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picture15 Jul 2010 @ 22:05, by Max Sandor

Most people are totally convinced that there is one and only one reality. Unfortunately they also think that this reality should be the same for everybody.

But our picture of the world depends on how we connect our ideas and concepts, the Memes, with each other to form a more or less congruent model with a minimum number of internal contradictions. This could be called a 'reality map'.

Behind the map is however yet another map, let's call it a 'meta-map' for lack of other words. This map is created by the 'why questions' and their collective and individual answers, as 'everybody know', haha.

Many thinkerers don't make that clear destinction. Science, for example, as the modern reality map 'by definition' often forays into the meta-models of philosophies or religion or denounce them as futile and false even though it should be none of their business.

The most interesting feature of these maps and models is that they can contain areas of complete and utter obscurity, illogics, and stupidity, and nobody would complain, of they notice them at all, of course, as long as there is a number of sufficient other areas that have been 'verified' as to be 'logical, sane, clear, obvious, etc etc'. This fact has been used by tricksters since the dawn of human language to take advantage of their fellow men. Today we see the perfection of this art in every aspect of life.

As Frater Otto wrote once: "If Darwinism were right (or what people claim nowadays it should be), humankind would be in dire straits. While aristocrats are incesting itself to extinction, the new clique of global robbery and deceit would create a human tribe with the worst attributes thinkable, of rotten morals and evil intent, destroying every positive value still in existence..."

These harsh words may be very much exaggerated but the principle holds true.

No matter how realistic the reality map, no matter how perfect the logics within the meta-model, WITHOUT a positive intent, 'good will' as Kant would have said, nothing goes. Even the best model, when overlayed with evil intent, produces destructive results.

On the other hand, the worst system of thinking may still yield good fruits, or as Kant pointed to as "good will without any qualifications" being the 'only good'.

Maybe we should rate governments on a 'good will' scale (from minus 10 to plus 10). Maybe some would even be on the 'plus'-side of the scale..

Another fascinating aspect that I witnessed when doing a complete life analysis (for far more than a thousand clients over the years!), is that I never came across just two people sharing a 'reality map' or a 'meta-model'! Everyone truly has their own way to behold the Universe!

The true sage, methinks, recycles his own reality map periodically and swaps his meta-models just for fun and as a spiritual-mental exercise a few times per year, whatever the pantheon, whatever the symbols used, whatever the implications may be.
After all, the peak state of looking at the world without any reality map in one's mind IS FUN!!!!

Perhaps we should add a 'map-clear' to our collection of superman titles?

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18 Jul 2010 @ 05:57 by mortimer : Oil and Water
Yes indeed, there are separate reality's. Some are more effective than others. This topic, intent vs action, needs some ironed out. With elitist logic, 'CHOICES' are more important than 'good intentions'. If you do not compromise your character then you are considered a risk to the whole house. And for that you could end up being the next ebo. Hey! what can I say. I don't make this stuff up. The idea is that somebody with a big heart (iwa pele) may endure suffering and thereby bring suffering to the whole house &c...(sic) "we're judged by our choices, not our intentions."

Pattern of thought. Logic. Or. Thought pattern. Some bootstrap routines are more effective than others. The peak-state mudslide.  

18 Jul 2010 @ 06:21 by mortimer : Distinction
"The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

I merely offered my good intentions and the Universe kicked my ass.  

18 Jul 2010 @ 06:21 by mortimer :
Should we be judged by our intentions or our actions? - Yahoo! Answers -  

18 Jul 2010 @ 06:54 by mortimer : Iwa pele
Perhaps I'm not saying it right. The idea is that somebody with a big heart (forgiving) may endure suffering. I dunno.

Critical thinking may lead to undermining or challenging sacred beliefs and institutions' as new theories, facts, data and thought patterns emerge, are established and ultimately replace, the old.  

20 Jul 2010 @ 10:47 by daniela @ : informations
Perhaps it is not important to define if the reality is one or are many ... it is obvious that eyes with which we look and live a possible reality pick different feedbacks . These informations instruct the system differently ...
We should find the system to disclose all informations available .. enough of a life time? not all informations will be useful but are often missing those required!
Days ago a midwife asked me, nobody knows why a fertilized extra-utero child is not able to come in a natural way. You must always a caesar ..... I said: This boy do not know the rhythm of life ... his Mom and his Dad did not have handed down the rhythm leading into and out ..... the child simply does not know! not able to produce that rhythm and get in line. That's okay, but?!?!
The map is constantly under construction and every moment we have infinite potential, with most informations everything is easier. The development of the ability to positively nurture your map (to achive the meta map) open doors, too, the "visions" of other systems of other beings. As you said, there is no a Being who sees the universe as another Being! But fortunately there are beings who are ready to produce solutions that are "new" for most of maps.
The true sage takes the meta model for fun: take leave or take , edit/transform and leave?
Other thinkers have failed in the effort to implant their thought- line, failed even to themselves. At one point, everything changes and everything can not be ....
I like "Map-clear”.
As in the gym where the workout is well done ... your muscles will be. everything comes by itself .. for the time , we can think positively about a workout without flaws, it is not so good see flaws at the end. An intelligent work of the sage: the constant refresh allows you to realize no flaws too.
Iwa pele: After training of very positive intention , before , and then NEUTRAL intention in thoughts and actions, THEN long after, we can talk about iwa pele.  

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