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 Dream On! And hang on for a Prime Year!4 comments
picture23 Dec 2010 @ 14:45, by Max Sandor

Well, another year of dreaming in the Matrix is coming up... a Prime Year it will be, the 305th prime-number year since they were nailing down this guy, what's his name.. in any case, the number of the energy of a New Civilization, yet another one, more powerful than any before.

Let's make it a GOOD DREAM, one to recapitulate in the future, one that will our grandchildren make proud of us!

Let's become DREAMERS who create and enjoy their dreams! Let us send the dreams that don't belong to us to where those dreams should be: into their own abyss! And let all those follow who installed these dreams and still are trying to install more of them! Shame on them and down the hole!

Let us become MASTERS of our dreams, and, witnessing the dream body, go for the UNBORN, THE UNCREATED, THE UNCONDITIONED! That's where WE belong to. May all of us settle there in 2011!

All the best to all of you, fellow dreamers and master dreamers.

from the Sandorian Grove to you out there:
Max & Helô, Maira & Anthony, Rottie Sophia and Shepherd Hannah, plus all the other critters around here, cats and stuff, and don't forget the birds! And thanks for all the fish!

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23 Dec 2010 @ 15:59 by luc @ : 2011
Ashe! I wish all of you the best for the new year. Be the year of a real new beginning in a fair , honest and lovely life. All my love.  

20 Jan 2011 @ 14:02 by Josee Cunha @ : Love & LIght in and on 11
Happy New Year to you guys also Much Love & Light in 11, so far its been very trying on me but I will let no man program their dreams onto the Dream that God & I decided to dream together...  

17 Mar 2016 @ 08:59 by lmx @ : sdf
Tri-mouth sighed: "Do you eat is also really solid flesh!" And waved. Pan child knowing this old guy tied up with him the way, we can save a lot of things yet.

This old man one hundred or not, there is no way, according to his statement, he said that the place to day. Kui open in front, we accelerated feet away, walking to see the map, with map and hope that the memory of the old man can get there before dark, we have gone half a day, a start could still speak, and later on I think how green eyes green eyes grow dim, people constantly yawned, straight to sleep. Suddenly, the old man stopped not go.

Pan child scolded: "You play any tricks?"

The old man looked at the side of the trees, trembling voice: "That is ...... ...... what?"

We turn to have a look and saw that the grass twinkling, turned out to be a cell phone  

24 Sep 2016 @ 17:18 by xender for pc @ : xender
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