I could tilt it for a photograph, excuses, excuses, oh well..

Yes, Ed and Dario, there are 6 energies missing to make the model complete (and 6 more if you want to have Universe model self-sufficient as Ed pointed out).

As of now, I don't think I want to make this public. Whoever is at the height of thinking in these realms, can complete the model for him/herself if s/he wants to..  

12 Dec 2009 @ 00:14 by Dario @ :
try geomag.  

12 Dec 2009 @ 00:15 by mx @ : addition..
Ed, your list in "Max and I have brought together Ifa, Hebrew mysticism, and advanced Freezone theory." needs to be expanded to include large parts of the Vedas, Gotamo "Buddha", the Gnostic Archons, Anastasios Nordenholz' orginal 'Scientologie (1934)', and Bucky Fuller, just to name a few :-) .. (not even counting things like the Runes numerology)..  

12 Dec 2009 @ 00:18 by mx @ : Oscar !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Anthony wants these geomag pieces... yummy... got the drift??

and get a bunch of these cool moon calendars PER FAVORE!!! I keep forgetting you to ask you for this...

and finally, if there is still room in the rucksack, haul a bass guitar over here unless you want to stay fretless using mine..  

12 Dec 2009 @ 00:35 by Ed Dawson @ : Yeah...
Yes, all of those too, especially Fuller. I was just hitting a few of the high points.

You and Oscar hop a plane to LAX and come jam with Aaron and I. (accoustic please)


12 Dec 2009 @ 00:40 by mx @ : cosmic jamming..
Bucky was the absolute pioneer on the geometry parts but nobody got the QUALITIES of the nodes in the structure. It's those qualities that make everything a game..

for clustering, close-packing/spacefiller, etc, here is a nice demo on hectagonal fractals:  

12 Dec 2009 @ 00:48 by Dario @ : anch'io!!!!!!
I wanna play too!!

I know the meaning of drum circle, don't really know what is accoustic :-D


12 Dec 2009 @ 00:58 by mx @ : you still get to drag your acoustic didg
Dario, you still get to drag your acoustic didge from Brasile to the land of the Middle (and then to LA)?

it can't spoil or rot since it's PVC but if you leave it here for much longer Anthony won't let you take it away, you saw the pic the other day... :)  

12 Dec 2009 @ 01:12 by Dario @ : acoustic didge?
you mean didgeridoo?do I have a didgeridoo there?

it's easy to meet in LA directly. would cost too much for me.  

12 Dec 2009 @ 01:21 by mx @ : well..
I got two extra didgeridoos, one is Oscar's, the other one I thought was yours, but maybe it was your dad's didge.. you said "it's easy to meet in LA directly. would cost too much for me.!" did you mean "it's NOT easy..."?? can be earned (some people have it even without earning it!).. just postulate good enough ;-)  

12 Dec 2009 @ 01:31 by Dario @ : yep
it's easier to meet in LA because I would do 1 travel less... (miDlanD-LA-miDlanD instead miDlan-Bra-LA-miDlanD)

but if you organize a drum circle in Bra... that would be a big problem with few solutions...:-)  

12 Dec 2009 @ 01:43 by mx @ : mi LA no?
Dario, methinks you let yourself influence by the subliminal message of your city's name to "NOT go to LA!" Get this subliminal shit out of your costume, pleeze.. ;-)  

12 Dec 2009 @ 02:20 by Ed Dawson @ : didges
Max I have your two PVC didges with the gold paint and red/white ribbon. They are keeping your iron opa osun sculpture company.  

12 Dec 2009 @ 03:15 by Dario @ : mi-la-no
i think i will stay here... I(me) don't(no) go there(la).


12 Dec 2009 @ 12:44 by mx @ : La mi la sol, la sol la mi: La mi la sol
Dario, chant this!
Break the spell.. you can do it!

or buy it here and make a subliminal mix with the Dead Kennedys

Ed, what do you think of this hit list: ?

And thanks for hosting my old Opa Osun and the didges! Where do you keep that stuff? They're not exactly handy items...  

12 Dec 2009 @ 13:22 by Dario @ : L'AQUILA

if I will be a citizen of this city then there would be a continuos travel LA-here(quì)-LA.


15 Dec 2009 @ 16:07 by Ed Dawson @ : that list
Max, that list is too heavy on the ska for my tastes. And what the hell is Bad Brains doing at the BOTTOM of the list?? Another case of the bottom is the top I guess... ;-)))

The opa osu and didges are upright at the top of the stairs just outside my bedroom.  

16 Dec 2009 @ 08:14 by Ori @ : Tree of Life
belated sidebar: this summer I passed the time working with the Kabalistic tree of life and Ifa divination system.
The outcome: Irosun-Tura or Irete-Wonrin?
Very interesting.  

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