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 Elitist Incest: The Bell Curve of Culture and the Club of Rome11 comments
picture17 Feb 2011 @ 15:42, by Max Sandor

The Rio Experiment:
- ASSIGN a level of 'cultural quality' to members of a group of people
- ELIMINATE a predetermined number/percentage of people from the group
- EXAMINE the distribution of 'cultural quality' in the REMAINING group

The first Rio Experiment was done in Rio de Janeiro on the 13th of February 2011 with a group of less than 20 people using Skywork/Kraftwerk and is therefore very limited in its prognostic accuracy. Another, much larger, experiment is planned next month, same location.

The name 'Rio Experiment' was chosen not just because of the city where the first such experiment was performed but also because of the 1976 publication "RIO: Reshaping the International Order" which emerged from the activity known as the 'Club of Rome' that came to the 'result' that mankind should limit (or kill-off) the vast majority of its people.

The preliminary results of the first Rio-Experiment:


This means, the QUALITY or EXCELLENCE of a civilization is NOT only represented by a small elitist group BUT BY THE ENTIRE CIVILIZATION INCLUDING ITS LOWER STRATAS!!!

If verified, the conclusion is that RACISM and ELITISM are suicidal for civilizations.

For example, the negative qualities of the lower stratas of an existing society are mirrored into the elitist subgroup the moment the lower stratas are being removed.

Likewise, the POSITIVE qualities will be limited to distribution of the original culture. In numbers, assuming we have a group of 100 people and 20 of them have a 'superior' culture; if we now remove the 80 persons with 'lower' culture from the group, the remaining group of 20 will deteriorate over time (function yet to be determined) and go towards a level of 20%, just like in the original culture. In the end the NEW group will have only 4 (four) persons with 'superior' culture.

Again, the EXCELLENCE of a culture will be destroyed if the 'lower' basis is being removed. We could call this 'Elitist Incest'...

The people from the Club of Rome, whatever their TRUE motives were, should come together and think about it: REMOVAL OF THE LOWER LEVELS OF SOCIETY WILL DEGRADE THE SOCIETY OF THE FUTURE.


Addendum after first feedback:
Ed Dawson's formulation:
"A society is a hologram in which all aspects are found in any smaller part of the hologram. So not only the lower aspects of a society will appear in its higher strata if the lower are removed, but conversely if you remove the higher strata they will regrow from the lower."

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17 Feb 2011 @ 16:40 by swinger @ : dwq

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17 Feb 2011 @ 22:03 by Kathie Lynch @ : Elitist incest
This is great info, Max.
Are you coming to LA for some Skywork sessions, or do you want all of us to travel to Brazil?!!  

17 Feb 2011 @ 23:53 by mx @ : for now, Europe or Brazil...
in late March until mid April we're in Europe.. hook up there or swing by Brazil :)  

18 Feb 2011 @ 17:31 by mortimer : discrete uniform distribution
would be "a known, finite number of equally spaced outcomes equally likely to happen." ~

Somewhere in the jungle there be research showing urban to rural growth as uniform distribution.
Internet entropy. Is it just me or did Google change their search algorithm.  

23 Feb 2011 @ 09:26 by mortimer : level of 'cultural quality'
There are factors that when included in the theory render the hypothesis in a different light. For instance "automation" changed society dramatically and the roles people played did not redistribute i.e. they became obsolete. Put simply, historical observation shows that cultural roles can become obsolete and dormant.  

25 Feb 2011 @ 02:33 by ming : Wholeness
Mother Teresa frequently quoted this saying of Jesus: "Whatever you do to the least of my brethren, you do it to me."

Yeah, one can't just get rid of the "lower" strata of anything, most particularly Humanity, and think one has it made. Can't get rid of the "upper" strata either. We're in the same boat, and if we throw anybody overboard, some of us are likely to take their place.  

25 Feb 2011 @ 07:53 by mortimer : Aristotle lacks conviction.
The "upper" social strata exists in the minds of men. The social hierarchy appears unsustainable and obsolete. Your masters house appears to be on fire. The universe restores balance. And men don't make the rules. I predict that no function shall survive but lateral opposition; fair play.

PS. the great tidal wave of destruction approaches and Uncle Tom comes in all colors; the domesticated slaves protect their masters.  

11 Mar 2011 @ 07:42 by Oriana @ : elitist incest
it all adds up: as above, like below i.e. it takes above AND below. like the 2 sides of a binary, the flow going back and forth, is able to move forward because it bounces about from one side to another! how can above KNOW it is above? because there is a below. how does a Below KNOW it is below? because there is an above... duality that brings to comparison... it is the fundamental aspect of this our reality.  

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