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picture1 May 2010 @ 20:03, by Max Sandor

What looks a bit strange, if not obscene, then opens with a strong fragrance, makes a popping sound in the evening, and finally falls down to Earth?

Don't know it yet?

OK, it's attracting all kinds of strange birds that are fighting over it and it has a name that is as glorious and superlativistic like itself!

Aahh.. you got it!ù


the incredible weired Pseudobombax ellipticum.

Surrounding the Sandorian Grove, it's that time of year where the lawn is covered with their flowers in less than an hour after having raked it clean.

Oh well, it's of many uses, for sure, none of which are known to me. For example, the natives make an aphrodisiac from their flowers but won't tell anyone just how it's done.

It's one of those plants that don't talk a lot, so it's been difficult to squeeze out any information from them directly. Hmmm....

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12 May 2010 @ 15:48 by mortimer : What Are Morphic Fields?

morphogenetic video -

morphogenetic text -  

13 May 2010 @ 12:35 by mortimer : Morphic Spam
If you make new content and spam it, there won't be a morphic field for it the first time. Therefore, it may be very difficult to spam; you have to wait for a morphic field to emerge. The second time, however, even if you do this somewhere else in the internet, there will be an influence from the first spam, and it should spam a bit more easily. The third time there will be an influence from the first and second, and so on. There will be a cumulative influence from previous spam, so it should get easier and easier to spam the more often you spam.  

25 Jun 2010 @ 10:57 by mortimer : Morphogenetic Fields - The Lung Matrix
"In a new study, researchers took lungs from a living rat and used detergents to remove lung cells and blood vessels, revealing the organ's underlying matrix.

This lung "skeleton"—made of flexible proteins, sugars, and other chemicals—consists of a branching network that divides more than 20 times into smaller and smaller structures. (See an interactive graphic of lung structure.)

The researchers placed these "decellularized" lungs into a bioreactor, a machine filled with a slurry containing different types of lung cells extracted from rat fetuses.

(Related: "Scientists Grow Lung Cells From Stem Cells.")

Within several days, the fetal cells naturally attached to the lung matrix and formed a functional lung.

"By and large, the correct subsets of cells went to their correct anatomical locations," explained study leader Laura Niklason, a biomedical engineer at Yale University. "It appears that the lung matrix has cues, or 'zip codes,' that tell the cells where to land." ~  

30 Jul 2010 @ 20:34 by Jude Ogunade @ : I am not alone!
Feel a lot lonely here, don't know that I am not the only one who hears the voice of living beings: plants for example!  

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