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picture20 Nov 2010 @ 16:12, by Max Sandor

I invented, copyrighted, and trademarked a new symbol: the Copyall Symbol!
Shame on anyone trying to copy it and claiming it was his own!

Joke aside, I'm serious: 'inventions' which clearly arise as a consciousness from the morphic field should NOT be copyrighted, not even copylefted. It's 'owner' is the 'morphic field' itself, its knowledge can be 'downloaded' by anyone able to do so. In especially, all insights derived from methods involving group access, such 'Skywork', teamshape, Kraftwerk, Presencing (Scharmer), or Constellations (Hellinger) are clearly 'authored' by collective consciousness and should not be usurped by a single person.

The symbol is an invitation to 'freely copy by anyone' and shall apply to everything that emerges from the so-called 'morphic field', the 'global/collective consciousness', the 'brain of humanity'. To do justice to the individual creativity, we could extend a copyall-notice to

'Copyall 2010, first published by X'.

For my 'own' work, I shall change the copyleft & copyright notes for the appropriate items over time (most drawings don't have them anyway because I was too lazy to add the notices).

Examples are the 'Root Function/Radical Transform' that describes the form of changes in morphic fields(see earlier in this BLOG) and the 'Sandorian Rune', a model for 'conflict resolution' which I may publish these days.

For a modified Arial Black Font that contains the symbol, download and install this font from [link] . If you select this font in MS Word or OpenOffice and you type Alt Gr + Shift + c you can see A instead C.
Tanks to Dario!

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17 Mar 2016 @ 09:00 by lmx @ : sdf
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24 Sep 2016 @ 17:20 by xender for pc @ : xender
MAX SANDOR Very use full and interesting
xender for pc  

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