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picture15 Nov 2010 @ 17:49, by Max Sandor

What was left untouched during the 'International Forum on Geopolitics of Culture and Technology' [link] is now emerging at the 'II Forum on Digital Culture' [link] a logical and necessary extension, it seems:

The Epigenetics of Cultures, the short-term activations of parts of the DNA of the human race as a whole, is not promoted nor sponsored by governments. In the contrary, as John Perry Barlow, founder of the EFF [link] and famous as lyricist of the Grateful Dead, pointed out: most governments would do everything to ban or suppress this process. One of the astonishing events of the last decade was that Brazil 'under Lula' had the courage, even boldness, to nominate an artist and visionary as the Minister of Culture, a logical choice it would seem, but the most unlikely event in the rest of the world. We're talking about Gilberto Gil, of course, and his visions of the emerging culture, a process ripening over the years and yielding fruits now.

The new science of Epigenetics [link] 'teaches us' that the model of DNA which changes only over long periods of time, needs to be adjusted for a mechanism that activates or disactivates certain parts of the DNA already within a few generations. Without being aware, the priests of today's 'Science', in every aspect a 'religion', have granted traditional and New-Age Shamans the justification and 'scientific' foundation for their work.

If an event can activate or disactivate an entire portion of DNA, a Shaman may work exactly in this way. Enter modern technology: Memes spreading out in hours, covering the entire globe. While, with the exception of the Zeitgeist movies, whatever is spreading fast, is mostly part of today's predominate 'content': trash. But if 70 Million people tune in to watch a toddler saying what every toddler in the world could have said, IMAGINE, just IMAGINE, what if the message would be intelligent and relevant?

Witness the rise of the Shamans, not just plastic ones, but electronic ones: the Shamans of Digital Culture, capable to transform the entire world while sitting behind a computer connected to the Internet. As before, you might say, dreams we are enjoying since the 80s, but AGAIN, the world is ready now, the connections are made. Whoever pushes the buttons to accelerate what's already happening in the world, GLOBAL CHANGE, to be precise, doesn't quite matter and is likely to be unknown. 'Hackers', including the new paradigm of 'social hackers', that are tranceforming the 'morphic fields' of the human experience, they like to stay hidden. Far away from the pyramidal power structures of past and presence, they are the true Saints of our time. Blessed be, and if you meet a 'social hacker' these days, give 'em a hug from me and Anthony.

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16 Nov 2010 @ 08:35 by daniela @ : OXOSSI/ hackers/saints
I met them at least 5 of them (gathered together in the project) at the conference "Beyond the mystery" held in Italy last weekend in RObiano near Rome. Gathered together with the awareness that remained hidden, as they like, but at the same time a great desire to talk, at least. To talk about the hidden parts of the game, the true value of the perfect man, war-game of light and shadows. Very interesting and I've already given a hug to these Oxossi, hehehe.  

12 Mar 2011 @ 06:33 by baidu @ :

Houses swept by a tsunami are seen as baidu residents walk in Kesen Numa, Miyagi prefecture March 12, 2011.  

17 Mar 2016 @ 09:01 by lmx @ : sdf
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