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 Housing & City Design based on the Toth Diagram2 comments
picture24 Sep 2010 @ 19:13, by Max Sandor

If we look carefully at the cultural&social distribution of conglomerations of people such in cities without a design enforced by nature or city architects, we will find certain recurring patterns. To name but a few, the traditional rich people that control the power structures are residing in the Westside of the city, the newcomers, managers, and production leaders aggregate in the Northern part, the workers and 'lower classes' move to the Eastside, the low-to-medium income groups and artists prefer the Southern part of the city.

Analyzing the preferred and optimal distribution of energies around the human body (such in in the Girapoli 3 and 4 Peakstate configurations [link] ), we come to similar conclusions.

A similarity of optimal functional distributions for human bodies and the environment they live in has already be described in the Vedic text Vaastu Shastra [link] .

Western architects, so far, did not progress further than a systematic employment of the golden mean. Even futurist projects like the Venus Project [link] places the geometry of resource distribution above the social well-being of people living in its cities in which the old, traditional landmarks have been moved to museums because they were in the way of energy efficient design considerations.

If we superimpose the Toth diagram over city maps (e.g São Paulo, Brazil, in the picture), we can study such a natural 'gravitation' of social groups towards certain places in even more detail than the already very refined design principles of Vaastu Shastra. We can find a 'living proof' of both the Vaastu Shastra principles and the more specific Toth diagram.

To hint to an explanation of this phenomenon, we can see the '16 Universal Principles' ("Olodu" in Ifá), as representing the 'hidden variables' in David Bohm's Quantum Theory. Within the fractal design of the Universe, we are able to recognize the distribution of energies within structures optimized by nature, regardless of its size. Whether the human body, a house, or an entire city, we can discern these basic principles at any given level.

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