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picture12 Aug 2010 @ 15:55, by Max Sandor

As a child I once got spanked for peeing at the side of David Hilbert's grave in Göttingen. Besides the obvious humiliation, what remained in my traumatized mind were Hilbert's supposedly last words, engraved on his tombstone:

„Wir müssen wissen.
Wir werden wissen.“
("We have to know, we shall know!")

Did his postulate 'stick' with me? Are there 'positive engrams'? Is it that what's driving my relentless mind to dive into the abyss of human thought?

Be it as it may, Hilbert's assertion, and likewise his curve, never ceased to spook around in some remote regions of my brain, and, strangely, just when I thought I could safely forget about it, I'll be reminded immediately that a problem just doesn't walk away if you simply ignore it.

Just like Riemann, Gauss, and Moebius [link] , the ghosts of Göttingen are still haunting me.

Back in LA, Tony Matweecha RIP, the man who proved that Riemann's sphere is NOT a sphere (by the simple laws of homology since there is one point on the top of the sphere for which there is no tangent), Tony had this to say when I told him how and why I got spanked many years ago: "did you notice that your piss went down in a curve, parabolically to be more precise?" Well, right on, that's how a mathematician thinks after all. I already eulogized Tony on this Blog more than once, so here goes another one of his gems, one for which he didn't take credit himself but assigned it to his own math prof at UCLA, a former assistant to Albert Einstein at Princeton:
If Einstein were right and space were curved and Riemann's transformation were applicable, with the help of a super-sharp razor from Occam's stock, being located on Earth, we MUST conclude that the true shape of Earth is in reality a PLANE.

Of course, this didn't win him any friends even though he PROVED IT WRONG, far from it, and so he died alone, after some fruitless NASA years in Pasadena and a decade of visualizing new solutions for approximating 3D splices in a japanese mini-thinktank. Still to these days, the mentioning of the mathematical possibility of Earth being a plane, if Einstein's assumptions were correct, that is, drives anyone ballistic, sure enough, so, for the record, I'll officially refrain from mentioning it and yield to the brute force of Copernicus' counter-Meme.

To the dismay of the managers of the hitech lab, we filled Tony's room with smoke so thick we could study Hilbert's and Beelzebub's curves in the drifting clouds above us, measuring cigarette consumption in octaves rather than packs. Would it not have been for the heroic figure of GZ joining us frequently, nobody other than us would have seen these strange twists of the shape of this Universe, unfolding for us while coughing our lungs out.

To recap, Beelzebub's FIRST law of the Universe is, of course, the law of the triad, "Trimonia". Gurdjieff would not have been the genius he was, if he would have ignored that one. But the second law, Eftologodiksis, is what it's all about, the curvature of the space in which we live, and the resulting birth of the octave and the lambdoma, where Gurdjieff and Pythagoras are joining themselves in the infinity of Meme-space.

It consoles me somehow that Beelzebub pulled out another law, the ‘Accumulation of Similarities’, in order to justify the jump from a curved line joining in itself in infinity to the phenomenon of the Octave. Sometimes I wish that Anton Walter Smetak [link] were still alive as he jungled with the lambdoma like noone else since Pythagoras&friends.

But hope is on the way: I'm working hard on convincing Mark II (what a prodigenous name!!!) to do a retranslation of Gurdjieff's chapter 39 of his 'Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson'. And, who knows, a congenial mind like his, may very well uncover the mechanics of the ruminations of Gurdjieff&Beelzebub. Let's hope he doesn't twist his brain to pieces while attempting this gigantic task.

Meanwhile, let's sit back and watch the drift... or, perhaps, if I weren't that lazy, I should really start an expedition to find that ONE spot on Earth that cannot be touched by a tangent of REAL Earth, the plane that is, you know what I mean. Which may very well make Hilbert forgiving me for peeing on his grave. After all, it would prove Riemann wrong. What else could a mathematician hope for other than disproving another one of his own kind?

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12 Aug 2010 @ 17:45 by Ed Dawson @ : it is plane to me
if Einstein is correct that gravity "curves" space, then in the absence of gravity, space would indeed be a plane, yes?  

12 Aug 2010 @ 20:59 by stimoceiver @ : lambdoma
I'm guessing you must already be familiar with Barbara Hero's work with the Lambdoma in the 1980s and 90's? Her site is very much a period piece, web 1.0 and slow at least from my internet connection, but well worth digging around. I even obtained a copy of her "The Lambdoma Unveiled" but find I am still a bit short on the doingness to make better use of this data.

Perhaps somewhere between your "Toth" diagram, and your "Triad of Triads", (And the fractal nature of intelligence?) lies a Lambdoma of Odu and Olodu? But the more I search the Sandorian Grove and T4R it strikes me that you all have probably already written on the topic ... !  

13 Aug 2010 @ 07:20 by GZ @ : heroic figure

13 Aug 2010 @ 13:53 by mx @ : to Ed, st, GZ, and the world
yes, Ed, but pls don't insist... lest you want to challenge the wrath of the post-copernical morphic field ;)

and, esteemed stimoceiver, Hero's efforts are admirable. Yet, I haven't found any way to put it to any use and I can't find a single example of how the lambdoma keyboard would 'heal' anyone, not even speaking of making music to uplift one's soul or excite one's spirit.
in addition, there are many things I have NOT written about and a few things I have, but never published... megalomanically speaking, quoting Gurdjieff: ""I leave you all in a fine mess."

and, GZ, yes, heroic figure (I can repeat this a few times, if you want to) ;)  

19 Aug 2010 @ 20:11 by mortimer : Operation Elephant Gun
I might need help with the lyrics on this one. If anybody is interested....  

21 Aug 2010 @ 15:50 by mortimer : Jack the Seesaw
I made a good mp3. Ashé for everybody in that there {|Shizukesa.mp3}  

24 Aug 2010 @ 07:37 by mortimer : Sorry if I was off Topic
Besides pissing on a grave I'm still figuring out what diving into the abyss of human thought has to do with sphere vs plane.

GZ in a word. Graceful  

10 Sep 2010 @ 06:44 by mortimer : True Wonder vs. Linear Thinking
Hm-mmm was this article meant to reinforce the Trimonopan vertical opposition?

Operating levels of awareness with graduation brings disconnection i.e. the only connecting points a linear thinker has are the former and the ensuing.  

12 Sep 2010 @ 20:09 by Ed Dawson @ : Figured it out...
Every point on earth is a point which is both part of the plane, AND not touched by the plane of earth.

So THERE. ;-)  

3 Sep 2016 @ 05:03 by snapchat pc @ : trd
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24 Sep 2016 @ 17:29 by xender for pc @ : xender
MAX SANDOR Very use full and interesting
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