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 Braselections: Surrealitistic Democrazy and the need for Zeitgeit Awareness1 comment
picture20 Oct 2010 @ 22:50, by Max Sandor

If you thought the Obama-craze was funny, you'll have a ball with what's going in Brazil right now. If you cringed, like me, you'll scratch your head in disbelief.
Just when you thought it couldn't get worse, Brazilian politicians show you that it can.

Of course, if you don't live (t)here, you could put it aside as a scurrility of a nearly-emerged Third-World-Country that declared independence "only" 188 years and 6 weeks ago and still needs to lay down the shackles of feudalism. NOT! Most of the mud-slinging strategies and infamies of this year's presidential elections have been IMPORTED!

Joseph Marie de Maistre is known as having coined: "Every country has the government it deserves."

But he also summed up what's happening in Brazil's election right now, and perhaps he gave the inspiration to it, who knows:

“False opinions are like false money, struck first of all by guilty men and thereafter circulated by honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing.”

And so we find the wife of candidate A going to the streets telling people that candidate B would "kill little children". That's religious-speak for "abortion" which her husband, candidate A, while in office as Health Minister, legalized in the first place. She also conveniently forgot that she aborted herself earlier in her life but this all doesn't matter, it's about defaming candidate B and the lower it gets, the better. And it's just one item in a long list of defamations, circulated openly by 'bishops', 'reverends', and 'fathers', all of them 'holy men in their churches', demonstrating the practical application of the commandment of 'love thy neighbor' by designating candidate B as a new 'Adolf Hitler' and the candidate for its vice as a 'convicted satanist'. So you have it! Of course, the election laws prohibit political defamation but, this is Brazil, mind you, and some of the highest judges of the country not only stand-by in this charade but even tried to create a last-minute law to require voters to present two identification documents, practically eliminating most of the poor voters from voting. In favor of candidate A, of course.

Again, take notice, this state of affairs is symptomatic for today's democratic systems. It's the SYSTEM, stupid, one is tempted to say, but enough of violent communication for now...

Is a system change such as Fresco's 'Resource Based Economy (RBE)" possible in the light of the massive manipulation at all levels? Again, let's make it clear again, Brazil's situation is not much different than that of the United States or Italy, regardless of who will be winning this ridiculous and disgusting election process.

As long as there are "..honest people who perpetuate the crime without knowing what they are doing. (Maistre)”, the fight for honest elections is hopeless and doomed from the beginning.

Only a massive change of awareness at all levels of the society can have a chance and even then, the empire WILL strike back, violating the country's own laws as demonstrated in Brazil, or create new laws to break the old ones like in Italy and the US.

The old paradigms have been impressed on the population so massively and thoroughly that only a wide-spread success of a movement like the Zeitgeist [link] has a chance to bring about a change in consciousness on a larger, global level, a change that is needed to prevent the collapse of our civilization.

But it needs a 'spiritual tangent', a side-force of spiritual 'Aufklärung', and not just the disclosure of the absurdities of the world's economic system. "Aufklärung" does not mean 'enlightenment' as it is commonly translated ('enlightenment in German is 'Erleuchtung'). "Aufklärung" means literally "clearing up", it is a PROCESS and not a sudden event. It means to systematically strip one's belief systems of the past and start seeing for oneself. It is on-going work and not a god-given flash of insight.

This is why we here at the Sandorian Grove decided to concentrate on radically expanding spiritual awareness in our 'Countdown 2012 Worldtour' campaign [link] . And we are not alone! All over the world people start waking up to the fact that they need to wake up as Beings and go beyond the rotten spiritual paradigms of the past. We see with great joy films like "2012 Time for Change" by Daniel Pinchbeck, directed by João Amorim from Brazil, for example, and I'm convinced we will see many more laudable efforts coming up soon.

After all, it IS an exciting time to live in! The devil's advocate would say: it was the outrageous misconduct of the world's leaders that FORCED the people to wake up, in other words perhaps we should be thankful that there are not hiding their greed and deceptions any more !?

We don't want 'hope' that only will be betrayed blatantly.
We don't want to chant any more 'WE CAN'.
Now we will simply "ENGAGE IN CHANGE"!

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