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 A Nation's Thatanos Unleashed4 comments
picture15 Mar 2011 @ 00:29, by Max Sandor

The basic urge for life unfolding and expanding has, like everything, a counterpart. The Ancient Greek called its archetype Thatanos: the thirst for death, the opposite of Nature, we may call it Morture.

Nations, social structures, whether artificially created or grown together over time, share the archetypes of life. Like organisms, civilizations are born, grow up, and after reaching their zenith, they crash or die softly.

The smart guys behind our nations' puppet leaders are busily invoking the forces of cultural suicide, seemingly accelerating its demise. But are they really trying to accelerate the death of global social structures or are they trying to control its course by invoking Thatanos deliberately? Nobody knows because they're wisely hiding themselves and they don't speak up... or, if they do, they are so used to say the OPPOSITE of what they're actually going to DO, that they may not even know the difference before truth and smokescreen for themselves.

In any case, it is a gamble of proportion: by conjuring the threat of domestic terrorism (which is a classic task for a nation's Thantalos!), instead of pre-empting or prepare for it, they may very well fire up its opposite pole, Eros, with a negative charge. If so, this unheard-of action may actually result in a complete collapse of the human race as such because it may cripple the thirst for live, symbolized by the archetype of Eros, thus compromising the ability of the entire humankind to survive (see 'Polar Dynamics 1' [link] by Maximilian J. Sandor and Edward J. Dawson on how polarities in life are 'charging' up).

Or is it that the Thatanos force of the world's real controllers has been going bunkers because of their unsatisfiable thirst reaching its peak?

Be it as it may, the faking of terrorism is certainly a global experiment of hitherto unmatched proportions: we will see soon how it will evolve. If we should survive this folly this is.

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17 Mar 2011 @ 04:03 by Alkaro @ : Dreaming
Seems we are all the time in between exaggerating (absolutizing) or non-confronting the real importance (size) of facts.
Your dream about the the upcoming collective intelligence is that: a dream.
The fear of the extinction of mankind: the same - a bad dream.

I am prone to this absolutizing too, of course. What would happen the day the'people of the world' would all destroy their passports?
A dream - as they need their bankaccounts, their medical insurance and their pension plans... lol

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