The Sandorian Grove: 50 years at Lightspeed (60 Anos a Mil)    
 50 years at Lightspeed (60 Anos a Mil)3 comments
picture10 Jan 2011 @ 16:19, by Max Sandor

Sofia, our little Rottherd-Shepweiler puppie (60 lbs and growing), intercepted the mailman who tried to deliver the book '50 Anos a Mil' by Lobao (with Claudio Tognolli), autographed as far as I know, but, alás, our puppie put me back in the line of readers.

'Lobao' means 'big wolf', understandable why Sofia liked the book so much. For now, she let me read only a part of the back cover:

"Brace yourself, because, from now on I shall tell a love story: wild, unusual, human, all too human, unforeseeable, and improbable, but really real: the story of my life, merged and confused with that of my generation, of our country and our time. It's not a simple narration of a distant past, dead and buried, nor a fruit of nostalgic memories. It is a story full of life, intensity and revelations, which arrived at the present and which extends itself into the future."

Buy the book here, but first make sure you got a hang of the portuguese language:

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Tri-mouth sighed: "Do you eat is also really solid flesh!" And waved. Pan child knowing this old guy tied up with him the way, we can save a lot of things yet.

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Pan child scolded: "You play any tricks?"

The old man looked at the side of the trees, trembling voice: "That is ...... ...... what?"

We turn to have a look and saw that the grass twinkling, turned out to be a cell phone  

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