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picture29 Jul 2010 @ 16:58, by Max Sandor

One of the great Brazilian minds barely known outside Brazil was Walter Smetak [link] . Born in Switzerland in 1913, he became Brazilian in 1968. Working originally as a luthier, he was an amazing, musician, philosopher, teacher,composer, and inventor of 'musical instruments as sculptures', he called himself a 'modern discomposer'.

His insights into the Primay Split [link] and its foundations within the Vedas,
are so remarkable that I couldn't resist translating a bit from one of the book he wrote "Retorno ao Futuro" ("Back to the future"), written in 1982, three years before Zemecky's film,(but unfortunately available only in Portuguese):

Walter Smetak:
"The passage from unity to diversity could be called 'the discovery of
the worlds'. Outside the unities are hidden the higher worlds, the
middle and the lower ones, and right here begins the process of
The unity divides itself into two parts, and, in an enormous downfall,
takes part of matter. Using what is already known through the
tradition of names, however without knowing profoundly the substances
that make up matter. After a certain while of intense studies, it
perceives that the diversity is as limitless as the spirit is itself,
and, within a certain zone, it then begins to confuse itself with
subtle matter of the spirit. However, with his mental body being
unable to advance his knowledge beyond the structure of the allowed,
it oscillates in its meditation between the personal and the
impersonal. In a more exact language, it would be between the
impersonal Brahma and Vishnu, with Vishnu being an Avatar of Krishna.
For the occidentals it appears as an antropomorphic God within a
medieval concept. All investigations by philosophical research of the
liberation of today's man becomes useless because another sentence
makes itself heard very distinctly: the primordeal Law has no need for

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29 Jul 2010 @ 20:06 by Ed Dawson @ : switch from gods to samkha, & correction
it divides into the source of living beings (purushu) and matter (prakriti). His remark above about Brahma and Vishnu is a bit off though. Those two are "gods" from a personified triangle. The third is Shiva.

And Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu, not the other way around.  

29 Jul 2010 @ 23:23 by mx @ : yup...
he is based mostly on Blavatsky's texts and may have caught a confusion of names via the translation. The insights are still valid despite the faulty nomenclature.  

30 Jul 2010 @ 06:03 by mortimer : indigenous vs. western worldview
For me 'the fall from grace' concept has become a clear distinction between the indigenous worldview and the western worldview. Indigenous people understand that humans are an extension of Mother Earth. The western worldview, which maintains the superior viewpoints, hence narrow faceted truths, the total of which fit on the head of a pin, continue to rape and pillage Mother Earth. Not surprising when considering they have fallen from grace and await their return to nirvana or heaven or whatever they call their lofty compartmentalized domains.

Oh Blavatsky, that explains it. She definitely fell to earth.  

30 Jul 2010 @ 14:05 by mx @ : directions of worldview..
yes, Mortimer, spotted right on... Smetak, like the 2 Frenchmen Pierre Verger et Lévy-Strauss, passing by and/or staying in Salvador, Bahia, magically reversed the occidental viewpoint.

"...there are at least two ways to see the state of human condition: the fall from grace and into the pit and on the other hand the increasing resolution of the perfect image of the intent of creation, call it Gxd or GATU or intelligent design. The sages of all times KNOW they're not what they're seeing and thus can truly enjoy the show. For them, a picture from the past is just that: a memory. They don't care if you call it 'past life recall' or 'remembering the life of an ancestor'. For them exists only present time. The memory of having been a Gxd-like Being appears the same as the vision of an ancestor who is a Gxd-like Being right NOW. And for a good reason: the structure and energies of both images are IDENTICAL. The only difference is the IDENTIFICATION of the observer with the observed. And that is what they, the sages of all times, threw overboard, left behind as useless garbage: the identification with the images within the worlds." (paraphrased from a letter from Frater Otto, I should really dig it out again and translate it completely)  

30 Jul 2010 @ 21:51 by solomoreno : Frater Otto's wisdom
Hubbard said something like 'it's probably not a good idea to investigate the reality of reality.' In other words, if something is diminishing a being's freedom to be, do, have, create, communicate, play, arrive, leave, etc., it should be addressed, whatever form it may take. If it is real to the being, then it is real. That simple. For instance, take an overt. If it causing the Being to restrain itself, than that is that. It should be addressed. No sense in saying whether whatever was objectively, irrevocably, undeniably, unquestionably real! Leave that question to the irrelevant philosopher.

Another mysterious figure once wrote about this, Ouran. He wrote: "'Case' takes on the appearance you expect it to take."

Since the truth is _________, our minds struggle to put clothes on the matter. We come upon two narratives, the two that Frater Otto articulates. Why not address them both, both vectors? Of course, Max, you are!

That being said, anyone that promotes one over the other, be it the fallen god or the evolution of a rising spark of dark consciousness, this is probably due to non-confront of case.  

31 Jul 2010 @ 20:45 by mortimer : Rape vs Promote
a short time ago indigenous wisdom was a treasured secret. A wealth they did not want to share. But now the levy broke. And the wasicu take inspiration for granted, like children with no ears. Lulz methinks. Not promoting. I just spotted a bastard viewpoint. Bit difference. Indigenous people don’t promote their life ways. The wasicu continue to rape most everything around, including life ways. Your mix mashing concepts. And confusing it with another paradigm. One which promotes and defends its cherished illusions. Often with hostility. Or {nl:000245-000281|fallacy}.  

1 Aug 2010 @ 15:09 by solomoreno : To Max:
What is the origin of the tendency to promote a "Fall from Grace" scenario?

It is typically made out to be a mistake that must be undone. That would be a top-down perspective, thus a skewed one. One could hold the opposite perspective, which would be just as skewed. This would be a denial of spirituality, a spiritual death in the clutches of animality.

Is it not simply that Beings of Light crave their dark counterparts? And vice-versa? That we as spirits have made our way into one of the myriad time-streams of Life, as it crawls up from the Darkness towards the Light; that we as spirits have found our dark counterparts--our wide-eyed, bewildered, seething grains of Life--in order that we may help them along towards their Omega Point. In that sense, there is no mistake, only a desire for wholeness. A dance. A marriage. And God would be the Source that spans both extremes. As I was told once in a dream by a bodiless voice: "The King Above is the King Below."  

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