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picture15 Nov 2010 @ 14:15, by Max Sandor

Some ask "How did we come to this point?", others "Where do we go from here?. I prefer Buckaroo Bonzai's classic quote: "Wherever you go, there you are!"

In Brazil, you need to adapt this quote to: "Wherever you dance, there you are!"

Where else would an "International Forum on Geopolitics of Culture and Technology" culminate in a concert. And, where else the music won't stop when the show is over? To the trancy rythms of a Banda de Pife [link] people yesterday night continued dancing still long after Gilberto Gil's presentation of a 'New Tropicalism", perhaps the birth of a new style in world music, blending folklorical and afro-brazilian melodies and chants with enchanting grooves of electrical sounds.

We witness a historic change, I'd say, but only time will prove me right or wrong. Nothing was said during the conference that you couldn't have heard 10, 20, 30 years ago. During the conference [link] countless deja-vus and flashbacks catapulted me back in time to the discussions in Frankfurt in the late 60's around Theodor Wiesengrund (Adorno) and Michel Foucault, into brainstormings at the Buckminster Fuller Institue in Santa Barbara in the 80's and 90's, and into the long conversations with Flemming [link] that led to the creation of the New Civlization Network [link] as a platform for the global exchange of paradigms of living-together, new structures to replace the monetary systems in 1995. Been there, done that!

Decades of talking in circles seemed to have wrought the lifeblood out of revolutionary thinking, the empty shells of words were lost over time, scattered fragments of clear thinking muddied by endless discussions leading to nothing.


Something has changed these days. And this change didn't start out with yet another great idea... it was a movement of the soul, a change in what we came to call by the horrible name "the morphogenetic field".

While we can't and never should ignore the plight of suppressed people around the world of which we were reminded direly during this International Forum, we also see the birth of the promise of a new happiness. Not merely hope, sad longings for freedom and peace which seemed to be always stay in the future and never arrived for today, NO, "Wherever you dance, there you are!"

Time to reflect about abandoning the urge, this implanted Meme of the Occidental cultures, of 'Wanting more (and more and more!)', a mind-enslaving Meme, mind you!, and to start embracing the celebration of life: "Viver bem", "Living Well", instead of "Living Better", the false mantra of consumerism, the hideous promises of a social culture destroying its own habitat in an endless greed for more and more, better and better, just to arrive at less and less.

Bye bye Tristes Tropiques, Welcome to the New Tropicalism!

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