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picture23 Mar 2010 @ 04:31, by Max Sandor

If triads follow the principle of a fractal universe, their interrelationships should be by consequence, a fractal triangle.

A tree of relative seniority containing the most important triads has been constructed by Ed Dawson (an excerpt has been attached at the bottom of the drawing).

In the triad-representation here we can see how the fractalization (in this tree from right to left) is transferring to an INVOLUTION within the fractal triangle. Unlike a Sierpinski triangle that evolutes into its evolutions, we INVOLUTE into the center gap because the SIDES of the newly created triangles define the NEW triangle.

An interesting question pops up (once again): are the triangular relationships really involutionary or are they evolving from the inside out. Meaning, is 'volition' or 'pure will' the RESULT of human evolution or was is the starting point of a DEVOLUTION?

This is indeed THE FUNDAMENTAL question of all philosophies and religions!

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23 Mar 2010 @ 05:11 by Ed Dawson @ : Hmmm...
You cut off the triads at the effort band. ;-)  

23 Mar 2010 @ 05:52 by Mark @ : Request
Hi Max,
Thanks for this - and to Ed of course.
Any chance you could provide the possibility to get the Picture bigger?
It's no good like that to pin on the wall and if you try to enlarge it it goes blurr...

23 Mar 2010 @ 11:12 by daniela @ : Where is the god of knowledge?
much depends on where we place God:
I consider evolution as the action of aiming for perfection, and then go from lower forms and rudimentary forms gradually more and more perfect, and then a movement upwards or towards a LIGHT off from our center, with a sense of reach with movement.
I consider devolution as the action of falling or going down, to the center, a more violent movement that goes to a empty.
Both philosophy and religion born, I think, by movements of the soul: a infinite and passionate love, meaningless PHILO-SOPHICAL, once identified and reached FIND THE MEANING OF COMPLETENESS AND PERFECTION , so continuing the movement is to be loved and cared for, and then threatens to devolve into religious worship, in the fall, like an obsession.
The meme of the FALL or look down ( the devolution or decentralization ) has in order to retrace the path to the contrary in order to get back into a state evolved. Wonder what a PhiloSopher is in fact a Great Religious and vice versa and if philosophy is at the service of religion or otherwise.
where is this perfect person with this power of will which is able to get out of the canons of philosophy and religion, from this mega script infinite? I want to know you !!  

23 Mar 2010 @ 12:59 by mx @ : link to better image resolution / wheels
see here for a better quality of the image:

(d)evolution issue: of course there is the possibility of endless repetitions of evolution followed by devolution... but the question remains: what was first?

yes, I crudely cut off at the effort end. It would be too confusing at the first take... will do a zoom-out including that which will have the current one embedded... in this blurb I was interested in showing how everything fits together in a fractal triangle (before completing the picture as such)...  

23 Mar 2010 @ 14:02 by daniela @ : thank you for biger image
The question of the century! Has this whole matter who came first? the chicken without the egg would be very sad without the chicken and the egg could not grow. . it is certain that the egg was hatched and at that time were both there :-). I have a question these days: first comes the question or the answer? The view is created to show an image that can be seen and thus meet the response or the evolution is the result, the answer to a question, and then we evolve based on what we can see, but already there? .. or even evolution is only the ability to see the different points of view created? or the creation of points of view? Osa. | |. .. Ehehehe already is confusion  

23 Mar 2010 @ 14:51 by Ed Dawson @ : tree of tertiary splits
The graphic by myself above has its left end chopped off. What is missing is the Lower Source and a couple of triangles just above it.

Daniela, the usual "light, white" God is on the right at "Single Being" but this is a false image; the true God is behind Volition. God is also present in the missing left end because at Games (missing) is the Lord of the Game, also known as Lady Luck and Eshu. What you see above is 2/3 of the center sequence of a three lobed tree of 3-part splits. Many of the triangles are not yet identified. Some are known but their position on the tree is not yet known. Max chopped off some of the left end of the center sequence because (and I agree) it is too hot, too restimulative, and too dangerous.

In the spirit of this blog I also want to point out that the left side of the graphic (missing) is the inside which became the outside; and the right side of the graphic is the outside which became the inside.

23 Mar 2010 @ 15:45 by mx @ : the bigger picture & gradient..
the middle part should better be confronted before the 'big' picture is tackled.
Of course, parts of the 'Game' (missing left) can already be cleaned to a certain degree beforehand. When the parts are 'clean', the whole can be visualized. Like with the Toth Diagram, meditating about the 'structure' downloads significant chunks of insights and it does so wholesale at the risk of overwhelm.
For the right side, here ending in 'volition', let's take an example: the 'vision' (literally) of Advaita Vedanta of the 'purushArta' is EXACTLY HOW 'VOLITION' appears as rising from the 'sea of consciousness and in Vedanta it is considered both the true nature of a Being and its goal, because arriving there is 'mokSha', total freedom, the ultimate objective.
HO, HO, HO!!!!!!!!!! Hold your horses! WHAT CAN BE OBSERVED CANNOT BE ONESELF!! Booda sez. AND HE'S RIGHT! PurushArta is NOT the highest state possible as behind there is **at least** the 'unmoveable observer' (in Gnostic terminology). The 'atman/bodhi/sattva' triad (intentionally omitted on the right), looms still unconfronted on the horizon ;)
Vedanta stops right there at volition, admittedly still higher than most other philosophies/religions, but still it STOPS there. One may speculate that they're missing the viewpoint of the alternating inside/outside stages. It doesn't matter, tho, it stops there.. One may also speculate that the 'guru architecture' of their tradition prevents them from running the 'Power Process' on 'Source' to EP (final result). In any case, it comes to a sudden halt (a most beautiful vision, indeed)  

23 Mar 2010 @ 16:29 by Tim @ : Neo-Advaita
There seems to be a strain of Advaita Vedanta (so-called 'Neo-Advaita') which does not even consider 'states' or levels at all - as there is no one there to be liberated. Almost like a one-shot-deal.

However, I suspect that this is simply a not-so-subtle form of denial. I have met many who claim to have been liberated from the bonds of Maya, yet they're still suffering unhandled problems with pretty basic stuff: Relationships, Finances etc. That's alright - but it's all dismissed as being irrelevant.  

23 Mar 2010 @ 17:52 by bushman : Hmm
Why make it so complicated?, free will is governed by choice/mood/simple needs for survival. Getting from point A to point B is always a strait line right down the middle, as in leaving the path your on absorbs time and requires far more effort to get back on track once you have deviated from your original path/focus. Sometimes one has to devolve to get where they want/need to be. I mean no one really knows whats on the otherside once they are done here on this plain of existance. Anyway , thanks, was very intresting. :}  

24 Mar 2010 @ 00:19 by alkaro @ : Thanks
Thanks for the big picture !!

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