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 The Divine Role of Oxossi in the Endgame: the Orisha of the Hacker7 comments
picture16 Nov 2010 @ 13:40, by Max Sandor

Rarely did I talk about the qualities of the Orisha in public forums over the last decade. There is just too much confusion, inside and outside of the circles of Ifá and it didn't seem appropriate to throw in some words of wisdom to so many misconceptions and so much disinformation.

About ten years ago, though, when I wrote articles for the journal 'Odidere' of Chief FAMA [link] , I commented about the sacred Odu (Primal Principle) of Okanran-Disa and its signifance for the evolution of man and the creation of this world and it is now time to add a few notes to these musings.

Oxossi is known as the archetype of the tracker and trapper in the forest. Instead of engaging in open combat like Ogum or trying to be the hero like Shango, he prefers to remain unseen, stalking the prey for whatever it takes until the time to strike has come. He studies the traps within the world of mortals carefully and meticulously. In this way, he is able to find his way through the jungle and create his own traps.

In the jungle of the Digital Culture of today, he is found in the role of the 'ethical hacker'. With a deep amd profound sense for the injustice in this world and equipped with a keen & astute sense of observation, he sits behind the computer screen, watching and watching, finding a path through the net of networks, weaving his schemes to make the hidden visible and to penetrate the invisible.

At the conference on Geopolitics of Culture and Technology last week in São Paulo, Brazil, [link] we heard about the difference of the Chinese and the Western philosophy by François Jullien, Professor at Paris 7, about the wisdom of the 'Art of War' versus the blind and narcistic heroism of the Greek which permeates so much the Occidental thinking. He could as well have talked about the extremes of Oxossi combined with Obatala and the show-off-ness of Shango, The modesty of the 'wise' general versus the false heroism of the West. For Oxossi, winning the war is more important than dying on the battle field and being admired as an hero in a future as a heroic ancestor, which means as a Dead, of course.

The code of honor of Robin Hood, the prototype of Oxossi in the West, is being despised by the egocentrical leaders of today. For them, he simply is a terrorist, and they enjoy humiliating him and his followers, as exposed by Saúl Puerta Peña [link] on the said conference, reporting on the indigenous movement for independence in Peru. Any confessing hacker, even with the high ethical standards (see [link] ) is being labeled a terrorist by the pyramidal power structures [link] .

And perhaps in this way we may be able to understand Brazil's special role in today's world: a country in which the archetype of the tracker, trapper, and hacker, the Orisha Oxossi, is symbolized and incorporated in so many ways, always with a soft but unignorable influence of Oshun, from the colors of its banner to its martial arts, Capoeira, from its carnival to the unique institution of its 'motels', and, last not least, its 'LAN houses', Internet centers pervading urban jungles as well as the most remote of outbacks, from 'favelas' to 'aldeias'.

And there we see the unique importance in the 'endgame' of our civilization: the heroes of the past did NOT save this world. They are dead, we only find their once glorious names on highway signs and street corners. Ogum betrayed and deceived, seeing his technology abused by greed and lust for war, in the end, it will be up to his brother Oxossi to risk a last-ditch effort to make mankind survive this ugly and senseless game of power.

As a sidenote, if he should succeed, and we all do hope so very much, you can count on a Shango to step in to reap the honors and be applauded and revered. It has always been that way. After all, we're talking about the archetypes, the models and blueprints of this World, from its beginning to its end.

As Robert Heinlein put it so nicely "Certainly the game is rigged. Don't let that stop you; if you don't bet, you can't win."

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16 Nov 2010 @ 16:45 by daniela @ : oxossi/orisha and level of existance
is formidable admire the ability of the vision of the game for Oxossi. Observing its movement (body's - thought's ) we have the real feeling of the relationship between the microcosm and the macrocosm. He has an global vision constantly and a ability that bypasses totally the concept of knowledge of things and transcends the instinct of the action or reaction. Definitely I think Oxossi is a paladin with a direct connection to the Truth, a guard who did not knowledge by itself but is a constant link to what he needs to make the download instantly (okanrandisa ?!?!) . Maybe he only has two strings to its DNA, perhaps it was planned to support 16 strings. Difficult to sustain, but smart enough to reach the potential that Oxossi has available. and more .... only trusts himself. no external sources. objective and a very special relationship with his and the Mother.
A level of existance and evolution of each man/woman.  

16 Nov 2010 @ 17:33 by Ed Dawson @ : more on Oshosi
I've been researching Oshosi in the form of his incarnating human archetype. I say incarnating to distinguish from the pure non-incarnating Oshosi.

The incarnating Ogun complex is channeled through the reptilian brain (See: ) -- which Ogun complex has 4 subtypes based around four olodu. The reptilian brain prefers to operate via ika, ogunda, odi and oyeku. Oyeku is the olodu that the Oshosi archetype is formed around. In terms of human activity this is an action of non-presence, an absence instead of a presence.

But there are three brains, each using four olodu, which if you add them up, comes to 12, not 16. What of the other 4? The other four olodu (ogbe, iwori, okanran and oturupon) tend to call non-human characteristics onto a human body, which incarnates with great difficulty and stress for the individual. What I have observed is that if this stress is too great, the archetype defaults onto the most basic complex, the Ogun complex -- and because these non-human characteristics are not properly incarnating, produces a non-presence (which is oyeku), and which specifically causes the archetype to become Oshosi.

If the life odu (odu ori) contains ogbe (especially on the outside), iwori, okanran or oturupon, there is the possibility that the person's archetype will become Oshosi. If the odu ori contains any two of these olodu, then Oshosi appears to be likely as the archetype.

In the odu okanran disa, the outside is one of the four non-human olodu, and the inside is opposite and opposed to one of the basic parts of the Ogun complex; this produces both the inhuman element (first part) and stress (2nd part) needed to produce an Oshosi path.


16 Nov 2010 @ 18:49 by mx @ : be hacker :)  

7 Dec 2010 @ 17:30 by solomoreno : In art...
Just saw the film "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." It seems to be a textbook portrayal of a female Ochossi. She is a hacker, speaks very little, attracts attention in a way only oyeku can create, and has an extreme sense of justice. Very cool flick and interesting study of this archetype!  

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