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picture29 Oct 2010 @ 14:46, by Max Sandor

A backflow from SOURCE into CREATION is a unique feature of a self-realized Being (Ipsissimus Verus, Übermensch, shaheen bacha (arabic), Uttama-Puriso (Pali), whatever you may call it/him/her). After æons of receiving the nurturing energies of Heavens and Earth, he finally becomes a CONDUIT for the divine energies of SOURCE to flow back into its very own creation.

The design of a process to remove blockages and initiate this backflow is given in the attached diagram. It was handed down by Orunla himself and some questions remain why it works exactly as it works, except that it WORKS like it is given.

- ability to depolarize opposites by concurrent viewing (cp Sandor's simplified Gunas-Process as given in "Polar Dynamics" 1 by Sandor/Dawson, see [link] ) and expand it to a 'quadpole' (cp Girapoli processes in this BLOG)
- handle extreme (hysteric) fears (hint: see them as polar/complement opposites to "unwanted/forbidden desires" and resolve them by the very same "Gunas Process"). THEY WILL COME UP (the last ones that were still hidden) as this is the way the Being inhibits itself from being 'cause' and remains 'effect' of the creation
- ability to separate the perceptions of internal and external 'space'
- knowing how to align one's body/backbone (with Pilates, Alexander or similar) because of sudden shifts in the main Assemblage Point (the Eshu BEHIND one's head/neck, not so much the 'derivates' as described in some literature.)
- have time available without major commitments (competitions/stage shows, etc), for at least 2 days after starting the process.. it can be unsettling emotionally and physically for a while before coming clean..
- like with any quadpole, a "quintessential" force is created/invoked (the "fifth essence") which in turns produces a partial- or full-body "samadhi" (physical peakstate). It can happen that the samadhi sets in before the force has been recognized. In this case just track the 'new' energy that creates/amplify the samadhi.

- the 'logical' quadpole would be blue/yellow inside and not black/white (yielding the '4 powers/Ashe). You can try of course doing it that way, but the process 'runs' only with the given polarity.
- cp the Toth-Diagram: Irosun-Ogunda-Ogbe-Oyeku are used to open up the energies of Ika-fua, 'birth of wisdom' for Iwori-bara (the heavenly child)
- another way to see the configuration: in the Hermetic Ifá-Numeration we see the resolution of Irosun-gunda yields a resolution of the 'traditional' 3 versus 4 conflict (Eshu or Ancestors?)
- do NOT try to 'want' the 'backflow' to happen. This would block the "want/can/must Triad" in Ori (Higher Self) which is indicated in this diagram ONLY for this reference here and is otherwise not 'part of the process' as such.

Lastly, ignore the above if don't know how to do the above just from its description..

That's it...

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1 Nov 2010 @ 07:22 by lijingjing : Running Energy
I've been running energy down through the vesica pisces of my body to the center of the earth and back up into the stars (Orion) for several years already in a process I developed myself. Works for me. I often remote view from outer space looking down on the planet. Your approach is really scientific... maybe there's more than one way to do this. And then there's just breathing in love for myself, breathing out love for the earth and cosmos. It's a kind of primitive backflow. LOL  

20 Nov 2010 @ 18:50 by solomoreno : Cogs
“Bread of shame” could create undying attachment. Mutual debt will irrevocably tie two people together, as neither would be able to depart until the debt was resolved. But, the debt will never be resolved until both parties get the right item, i.e. until both parties realize that whether they are seeking gifts or gratitude from the other party, the vast brunt of their expectations have originated in other relationships throughout their existence. Most importantly, their relationship to THE Giver. Hence in every relationship, it’ll never be enough. Never enough giving, never enough gratitude.  

2 Aug 2012 @ 15:20 by Ed @ : comment
Something you mentioned relates to my current the theoretical model of an orisha complex: "like with any quadpole, a "quintessential" force is created/invoked (the "fifth essence")". An orisha complex consists of a quadpole setup, two pairs of (unnatural) "opposites", with one pair opposing the other. Each item on the quadpole is an olodu, one from each "wheel" of olodus. But I also consistently spot a fifth pole in each complex.

Example: Obatala complex:
The four olodus are Ofun (#1 wheel), Owonrin (#2 wheel), Osa (#3 wheel), and Irete (#4 wheel). In addition to these, the Obatala complex also contains Ogbe (#1 wheel), which appears to be the 5th item.

You say that the fifth essence causes a physical samadhi during your process. Let me tell you what I observe on fellow Obatalas. If an observed Obatala does not use any Ogbe he appears "earthbound" (limited to the physical universe), and unable to transcend. AND I also observe that if an Obatala has any one or more of the base four Olodus for Obatala blocked, then that Obatala is earthbound. An example of this is a fellow I know who uses Osa in such a reversed manner that it has become a "viewpoint Ogunda" (Osa and Ogunda are natural opposites). As a result the man exhibits strong use of Ofun mental activity without the "largeness" or universality which comes from Ogbe.

Relating what I observe to what you are doing, let me suggest that this quadpole forming a fifth pole is a basic template (probably originating in the Pre-MEST level of early magic track). Also I want to point out that the Hermetic magicians appear to also use this 4>1=5 with their YHVH>Sh=YHShVH (Jehovah + Sh (Shin) = Yehashua (Jesus).  

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17 Mar 2016 @ 09:02 by lmx @ : sdf
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