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picture14 Jul 2010 @ 14:52, by Max Sandor


We the People  of the Galaxies, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure intergalactic Tranquility, provide for the common defence, promote the general Warfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to Ourselves, our Ancestors, and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United Religions of the Galaxies.

Article I
Section 1
No legislative Powers herein granted shall be vested to any Congress in whichever parts of the Galaxies.

Section 2
1:  No one shall ever speak in the name of any Gxd, any Master, Ascended or Not, spirit, or any other person or unperson. Let these guys talk for themselves, dammit!

2: The headquarters of the United Religions shall be located in the city of the Holy Rock in Brazil, in the state of the Holy Paul.

3: These, the United Religions, shall be known as TRIMONOPAN, ending once and for all the endless war amongst the people of the Galaxies whether Gxd is one, many, a duality, a trinity, or simply everything.

4: Its founding day, July 14th, shall be only holyday in all the Galaxies, replacing, 4th of July and other odditities.

Section 3

1. There shall be only two actions required for joining the Universal Religions of TRIMONOPAN: a) contemplating Gxd as local/personal ("MONO") AND AS non-local/infinite ("PAN") AT THE SAME TIME, and b) contemplating what is IN BETWEEN the ONE and the MANY ("TRI")

2. Whoever says anything else shall be automatically excommunicated.

Section 4:
(Recommendation to the now superfluos antic religions:
1. Make "every holy city", a religious venue. Like a theme park, where everyone who goes there is a visitor, and can never take up residence and claim it as thier own. You know, like our national forests, you can only camp there, for a few days only, with a permit, or in designated areas for up to 7 days!  

Signatures on file at the local county clerk:
Mr. Kaabamax, Frater Otto, Solomoreno, Bushman, and all the other Founding Boys
mx f8, S/M, xxx, et alii
The City of the Holy Rock, this Wednesday July 14th, in the year of the MegaLord 2010

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14 Jul 2010 @ 15:34 by bushman : Hmm
Well then, they should make "every holy city", a religious venue. Like a theme park, where everyone who goes there is a visitor, and can never take up residence and claim it as thier own. You know, like our national forests, you can only camp there, for a few days only, with a permit, or in designated areas for up to 7 days.  

16 Jul 2010 @ 16:11 by mx @ : bushman, solomoreno, et alii, see update
fyi, I updated according to your suggestions... we still listen to suggestions!!  

21 Jul 2010 @ 18:31 by mx @ : updated the post with a church sign..
how could I have done without it???

see on how to do your own!!  

21 Jul 2010 @ 19:42 by bushman : Nice :}
Everyone needs a church sign. :}  

21 Jul 2010 @ 20:30 by solomoreno : A rant...of sorts.
I BETTER see that sign out front of the Grove next time I visit. Or else I'm turning around and converting to Islam:-p

Is Article 1, Section 3, Subheading 1 enough to promote true religions? I had a recent conversation with Ed and he helped me look again at the notion of religion. Any TRUE religion must be utterly and unquestionably NON-POLAR in nature! If it even begins to promote one absolute over another, it no longer promotes wholeness and one should investigate whether its founders or promoters are themselves polarized and are thus making that polarization right by marketing their half-assed tech. I may very well be referring to the influence of a person's archetype on that person's contribution to the field of religion.  

22 Jul 2010 @ 01:28 by mx @ : rant..
make some suggestions on how to formulate that subheading in a better way!!

excommunication: anyone caught with an absolute or any other polarization shall be excommunicated for... how many cycles???  

22 Jul 2010 @ 05:50 by mortimer : Conundrum
The problem. Your polarizing against people who polarize.  

22 Jul 2010 @ 13:11 by solomoreno : Oh geez
The problem. You are confusing the levels of abstraction. You are suggesting that I am polarized towards wholeness?!? That's absurd. Wholeness and unwholesomeness are a VERTICAL opposition. Wholeness is not on the same level as unwholesomeness (unwholesomeness = describe all of the polarizations to which I am referring to). In fact, wholeness is on a level all of its own. Oppositions like self vs. no-self are ON THE SAME LEVEL--non-self would be the negative of self. Wholeness has no negatives because it includes all negatives. And it has no positives because it contains all positives.

Your cute, but highly absurd, idea is just another version of the kind of mental gymnastics that led to a misunderstanding of Buddhism. Nirvana, just like wholeness, IS NOT A STATE WITHIN THE SYSTEM. Therefore, it is not relative, and cannot be compared to a state within the system. In fact, when someone asked Gotama what it was like, he said, "It is not existence; it is not non-existence; it is not BOTH existence nor non-existence; and it is not neither existence nor non-existence." In other words, Nirvana is a state-beyond-a-state that cannot even be spotted within the highest mirrored duality, that of ogbe and oyeku.

Max: I will work on a succinct formulation. Though, I'm wondering whether polarization of religion is unavoidable??? What'dya think?  

23 Jul 2010 @ 23:41 by mortimer : 10AM Polarize
Your comment serves to prove my point. Mental gymnastics, nope. I only shared a simple observation; conundrum. Ironically, your "idea" suggests the same. Its a conundrum. I have addressed this before and nobody responded. Thank you for bringing the rationalization to light.

Also note, calling my observation "absurd"; an argumentative fallacy which asserts that disagreement with the proposition indicates misunderstanding of it.
The good news. I just polarized AT&T and saved $360 on my ISP bill. And drum robot got 6 times faster ~ {}  

26 Jul 2010 @ 22:09 by mortimer : Observation
The evil genius embedded the establishment. And high level malicious fallacy became inherently part of the map.  

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