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picture20 Mar 2010 @ 18:45, by Max Sandor

From Frater Otto's texts:
(On Motivated Willpower and Unconditioned Volition):

...the True and Complete Human is able to raise a 'will'. A will which has not been motivated by others nor pressured by Meme's of groups. A will that was never created by others and is not being maintained to please or satisfy anyone else. This 'will', let's call it 'unconditioned volition', raises out of the sea of consciousness like a giant whale. Visible only for a short time, it soon sinks back into the depth of the ocean of awareness. The waves generated by this appearance survive for a short time as seemingly 'unmotivated willpower'. Then, the human mind invents or allocates a reason WHY it must exist and assumes a purpose for something which was originally unconditioned, not-motivated, without predecessor, new-in-itself, and not a restimulation of anything prior. THIS SPONTANEOUS VOLITION NOW is the quality that the True and Complete Human is able to bring about, and be it only rarely and spontaenously. Being subject to the manupulation around us, it rarely is being recognized even the moment it occured and it quickly subdues to be 'rational' when in fact it was entirely 'irrational', or better 'arational', not needing any justification for its existence, nor purpose, nor an end...
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20 Mar 2010 @ 19:01 by Ed Dawson @ : Will
Will or Volition is the highest split in the tree of tertiary splits I have found so far. The tree opens up from the bottom of the universe/tone scale and splits upward toward the top of the tone scale. The center or "mediator" of a triangle forms a series of of "middle path" items that starts with Games and moves through Winning, Ownership, Understanding, Communication, Intention, and ending in Volition. This is moving through the triangles: Games, KRC, ARC, and Communication.  

20 Mar 2010 @ 19:12 by Ed Dawson @ : I omitted a triangle
I omitted the Win (serfac) triangle. The sequence is
Games, Win (Serfac), KRC, ARC, and Communication.  

20 Mar 2010 @ 19:23 by mx @ : graph..
the volition Frater Otto talks of is a super peak state.. above games and independent of co/authors.. if you agree I'll post your graph (which goes right to left) on the BLOG... or send me an update...  

20 Mar 2010 @ 23:51 by Daniela @ : what I see...
The waves generated by this appearance survive for a short time as Seemingly 'Unmotivated willpower'. If a wave that arrives is visible for a few moments, does not mean that survives for a few moments, rather I undestand it goes beyond that and go through several different universes and vibration and can be visible for a few moments .. like a comet. If at that moment a true and complete man is tuned, if he finds fun, if he wishes, he / she has that power. motivation is not to be found only in the realm of manifestation!! and I think that a power of choice at this level is the key that drives the evolution of consciousness. those small movements of the 'cosmic clock. the beating of wings of the butterfly. like look from higher point, more and more.
Frater Otto: "Motivated Willpower and Unconditioned Volition is a state where you are alone here, but together with the whole universal forces and supported by the power of Knowledge and Consciousness that gives you the strength that innate instinct to know how , how to rise? is it? one-way , a direction, no obstacles, infinite patience, certainty. no doubt, no restimulations , not need support by a group , a meme.. like a breath that gives life coming from oyeku .
a real man is pure and completely channeled and HE/SHE IS . and has a will that can not be explained by a formula, designed, there is a no concept inside, it escapes continuously at the eyes of no pure man, it can not be calculated in advance , but'! is crucial that anyone gets in this research, because when someone can see it, design, sing, dance, it is proof that the step is over and a next COMETA is arriving ... and so on  

21 Mar 2010 @ 01:20 by Ed Dawson @ : Volition
This Volition is the same superstate mentioned on Geoff Filbert's Expanded Tone Scale. It is tone +160 on that scale. But a linear scale is a problem because at any one tone there may be more than one thing crushed together. So it is with tone +160, because he names parts of two triangles as the same item (coexistence and volition, the first is a state of being and the second an action). That said, this is not necessarily an error because both of those triangles are operating at the same super level. I'll send Max a jpeg of the latest working graphic... don't mind a question mark or two.  

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